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    I've been a member of the mill for almost a year now and over that time, I've read a lot of educational posts and threads. The thing with posts that are great is they don't come about quite often, which directed me to create the Reading Suggestions thread the goal of that is to collect useful posts together into one place for reference of the Cornholio. Now I want to do the same with PDFs. There are a lot of pdf files and quite a few of these include information that's useful even which these files are posted in. So, rather than have these files sit around gathering electronic dust, let's bring'em out to the factory's members' benefit.

    I shall open this thread with a few files on my own, but I would like to encourage other members to chip in. If you could provide a description of the contents one might find in these 27, rather than just posting the files, it would be great. You can post notepad, MS Word, PowerPoint other formats which are approved by FF. Please don't post files which are previews to a paid service.

    1. Trading instances for currencies - What Are the Best Times to Trade for Individual Currency Pairs?
    The name says it all. The document details the volatility of pairs throughout sessions and market hours based on BIS data accumulated in 2007. Current data can be found here:

    2. Currency Personalities
    A not so detailed look at some of the most popular currency pairs and their distinctive characteristics.

    3. A Trader Checklist
    One short-term trader offers some thoughts about the normal characteristics and abilities of successful traders.

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    That is all around the net,but its inspirational and enlightening to see about trading from top executing insiders

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    I don't know if there are a lot of people here who are out of Scandinavia. For Danske Bank should be a name that is familiar. Danske isn't a very large bank big enough to have its own research department. They publish study on fixed income, fx, macro tendencies etc.. I decided to discuss this great resource as I have found it useful and've been studying their publiions. I'm not going to post pdfs because you're able to reach these at on your own through the hyperlink under. Research is published almost daily so at publishing them here any attempt would be futile as the era very fast.

    The link below will take you to the general public page of Danske Research. I'm not certain how much although some of the research is available free of charge. I have never subscribed although There's a subscription service. I'm fairly happy with the stuff for the time being. I'll buy the package some day later on.

    Danske Research is a part of Danske Markets and operate as Danske Bank Group's research department. The section monitors financial markets and economic trends of relevance to Danske Markets and its own clients.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I do not understand if there are a lot of people here who are out of Scandinavia. For the ones that are, Danske Bank ought to be a name. Danske isn't a large bank but big enough to have its own research section. They publish research on fixed income, fx, macro tendencies etc.. I've been reading their publiions and decided to discuss this resource as I have found it useful. Since these can be reached by you at under, I am not going to post pdfs. Research is published almost daily so any effort at releasing...
    That's a good link Bug....thanks for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    That's a good link Bug....thanks for This
    Ditto. Thanks!

    The FX Commodities webpage on the site Is Actually nice.

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    I am glad you find them helpful.

    As a sidenote to all the people hanging around here: there are a lot of banks, insurance firms (which basically take your stream of premium payments and invest them to make cash ie making them comparable to pension funds) and investment management companies that have their own research departments. Is Harry Lots-a-Bucks, this is something to consider. For instance, I would be interested in exactly what HSBC, UBS, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank Need to offer. The majority of these titles are large players in the FX markets and it would not hurt to have a glimpse of what they're supplying their clientele. If a person from among these banks is reading this and would love to give me a free trial, then please don't hesitate! Shoot me a PM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Incidentally, do not look now, but the flash crash continues to be cleaned off the chart. All the trades were cancelled.
    Hedge funds, or the like....massive sums of money, margin, leverage using an infinite number of non-existant naked short stocks to ditch into the market via quick programmed trading which creates its necessary little amount buys to fabrie the required up tic. They can theoretically (and have actually done so at times) put a company out of business falling the share value to over half a cent....never then need to even cover all the non-existant stocks sold!

    Now that such abuses are seen and challenged by more moderately strong people, the Thieves of Wall Street are forced to undo their crime now and then. Nonetheless, it goes on every day in ways, and it is how those theives make their cash. Undo it after which they will, should they have carried away and it gets just abusive and obvious. However, you'll never hear anyone talk about doing away with all the mechanics which let them go on doing this daily in smaller amounts.

    Why any sane individual would trade the US stock market which permits the sales of stocks which don't even exist is past comprehension. Retail traders ought to simply leave. Let the bastards play.

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