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Thread: Slow and steady using patience and discipline !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi ,
    Congratulation ,
    Please post your analysis charts for us, newbies , to research .
    We newbie are rooting for you.
    Hi again NIFX,

    sorry for the delay in getting back here. Been working somewhat.

    I have opted to take WTB's information (which no doubt is great information. . .he is a bit of a specialist). But I will post some charts and thoughts. . .not necessarily daily, but hopefully often.

    Thank you for the origins


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    two charts. . .first is daily with daily channel forming.

    Additionally 38% fib attained from preceding big fall

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    4 hour trendline.

    If broken down, with shut below blue line, and the confluence of the channel top and the fib, an individual might consider a brief trade ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    two charts. . .first is daily with daily channel currently forming.

    Also 38% fib attained from previous big drop
    Notice that the confluence with the purple line also? Is that 100 MA?

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    wow. . .this does look good.

    Consider the confluence of the fib, powerful uptrend, and previous solid resistance level.

    Bounce from here and during current downward 4 hr countertrend can make for a really good long trade...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Notice that the confluence with the purple line also? Is that 100 MA?
    Hello Renasdad,

    the orange one is your 100 SMA, the purple is your 62 EMA - I have a thing for fibs . . .but yep. . .good spot. . .adds to the narrative

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    upgrade on this. . .did split down.

    Opened* brief and moved into b/e. .stopped out.

    Opened brief no 2 at 1.2383. . .moved stop to b/ 20 bizarre pips upward

    * transactions are very small test transactions. None of original 'plan'. That'll wait until sept.. .

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    If it pops up above the pink countertrend line and then to the rectangle of super confluence and rear up (and it was Sept) I would bet the farm on a long trail. - well perhaps 2.1 percent of the capital as opposed to 2 % ....

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    Am beginning to add pivots to guide me too...

    S1 for usdchf is 1.2342, so when it awakened there I shut the brief - 34 pip profit. Back up to 1.2365-ish....would be interested to see where it goes

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    Gold upgrade

    Stopped out (in concept. . .won't tell you what I actually did !!! )

    But in retrospect, aside from not honouring my stop for those of you who could not work it out !!! , I should probably have admired the pink countertrend lineup

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