Do you own Bitcoin? (Poll)
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Thread: Do you own Bitcoin? (Poll)

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    Just curious, how many people here actually own Bitcoin? I'm currently spent in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

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    7. At what price per Bitcoin could you be happy to sell all your Bitcoin investment?
    On average, respondents reported that they would be willing to sell all their Bitcoin investment at $196,165.79 each Bitcoin. The price each Bitcoin was 6,490.


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    In the current day with the advancement of technology, traders are taking fantastic interest on a variety of coins. A couple of years ago we can't believe digital cash at which now we are exchanging crypto currencies like Bit-coin, Etherum, Ripple, etc.. Crypto currencies are becoming well-accepted from the traders as investment areas. But I personally favor real currency trading compared to currency trading as a result of liquidity and security issue.

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    I didn't anticipate that there is large number of Bitcoin holders (according to voting result). The lovers of Bitcoin know we own BTC or we utilize cryptocurrencies a/c for trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    However, I personally favor real currency trading than crypto currency trading as a result of high liquidity and safety problem.
    Bitcoin liquidity is extremely high, spreads are just one penny or less and execution is extremely fast. Your safety concerns are agreed on by me . It#8217;s a new technology, if you're holding long term keep it and wait to grab. Otherwise day trading you're in and out .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Free bitcoin? Yes please!!! 1MLreGHUifvEsmWdd4soQ8S2P7qang23Dp
    Sent! Cheers.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sent! Cheers.

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    $10?! I'll moo because of that.

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