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Thread: Need Big Help on Indicator Coding

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    These are two seperate procedures. Implementing the 60/4 indie is not sensible.

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    This is a effective entrance and exit approach. Thanks for sharing.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    First draft.

    Please allow me to know what ought to be modified.
    Edit: Modified a few things. Please utilize Cobra_1.1 and then delete Cobra.


    ShowChartAlerts = true; // true or false
    AlertEmailSubject =; // should you insert no text, no email will be sent

    AlertTextCrossUp = Cobra cross UP; // pick your own text

    AlertTextCrossDown = Cobra cross DOWN; // pick your own text

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    Hello Everyone,

    Please kindly assist me with this indior. I would like to add alert I've tried but keep getting alert.

    I would like it to display alert when

    I will appreciate if someone can assist with this.


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    Hello traders,

    any one have yesterday DAY OPEN CLOSE HIGH LOW, horizonal line indior, please post here

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    Hello Everybody,

    I need a help from anyone who Understand How to code an indior

    Basically, I am looking to back test a egy, for which I Want a custom indior

    My egy is based on Blending Semafor indior and candlestick patterns to create entry points

    Would greatly appreciate response from anyone who can help me with This Particular



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    I just came across this thread concerning the Forex Cobra System and though it's no longer active I wished to thank fxtr51 he put into the indiors/templates and the Cobra EA! What a fantastic man!

    Cheers mate and will Life reward you for your kindness.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote [...] If you examine the case in page 19 of the guide, you see that a pullback and when price comes out of the blue ring, a legitimate entry is clarified. Here is a screenshot with such entries based on the guide: image
    Really, the case on page 19 of the guide indicates a red arrow closing outside (below) the blue band before the legitimate entry occurred. In your screenshot there's a mixture of entrance signs, appearing after an exit sign or without a forgoing exit sign, if I'm not mistaken... It may be useful when the indior would indicate the exits too.

    In my view the most fascinating entry signs happen straight after the grim'wave' (or at least two of the grim lines) crosses the orange tide, followed by price cutting both the orange and blue waves. Following that, it is still worth to watch after more or one exits for entrance signs, but the'fresh' signals have my preference. This is obvious, I figure, because who does not like to get in on transactions at the beginning of tendencies. Remember , the Forex Cobra System was put up to ch'mini trends': The basic idea behind the system, would be to exploit the time frames and trade little tendencies which wouldn't normally be recognized (or don#8217;t really exist) on the larger time frames. (page 7 of the manual).

    Also, although it's fine to trade distinct time frames, this system relies on the 1 hour time frame: But remember this is a short term trending system, therefore when I say we just trade in the direction of the trend, I suggest we trade in the direction the market has been going within the last 3 times, broken down over 72 hours on the 1 hour charts. We use a 72 interval Moving Average line (MA) as a guide to inform us the management of the current short-term trend. A 72 moving average line is merely a line which tells us the average direction of the market over the last 72 candles (in our case the last 72 hours since each of our candles is 1 hour ). (page 11).

    Really cannot thank fxtr51 enough for making some nice and helpful indiors out there for everyone to use at no cost! Bless you guy!


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