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    Hedge funds, or the like....massive sums of money, margin, leverage with an unlimited quantity of non-existant naked short stocks to dump into the market via quick programmed trading which generates its own necessary small amount buys to fabrie the required up tic. They could theoretically (and have actually done so at times) put a business out of business dropping the share value to less than half a cent....never then need to even cover all the non-existant stocks sold!

    Now that such abuses are seen and questioned by more moderately powerful...
    The SEC is a joke, reg SHO is a joke, NAASD is a joke, CFTC is a joke (Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2003 anyone? , permitting banks to measure over their leverage principles. .) , DTCC is a joke . I am aware of all the shenanigans that go on there. There's an excellent radio show that discusses issues like this from time to time (Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava). They've done a show about the Canadian banks and their purchased deals too (these are often performed with commodity centered businesses). Interesting, but stuff.

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    I've been reading the Definitive guide to Point and Figure by Jeremy du Plessis and its a really solid fashion. I attached a pdf of several PF basics with some Peter Schiff material where he lays down his thoughts about the best markets to invest in the next ten years

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    Supply and demand and more using starbucks as the version (SBUX is looking good on the nasdaq too )

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    Among the best to understand what is happening in the market (NOTE: instructional paper - not for anyone )

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    Here is something interesting to read, written by Hans Werner Sinn. It's a CESifo Forum Special Issue 2010, titled Rescuing Europe and it details the Club Med rescue package, the effect of the euro on the eurozone countries. I found it fascinating reading and I would recommend this to everybody who's interested in macro research. Whatever people say about China being the second largest market, the US and the eurozone together constitute around 46% of the world market, with eurozone accounting for $12.5 trillion or 21.5% of the international...
    China is regarded as the second largest economy when speaking about a country level. It's not reasonable to compare China to the Eurozone unless you are talking a currency basis.

    In the Eurozone, we're talking Germany, France Netherlands amongst others so it's really a group of enormous economies together.

    And this excludes UK too. I am not sure includes UK or not. UK is part of the Eurozone, so it is not supposed to be depended.



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