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Thread: Need Big Help on Indicator Coding

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    I need some massive help programming an indior. It's Just like the Cobraforex egy (NOT COBRA THV).

    I've been back testing this and found it profitable with a top win:loss ratio and a high reward:risk ratio so I thought I'd share it even though it is all over the internet. I like to swing trade on the daily charts, therefore I need an email alert set up when all requirements are fulfilled to input (if that's possible).

    I've attached a template in addition to a flow chart phrase document stating the conditions for entry. I am after something that will alert and send an email when all requirements on the flow chart have been fulfilled.


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    Sounds good. Crodzilla might be ready to provide some guidelines if you ask him, if he won't offer the source code.

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    I didn´t ask crodzilla, this is my own creation (my very first dashboard).

    How to use the dashboard

    - Copy Cobra_3 and Cobra_Dashboard_V1 into the experts/indiors folder
    and restart Mt4.

    - Just Cobra_Dashboard_V1 has to be attached to a chart
    (I added a template for advantage )

    - Choose pairs along with timeframes and Alerts in possessions menu

    - When attached to the very first time, it must check all the timeframes and pairs. It requires time.
    Depending upon your PC, it may seem like Mt4 freezes, don´t worry, it
    will unfreeze.

    - Grey Cells mean that there isn´t enough historical data for that timeframe of this pair.
    Option: Open a new chart of this pair and click on the lost timeframe
    and force Mt4 to find historical data from your broker.

    One easy method: left-click inside the chart-frame and then hold and transfer the mouse-pointer to the ideal side. This forces a download of history data
    from your broker and shortly the grey cell is going to be filled with an arrow.

    - You are able to choose different pairs from the input properties menu and you can delete pair-names which will result in grey cells for that row.

    How to browse the Cobra_Dashboard

    - Each cell shows the last arrow of this pair and interval.
    The arrow remains until the sign varies.

    - Every sign change will give an Alert (Popup window using sound).
    The Popup window will demonstrate the pair name and interval.
    As usual this a popup window disappears only when you click on OK.
    The text of this alert can be found from the Experts-tab log too.

    - Choose the Alerts that you would like
    Popup, email

    Update: Cobra_Dashboard_V1 uploaded
    - entirely customizable
    choose pairs
    choose timeframes (periods)
    - will just demonstrate the chosen pairs and periods

    Cobra_2 is not needed anymore.
    Cobra_3 has to be in experts/indiors folder
    You can attach Cobra_3 with no dash on the pair(s) you exchange.

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    Very trendy fxtr51. Congratulations on your first dash. I'm testing it now.

    BTW 73 pips to the USDJPY commerce from a few days ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Could be nise be able to choose the time frames to show for the dashboard...
    Totally customizable dash included.
    Pick pairs and timeframes and the dash is only going to compute and
    display the selected items.

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    After a while the Edit button disappears, therefore I needed to post the most recent edition of the indior and dash here.

    Modifiion: The nagging alert at initialization is eliminated.

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    Thanks for the update. I have had mixed results with this utilizing a TP/SL as the short term fad bands' line and taking the transactions as they develop. Anybody come up with a solid trading strategy for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks for the update. I've had mixed results for this utilizing a and particular taking the transactions as they come up. Anybody think of a trading plan for this?
    The recommended SL is another side of the blue band, not the midline.

    And as standard a trading platform can't be judged after 1 week.
    Either it needs to be backtested for a couple of years or forward tested a couple of months.

    I've seen setups on the historic charts on many pairs that have
    a Risk/Reward of 1: 5 and greater.
    Such good moves with pullbacks into the blue rings but not closing
    beyond give two or three additional legitimate setups where you are able to increase the
    original position and such moves result in enormous profits.

    In the event the ordinary win/loss ratio is just 50%, such moves - and they happen - will guarantee good profits, no doubt about that.

    Ok, maybe you can find indiors or additional rules which can filter more bad transactions and provide more profitable entries, but finding them requires perform
    and experience.

    Some find such additional profit enhancers and keep silent and you will never discover it shared....
    Others are going to share them.... Let us hope for the egory.

    It's the old story about there isn't any free lunch and this.

    I've done my part and invested many hours coding the indiors.
    A professional coder would have done it much much faster but none
    appeared here and assisted. Why should they ?

    They earn money with coding and when a potential profitable egy
    is shared like this one, they quietly code an indior and EA and test it
    and use it for themselves to earn a living.

    My 2 cents.

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    Hi, can any one help, as I'm afraid I don't have any experience of progrmming!
    I wish to choose the AMA indior and load it onto IG Index's advance charts as a custom indior.
    I have loaded the code (copy below) to the founder, then gone to verify it, the founder is asking to define variable P (query box screen grab in .doc attached along with coding and desired MT4 settings) I also have attached another AMA MT4 file, if it is a lot easier to alter that?

    Fixing this may save me running two charting packages, which would be great!


    signal = ABS(MOMENTUM)

    IF noisegt;0 THEN
    er = signal / sound

    fastsc = 2 / (2 1)
    slowsc = 2 / (30 1)

    factor = SQUARE(er * (fastsc - slowsc) slowsc)

    ama = CLOSE
    ama = ama factor * (CLOSE - ama)

    RETURN ama

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    this thread is for the Cobra system just.

    What relevance does the AMA indior have in the Cobra system?

    If not, please start a new thread to your AMA indior you request.
    Maybe somebody will help you.

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