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Thread: News Trader proof of profits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Okay here is my spike trades only listed
    40 trades
    30 wins
    4 b/e
    6 losses
    this within the last 7 months

    You have to know which reports to spike trade. You will find some you fade, along with many others I have another strategy that works very nicely on. I heard it from a different trader.
    I am very satisfied with my results.
    That I can certainly relate to your outcomes.
    For the highlighted part over, nicely said, you couldn't have put it any better!!!

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    Im a news trader and Ive been trading since December 06 and have been successful. I dont need you to fly me everywhere and I dont want to give you any of my statements either. All I needed to say is that there are news traders out there which are successful and can be effective given the right tools. I did have to leap to another broker because I was advised to take my cash and proceed, but thats the sort of thing we confront. Right now I have 2 brokers with live accounts which say they do not care about news traders or scalpers.
    I agree in some of what you say, it could be a matter of time until all brokers simply ban it some way or another, but I am using my time well before this happens.

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    Therefore it looks like every news trader is in search of the ideal broker to trade the news in the extent they'll torture them self's changing broker three to a while to likely just finish of moving back to the first broker so I am willing to install the News Trader Challenge to find out is it really worth leaping back and forth from broker to broker or give folks a sense of relief and select their broker predicated on reason that getting bad fill during the centre of news.

    News Trader Challenge:

    Prove me a stay account statement which goes back at least one year demonstrating that you have/are successfully trading the news with at least 1 standard contract (100,000).

    The very first person that can provide this in the upcoming 7days I shall fly into Costa Rica all cost paid vaion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    check out the difficulty these poor people suffered.
    This isn't a promotion of any kind as it seems any time I post a link it is construed as promotion. This is to open up the eyes to the hazards of news trading. I am sure somone will chime in soon that happened to be in this mess. I have been in messes before and dropped 7% of my account in.5 minutes during news. It is very dangerous to mess with. To put it simply these people seeking to get in on the spike using software are fighting a futile struggle. Hedge funds with billions have been taking all of the liquidity. There's not any way to acquire in. And I will also tell you that I have done this for 2 decades. There's a strange coincidence that if you wake up and you're filled at the end of the spike that the market will move away from you (drawdown) quicker than you've ever noticed it becuase hedge funds watched all us morons get in late and today we're their profit generators.
    Jeff s
    ouch 75 pips at a eye flick is.... ouchy

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    Ive made 54.9K in two weeks, using 90K; 40%trading the news and 60% tendency. I love Foreign Exchange its the best thing thats ever happened to me, its not easy, and I lost alot when I begun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Ouch is right.
    Holy mother of sweet Jesus... that hurts!

    Read the comments rolling out in the chat box: FUUUU*K, WHAT THE F@CK HAPPENED THERE? , F@CKING SHIT!!! , etc. Oh man...

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    News trading isn't for the faint hearted and you're going to take a loss sometimes whether or not your name is Felix.

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    Indeed, with no doubt every news retailer is trying to find the perfect broker to exchange the news in the degree they will torment them self's shifting broker three to a while to most likely just end of backpedaling to the main broker so I am will appreciate news trading evaluation to either discover is it really worth rebounding forward and backward from broker to broker or give people a liberating feeling and pick their broker in view of better reason that getting awful fill amid the center of news.

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