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I won't be posting my daily transactions besides some odd ones no more. . I believe I did enough. . I leave to other traders to join and post their transactions on this thread...

ps/. I really don't do any coaching other than attempting to assist some traders openly as and when I've a time. . If and when you ask for assistance via pm, in case you do not get any answer from me, it is because either time deficit or you have not put your case properly...

upgrade: April 2012

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Edit: Nov 19, 2011

The idea was to turn this thread into showcase of transactions from many different traders by adding posting limitations.

However, outcome is not turned out to the one wanted so far. Other than my articles there are very few traders currently posting their transactions onto this thread.

Unfortunately, there are lots of who resides off the noise it seems. . By tantalizing novices thrills is not the best way to assist others IMHO. .

I've observed lots of 10 v people asking beginners questions and no guarantee people with a sound grasp of gambling. If you do not have 10 v and like to post your transactions here PM me.

This ribbon is for those souls who can give without expecting anything back. . I only hope there are a few left.

This thread is not about supplying signal service or calls to think of. . It aims to give food for thought for those who take trading seriously. . Copying others transactions will not teach you anything, in fact it will hinder you getting a trader.

The trades that I post typically don't have any markings or explanations. The reason for this isI just don't have the opportunity to get it done as I am a trader. . However, I have to agree that I need to at least indicate the entrance candle somehow so it becomes simple for other people to observe the reason for the entrances. . I will try to put some mark. .

When there are others posting their transactions and analysis, I'd be delighted to minimize my articles even stop entirely without any issue. . I don't have anything to prove. . Just trying to help as far as I can. . That is all. .

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Edit: Aug 28, 2011

In order to avoid noise, I've taken's audio suggestion on board and place approval system for posting on this thread. . Just 10 vouch and friend list members may post from today on. . If you have something to donate and do not have 10 vouch please pm me and I will think about adding you to my friend list. .

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Edit: Aug 5, 2011

Eventually, I got around to updating the RED's PA.. However, instead of publishing as a PDF document, I have decided to place it on a website. It's a free https://sites.google.com/site/rtp505/. There were few good reason behind selecting website rather than PDF:

1. Available to anyone from anywhere with Internet access. No need to save and download.
2. Much more easy to upgrade and handle quickly.
3. Site provides a better structure and functionality when it comes to scrutinizing content.
4. Ability to add tutorials and articles in a structured manner with simple access.

Anyhow URL is: https://sites.google.com/site/acegazette/
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Edit: May 7, 2011

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What can I say, since I found distribution and demand PA trading that I fall in love with it, hence the title of the thread. I am still studying it.

To save me some typing I will paste the type of intro I've written for the distribution demand PA PDF here.

I had been doing some odd articles in EU thread like I was waiting for transactions set-ups. Red himself pointed his Price Action thread. I#8217;m exceptionally grateful he did. What I found there was Gold in terms of trading.

I#8217;ve started to read from the page 1 and was saving the charts and words, I presumed will help me studying Price Action trading properly.

I decided to talk about my learning experience with anyone who is interested in PA trading. As Red States, in the soul of Traders helping Traders. I put all of the collected charts and words in a PDF document for everybody to drive some benefit out of it.

PDF file largely, actually about 98 percent of it contains charts of Red and other traders in Red#8217;s ribbon. Red#8217;s Army of Traders. However, these are not regular charts. Whatever you want to know about Supply and Demand PA are on charts. What#8217;s they are not for a few theoretical instruction, but they show the actual transactions, meaning they are posted soon after entering trade so that you may observe how Crimson #8217;s notion of Price Action (PA) trading works in actual life.

I've put reference to identify charts to traders who posted them by placing their user name and page links/numbers on the charts. Non referenced charts are belongs to Red. If I miss anyone in this regard, I sincerely apologies.

All the credit goes to Red and his army of traders.

Crimson #8217;s #8220;Price is Everything#8221; thread URL is:



I#8217;ll try to update/improve this sloppy PDF document as and when I get time to do so...

I've uploaded Price is Everything PDF to free file sharing hosts as FF document upload size limit rules.

Document format: PDF (392 pages)
Document size: 52 MB



in case the aforementioned links expires or possess trouble of downloading. .

Have many good ones. .


Useful tutorials hints and tricks may also be shared in this thread.


Emene made a great Excel file containing a lot of links to some great posts on Supply and Demand PA from Sam Seiden and others. Fantastic resource. You may get the document here:



A few quick links to various articles could be of interest:

Demand and Supply by
https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...news-***. Html

More on Demand and Supply by Myrza

Compression (otherwise called a finishing triangle) explained by Red himslef

Compression pattern explained in the PDF file over on page 377 by anthoniex

Wedges Illued


Probabiliity Enhancer doc

Supply and Demand

Verb's Logic for Entering Trades with Supply Demand Zones

A Few Questions Replies

Ken's Trade ing

A little video showing the simple way to zoom in to an area in a LTF using the autoscroll button by

technical analysis, implementation and follow along with a transaction by

Quasimodo (Over and Under Pattern) - http://www.nobrainertrades.com/2009/...r-pattern.html

Mapping Supply Demand lines Video by

Compression explained order by order by

Compression to Demand by Red

emene's article about hiddengap



Where and When to Input?

Trade Analysis


Excellent PDF from termed PriceActionSetups.pdf see attachment below:

There seems to still be some confusion about as to what are


I have just found a definite explanation, so here it is

Also see here


Links into Indiors etc. posted in this thread

Chaos Semafor - Alerter - HLine Alert - KG Support and Resistance - Symbol and timeframe - OverLayChart - Screen Spread - https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...tops-hurt.html - PriceAction AHA 0_2v2-mod - II_SupDem - CANDLESTICK_test - CANDLESTICK_test_wicks - TrendLineChannel WC - https://forexintuitive.com/forex-tra...avy-train.html - Luktom Visual Order Editor EA (Luktom VOE EA might be http://en.luktom.biz/Page/447/luktom...l-order-editor from the author website and further http://en.luktom.biz/Page/451/instal...-configuration) - FX News Appliion - AutoPivotIndior_ver5 -

On page 108 I submitted some sound files for HLine alerter. . Those links that are download sounds lifeless. . So uploaded to another host:


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