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Thread: Free EA coding for Binary Options

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    I've got an idea for a fad following EA but I am not sure it's possible to code it. For it to work, it needs to put trades when the EMA 6,1420 are all trending the same way however, the EMA 614 have to maintain at least a moderately strong trend for it to work. I was looking at the 5 minute charts and also looking to put 15min trades and putting transactions every candle until the strength of the trend ran out.

    Is is it feasible to code strength of trend like a rate of change divided by amount of candle and above a certain threshold it begins trading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In the invitation of PM, post a ea. document
    @lghr, Thank you for your effort to coding jenuniha egy.
    I have been download all files: v.1.7, pinbar, and most of indior from the pages1, its run but not make any order/execution at all, otherwise it doesnt display any arrows.
    Pls kindly assist me with the files should install in mt4.
    Thanks ahead of time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey, friends Welcome to here. I'll be free to write options on MT4. If you have these egy and want a EA, you PM me, or can post it.
    Hello! I have asked been attempting to get an Indi and EA set up on a couple of threats but all of them appear to be very quiet of late.

    Can it be possible to get an Indi coded to always measure trend by angle of 3 Different EMAs(ie 3 seperate trend by angles, one per EMA and updating on the close of a candle) The trend would need to be quantified from 1or 2 intervals back from current price but the period of the step (how many periods back to the start of the step ) would need to be adjustable.

    This video out of has what I want but I want 3 of these measuring 1 EMA each.
    Inserted Video
    Inserted Video

    if if this functions and y can do it I'd like an EA using this Indi

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Binary to become profitable in long term, you need just 57,4 win ration using a yield of 75 percent / trade, I think that is more than easy w=1-Pl/1 Pw-Pl w-required win rate for break even Pl- loss payout Pw-win payout w=1/1.75 = 57.1% gain rate Consider it if you've got more than 150-200 trades/month, with no martingale,now you have brokers that provides 1,80 -1,85-1,90 wich increase your profits according to this formula, in my opinion it is an oportunity that has a fantastic egy
    I agree it is a percentages game and as long as you are able to get over the 57% mark, you will eventually earn money. The reason I want to try out an EA for this is to take the nature that is imagining that is next following a few losses in a row out of it and the fear factor.

    I like the the idea of BO for a few reasons but'm also weary for some reasons too. I like the idea of not having to utilize leverage on small accounts to earn any money. For new comers, the idea of betting with others money should consider on the mind and contribute to overthinking a trade opportunity. The concept of a margin call is one that has made me shy away from Foreign Exchange for a long time. Hearing stories of traders setting proper stops losses up to have the market blow right past them because of the event in the news makes me cringe!

    Having set set risk is also attractive to me you will loose the whole sum if a trade goes against you but you still agree to risk a certain amount having a stop loss so I really don't see much difference.

    If in case your trade sizes are low, you might not be making the same profits as possible in Foreign Exchange (I don't think so unless extreme leverage and therefore risk is utilized ) but I see it as a fantastic toe dipping exercise.

    I dont really enjoy like the nature of apparently many brokers on the market to take people's hard earned money even if they're winning. The world wide web is filled with reviews that are honest and suggestions but all of us know this to be far from the reality. Forex might be similar I am not certain but going with a broker is a must and investing the minimal for starters is.

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    Can anybody suggest a fantastic choice plugin for Mac? I have not found yet. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey, buddies Welcome here. I'll be free to write binary options EA. If you have such egy and need a EA, you can post it, or PM me.
    I'll be sharing somethings together with you personally for this objective. I'd like to know whether you can do API.

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    Hello @lghr

    Would you help me to make this your maded indior in MTF? Please this might be very useful for all. You can check the hyperlink sir.

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    Hello! I would like an EA that trades on Bollinger bands and stochastics.

    Sell order: price is above the top of the Bollinger band, AND stochastics are above 80 AND the K line crosses under the D line.

    Buy: price is under the Bollinger group AND stochastics are under 20 AND the K line crosses above the D line.

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    Ighr, would you code EA using martingale purpose for sequential candles? Example there are just 3 bull/bear candles and then trading(opposite way) should start at the start of the next candle. If it ends OTM martingale must start.

    Perhaps you can use this indior for EA.

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