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    The top traders ask themselves each day, how can I risk less and make more? They have no solution to this question, some days, but a few days they do. It's those days after considering it each day for a lengthy time, which their trading makes a step change of improvement that an answer pops into your mind, maybe. Any one trade means nothing in the analysis of a traders profession. Ed Seykota recommends that traders think in regard to their next 10,000 transactions to put the current trade . I find it makes it somewhat easier to locate the patience to find the guts to have a loss whenever it's still small or to wait for a big win.

    The live charts on the AN short trade I have been posting are just visual examples. I could warn against trying to trace my transactions and am a really bad signals provider. That said, I will generally start several starter transactions in a new week of investing since new signs come through. I expect to lose a few or maybe even most of these. Finally, by luck if I will find myself in trending pairs and I will add to those transactions. My purpose is to get a few good deals with profits good enough to outweigh my little losses. That said, I will post another couple of quick examples of live trades I've entered so far.

    First the GPB/CHF long was entered on a golden cross signal across multiple timeframes. As an afterthought, I drew on it because it is pretty and watched a triangle formation. Stop is set at ADR and I'm just waiting it out to trend upward or collapse until the pain is so good that I will bail out early, since although my stop is place around 1 week ADR, I have no rule that states I can't exit a losing trade early and shave several pips off the loss aspect of my ledger. That's how I try to make additional and risk less. - G

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    So to pressure the point, I am a crap signals caller, and thus don't follow me. I am only throwing up a few illustrations to show what a new trading session looks like for me personally. Here's a chart of a short EUR/GBP H1 chart. I entered this transaction on a golden cross on timeframes. Stop was set at it's surviving for the time being and 1 X ADR, but nowhere near being in position to get another transaction .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote A trend is just trading in a bar of a higher TF. Trades on higher TF's are based on trends on lower TF's. We're all trend traders to a degree, as a trend is a constant (or semi-consistent) motion in an overall direction, hence profiting from a motion that'can potentially be' in a way which suits our commerce prejudice (buy or sell).
    Imagine the trend doesn't exist and you can't use it on your trade. How do you construct your trade?

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    So that is my three trades for this week, EG and AN brief and GChf long. They all are not doing great, but they're living so far. The sacrifice to the souls of trading this week has been. It hastens and the 1 ADR stoploss was touched by only barley for a stopout. I had been asleep at the time, but it wouldn't have mattered. I have a rule to limit my ceases and that I dont transcend that for any reason. I'll risk less when I can, but never more. That is my limitation. Questions? - G

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi. Imagine the trend does not exist and it can not be used by you in your trade. How can you build your trade?
    I will try that one because it's really slow today. Usually there will be a trend somewhere trade which. When there is no trend, you simply take no trade. Not accepting a trade is also a trade, if you regard your home currency a money investment. It's the trade. Thanks for the question. Any more? - G

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi. Imagine it can not be used by you on your own trade and that the tendency doesn't exist. How do you construct your trade in this case?
    I'd counter that and say please reveal a price pattern with no trend. Now show me the next TF, such as that pattern. Also, show me that the decrease TF pattern that creates the underlying information to create this pattern.

    You'll come across a fad, or segments of tendencies in there. Alternately, realise that this pattern is the fad.

    In segments, or as one entire sequential occasion. Doesn't matter. You can not draw a line between a few points without inferring a'line' that exists between the final and first point. That is a trend.

    Unless it is some kind of scatter shot randomness. But then again, plot those scatter shots from a time when those shots were shot, and you also get...a fad. In that case, it's the burden of the gun, fatigue, end, sore eyes, etc., that start to impact the activity, but no matter the tendency is a connected activity with time. Either there is no trend and it is virtually random (casino, casino, etc.) or there is a possibility of a fad.

    Seeing as I've just come back from the pub, this is a far more reasonable, and practical response that will you gain from me tonight. Regardless, I think it is logical. I will check it in the morning to see if I agree. :-)

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    Hi G, realize you have been applying this trading system you share to us. Speaking of your own entries, you said a crossover is your sign. My question is why not a pullback later crossover? Or did you really do that? cmiiw. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello G, realize that you have been succesfully applying this trading system you share with us. Speaking of your entries, you said that a crossover is the sign. My question is why not a pullback after crossover? Or did you really do that? cmiiw. Thanks.
    Hello Dscap, I always wait until price is moving in my way to input. If it's in a pull back, I'll wait until it finishes until I input. I input, When it's going in my way. I don't wait for a pullback because if price is moving in my path, I am about as likely to miss some pips awaiting as I am to have perfect timing towards the end of a pull for entrance. I truly can not say how much difference it makes, however, this seems to work for me. This is. Anything else? - G

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    Last week I had one triumph that is smaller and a couple losses. That is just the way it was likely to work. As long as I can keep my losses little, once the huge triumph comes along it can cover the losses and depart pips to get profits. There is not any way to know how many shedding weeks I'll have in a row. Was , followed by one of my greatest winning weeks . So, my system and I wait and stick together. As usual, I will start looking for new transactions a few hours following NY opens and all the news was digested by the markets. It is fantastic for traders to consider that there's not any system which win consistently every week or each month as well and can win over the very long run. We get to chose which we want, winning consistently and blowing up in the end and dropping everything, or enduring major swings of wins and drawdowns to be profitable at the end. If someone want's to test on this, ask an investor at one of the most profitable funds in history. Finest success to all. - G

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    Thank you. I exchange interior bar fours on the majors, not simple because of the draw down but out of backtesting the previous 3 decades of information on mt4 profitable if you stick into this system. I feel that's the secret. Stated on thread there will be instances where you can do everything correctly and you won't earn money as james pinman and 996. That is the way the market works. But as james 996 states if you stick with your method in the end you'll be profitable. I have tried any way possible that I am aware of to try and reduce losses but in the end I return to the simple fact you will face losses and money management is the secret. Hope you continue submitting.

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