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    Article deleted,
    will never post again, thanks and my own apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    early analysis 30 minutes prior to the survey closed for southern district. image this thread is so silent, guys please post your trend analysis, because I need 2nd,3rd,4th,... remarks
    I'll comment on here likewise to what I said to Taigen. Please remain focused on Trend Trading as a discission, not functioning in your trading reside pairs. Review what you have done, what G talks about and give a self-assessment of what you're trying vs what's been discussed already.

    Also, please refer to Gravitons remark for you sooner:
    Zorn, that is all a bit too complicated for me to follow.

    This thread is really where people talk about Trend Trading procedures, etc.. It's not for searching for answers that are specific to live trade queries to pick go long/short/hold at USD/Jpy right now.

    If you would like to trade specific pairs and discuss your current options, II' surely prefer it if you'd go do it at the Forex section of the forum to your pair.

    I don't understand why this is really confusing to some. This is theoretical conversation vs live market forecasts. Sure, use examples, but they can be from yesterday, last week or even last year.

    Come here to talk about Trend Trading approaches, risk assessment, money management, not reside trading (IMO).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    early analysis 30 minutes prior to the survey closed for southern district. picture this thread is so silent, guys please post your trend analysis, because I need 2nd,3rd,4th,... remarks
    I'll remark on here similarly to what I stated to Taigen. Please stay focused on Trend Trading as a discission, not working reside pairs. Offer of what you're trying vs what's been discussed 26, a self-assessment.

    Additionally, please refer to Gravitons remark for you sooner:
    Zorn, that's a bit too complex for me to follow along.

    This thread is really where people discuss Trend Trading procedures, etc.. It is not for looking for responses that are certain to live commerce inquiries to decide go long/short/hold at. (Although that might be a side-effect of talks here, making your commerce choices easier/clearer).

    If you want to trade certain pairs and talk about your current choices, II' certainly prefer it if you would go do it in the Interactive Trading section of this forum to your pair.

    I really don't understand why this is so confusing to a. This is conversation vs live market predictions. Sure, use cases, but they can be from last week, yesterday or last year.

    Come here to discuss Trend Trading approaches, risk assessment, money management, not dwell trading (IMO).

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    I like the 4 hour as you can see the price Arrangement of past week, and how it unfolds this week, the Perpendicular lines on the chart

    So many Fantastic Tendencies began early last week, as highlighted in yellow, 1- break of Super Trend signal

    Potential to add on at Two - break close above 50 EMA, and 3- break of weekly high

    Strange, I Can Not find any good discussion on SuperTrend systems or a Ribbon

    Maybe I will Begin one but then they will want more indicators

    darn, Net is Indeed crap slow, Can Not even upload a chart look at GBPJPY, Possibly later, sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It is not how many times you get knocked down that counts, it is how many times you get back up. Https://
    Very accurate so long as it is possible to get up again.

    We should all try to make learning lessons economical!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Here is the chart, eventually uploaded image
    Yes, candy. GJ produced 500 pips in a week and is still rolling along. Last week has been good for trend traders. I was able to dig out 6 of these good swing trades within precisely the exact same timeframe. They are long GJ, AChf, AJ, GChf, ACad and NJ. Each possess a look on H4. I have 14 trades running on these 6 pairs due. I could have seen more, but I ran from available margin to exchange (gloomy eyes).

    There's not any magic dust we can use to produce trades like this. The market breathes in and breathes out. We just can't fabricate these account balance trades. Instead we have to take our signs when they come along, and maintain the trades. Trades like this happen in every market, property, currencies, stocks, bonds, futures, options, and the fundamentals to exchange them are always the exact same for every market. As Conor O'Neill states, the most important thing is showing up.

    We are not taking trades at random. We are not attempting to forecast the market. We are not attempting to exchange a magical entry indicator. A philosophy is being traded by us. It's a simple thing really. Use the approaches we can find to get into running tendencies. Yours may differ from mine. That's alright. Cut losses short (No! Shorter!) , let profits run. Get out with as much cash as we can, when the trend stinks. Repeat.

    I humbly admit I was not 100% accurate in choosing the above 6 trend trades. I had a lot of efforts. Here is an honest collection of my unsuccessful attempts (along with a couple of small set-up wins) within the past 7 days and just how much I lost on every in pips. Losers listing: EChf -1, CadJ -10, AN -20, EG -8, UJ 23, EChf -24, NCad -43, CadJpy -33, GChf -43, AN -21, CadChf -1, UChf 27, EU -10, UCad -19, ChfJpy -25, NU -21

    I know, that looks bad. About 14 losers and two winners. Most people would only hang their head and think, this crap doesn't work! Some can turn to their other for consolation. Saying, baby the market was me. Some could throw up their hands and shout at the Heavens, what can you need from me?

    The trend trader doesn't care. The trend trader is the Honey badger. Inserted Video The trend trader don't give a sh*t. She understands the market must breathe out in order to breathe in. She waits in the grass. If any predictor would have given up and gone to sleep hungry, the trend trader feasts and pounces. Do not shout to your significant other. Do not scream at the heavens. Be the honey badger. Be the lioness. You can't control the markets. You can control your future. Trades are still running. Weekly results are about -275 pips lost (allowing to get a couple small offsetting wins during set-ups). Won, 1452 pips. Reward to risk ratio 5.28, Win Loss ratio, 50/50. Normal reduction, 19.6 pips which is about 1/3rd of my difficult reduction limit normally. Violations of challenging loss limitation, 0.

    Please don't ask me about your own entries. My response will be the same. I don't understand. It may go up or it can return. If it wins, then hold it buy more. If it loses, market it fast (No! Faster!) . You may notice my entrance technique is better than a coin flip, 50/50, so ask me about entries? I don't understand. But if you want to understand how to make tons of cash in the markets, I have an idea which can provide help. Until it stinks trade the trend. Finest achievement to all. - G

    Comments? Questions? Complaints? Discussion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Very true as long as you can get up again. We must try to create learning courses economical!
    Yesyou will lose at first. I guarantee it. Commerce the tiniest place allowed so you can recover from the loss that is inevitable. You'll lose again, again and again, again and again when you think you have it all figured out. Last, you'll get it, and it is oh so sweet.

    Just how many times will you get back up? Provided that you are still living. And if you die hard, well, we all are going to die. You only have three alternatives, to expire never having attempted, to die having attempted, or to die having attempted and given up crying. Make your pick. Suffer your destiny. I'll walk it with you, if you want to walk my path. I wish you well, although I may not be in a position to help if you pick a different. - G

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    This could be my final post here not because I'm not offended or anything; it simply might not be a good match or right match. I'm getting the sense that the discussion here is based more on generic principles of trading in the trend and perhaps, I'm being too specific giving my positions as examples of placing trades into training as I view the trend grow. Correct me if I'm wrong but that is what I am surmising.

    So possibly my final analysis:

    Daily: the down trend is beginning to sew which indicates to me a trend change could be happening some down where the long run. Nothing to hold your breath about.

    4 HOUR: The 200 SMA is trending up but I don't base my commerce about the SMA's so much as I do the Stochastic and RSI.

    Obtained in a bit early that has cost me if the trend line consumes, it resembles a fall may be happening within a week or so. Anyway I positioned brief. A fall of 50 pips will probably put me . Everything is bank. So now it is just a waiting game.

    G, if you would like to give me the boot on this Trend Trader thread only tell me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This could be my last post here not because I'm not offended or anything; it simply might not be a fantastic match or right match. I'm getting the sense perhaps, I'm being overly specific giving my rankings as examples of putting trades as I see the trend grow and that the dialogue is based more on generic principles of trading. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's precisely what I am surmising. So possibly my last analysis: Daily: the downward trend is starting to sew which indicates to me a trend change could be taking place some where...
    Taigen, you're welcome to post here. Just be aware I don't have any opinion about the entries of anyone. As I have stated, mine are no greater than 50/50, therefore I can't pretend to judge somebody else's that uses a system that is different than I do, even if it's far better. The reason I do is I cut losses little and keep in productive tendencies so long as I possibly can to give an superb reward to risk ratio. I can tell you I don't have a trade running in GU at this time, so I didn't pick it as a favorite when I was setting up my current portfolio beginning about a week ago.

    So far as my view of this GU trend today, nearly anyone could see it as well or even better than I. Short term and mid term, M5, M15, H1, H4 looks up. Longer duration, daily and weekly looks down. However, of course I might be wrong on some of these. I base my observation on the 200 period moving average and also the 50 period moving average crossing it.

    In cases like this in which the H1, H4 and Daily are not all trending in the same direction, I do not know exactly what to make of price action, therefore I will not trade it. Maybe the long running GU downtrend is finished and the trend is shifting up through the timeframes and will finally sweep the daily up with it. Maybe price is gathering itself up for another run down at the bottom. This type of forecast is also outside the scope of my trading. I can state that price seems to be moving up in the brief term at this time and down on the daily chart.

    Moving extended would be a counter trend trade from the view of the daily chart and I don't trade counter trend from the view of the daily chart. Price would need to break above it's previous high of about 1.3270 for me to take the longer term down trend has shifted into an upward trend and it is safe for me to trade long.

    Trends ebb and flow, weaken and strengthen as the market adjusts to changing conditions. Because a trend weakens a little does not mean it is getting ready to be finished. It may just be catching the breath of it until it is next run. I can't predict if any trade I've will keep on pips or reverse fast without a notice. My trading is to cut it off fast, and to hold it or get more if it wins if it loses.

    Was that any assistance, or is it far off from what it is you are trying to do that it is no help at all?

    I will tell you need to do something much more complicated, but for me , more complicated does not mean much more profitable. I see you have many entries. Let me ask, are you incorporating entries as you're wining more, or are you adding more entries as price moves against you averaging down? Also, I don't find any stoploss marked on your chart. Are you trading with or without stoploss? - G

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