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Thread: Slow and steady using patience and discipline !

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    obtained a bit spooked by the shorter time frame and shut yesterday for 35 strange pips, but might have held for the 61% fib on the longer time frame and managed 20 more. Still, happy with my trade. Better not to be greedy and need the whole excursion down...

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    Still after the script.. .move up. . .down then a dip up and to confluence ?

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    touching pink lineup for the 4th time now...

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    Trendlines and fibs. These are just two of my favourite things (oh my goodness...I think this is out of a song from The noise of audio !!?)

    Anyhow. . .here is a fib bounce. 61 seems to become among the most robust resistance/fib lines. Always great to get that and something else to create a confluence....

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    And in case a person is not convinced....

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    require 2

    hitting top of station again

    not the ideal setup....

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    short taken

    see chart.

    Cease is real.
    Capital mx is great - sort of inconsequential trade.

    So..hopping on for the ride

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    after the script for today....
    I reckon on Monday, if it does what's planned, and rebounds off area of confluence, long's the thing to do.

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