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    And we turn until the Daily Chart and look to see if it makes sense to start following the Daily chart long term trend of the AChf:

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    Looking above on the AChf Daily chart in article 505 we see the familiar indicator of this 10 EMA crossing over the 50 EMA and the affirming direct price action 20 day rule counting off the maximum close in the past twenty days, all confirming the long entrance shown at the AChf H1 chart above in article #504. The PSAR hasn't flipped to uptrend on the Daily chart yet, so I did not draw it for clarity. It'll reverse if the trend continues, but it is not really important. You will notice, I do actually have the set of TP, but they're put at a value that is really large to catch any unusual spikes in my direction. I'll move them up to greater resistance zones as I trade, to keep them well over normal volatility. I am also running automated trailing stops for advantage. I have those put fairly wide at about 2ADR but I'll switch to set stops running below affirms since the transaction goes in to profit. I tend to expand stops more once I am in profit. The objective is to have a temporary retracement take me from a transaction, but to still have some broad stops for emergency functions. If the trader discovers temporary retracements are taking them they will need to expand their cease method, but do not dare remove the stop. That is suicidal. I'll usually exit if my indicators say to and direct price action affirms a stop. In a case I will be taken by a spike against me out, but by then this trend's meat is over. Will this tendency run for days, months, weeks? Will it depart break even or for a bit of profit within the next trading session? Anyone with that precognition capability doesn't have to understand how to exchange. Go to Vegas and put your cash on the next winning amount over and over till you need to ask for security to escort you into the cage and also to your vehicle. Locate trends, get inside them, remain in them till they finish, move money from your Forex account into your bank account. Repeat as desired. That is the next best thing I know of to make up for my sorely missing ability in being able to see in the future. Best achievement to all. - G

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    Hi G.

    Wonderful. I like your Charts which are much clearer for me today because my eyes aren't what they used to be - hopefully better once my cataracts are operated. I like your MTF perspectives which allow me to get oriented.

    I have attached a Gadget that you might prefer to identify and magnify the Pair and TF title more clearly. It can sit in the upper right corner and be seen from across the room.


    Best, AG

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi G. Wonderful. I enjoy your Charts which are much clearer for me since my eyes are not what they was - hopefully better once my mind are operated. I like your MTF perspectives which help me to get oriented. I've attached a Gadget that you might prefer to recognize and magnify the Pair and TF name clearly. It can sit at the upper right corner and be seen from across the room. document Best, AG
    That's great AG. Good to hear from you again. Do not jump over the direct price action verification. I know that it seems all too easy, but it works for me. If this one doesn't work for you, I'd advise trying to find another one based on price action. It is only a verification of entry/exit. Not an indicator in any way. Best achievement in your trading! - G

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    EU, after struggle to split round number 1.1400 for a week, on 1 November it had been breaking up the orange fashion line, giving hope for buyer,
    but it was a false expectation. 12 hours later (50 pips) it touching the red trend line and keep falling down breaking up the 1.1400 again.
    DXY also falling just like in my previous article but it quit at 96.50 as anticipated (but im not expecting that amount, only the trendline).

    by analyzing GU, and unintentionally drawing this pentagram, im afraid I will summon a demon from hell.
    This is over-analyzed and I dont I feel I enjoy it.
    But such as the EU and also the stronk USD, im biased downtrend for all anti US pairs.

    NZD/USD, this may be the wrong trendline drawing because of the biased stronk USD.
    The dash line is your replicate of orange lines under it.
    Since im not swing trader, the profit just taken where adr or even s/r line are visible.

    at the lesser timeframe, this pair show downtrend weakness, and the uptrend is currently forming. Could be the wrong choice to short this, but mm will look after it (I hope).

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    That's all a bit too complicated for me to follow along. I attempt to keep things as easy as possible (but no simpler), therefore I have less room to create a mistake. Because I have not gotten a entry sign yet I don't have a transaction in EU. Recent moves upward because about Nov 1 fracture that which seemed like a downtrend since Oct. 16th, therefore I don't know what to make of it. I concur that you may have gotten carried away somewhat on the GU trendlines. It looks to be reversing from a downtrend fad, kinda like the EU, although I also don't have a position on it. Same for NU. I guess the USD was strong forcing a downtrend in those pairs before it began to weaken a bit causing those USD based pairs to seem to reverse back up. Perhaps that is a result of the US elections on Tuesday, or maybe not. In any case, if a pair was trending down for a long time and is currently reversing up, I will not get a sign to trade it. My strategy is generally very slow to input. Finest success. - G

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    I've heard more than 1 professional trader state that the 50 SMA line is your buy and market. Ok, there's a lot so I keep it at the back of my mind like that I do the 89 SMA may be a to say about it. That happens enough that I keep an eye. The 50 SMA is being hugged by the PA. It should indicate it moves down (), however, if it accomplishes it might readily continue its upward course. As it moves up, I'm shorting. If it goes up to now I will FIFO close a few of my earlier pips and then reset them in a higher place. Yes I understand I must profit my loss before I find anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've heard over 1 professional trader say that the 50 SMA line is the buy and sell line. Ok, there's a lot to say about it I keep it in the back of my head like I do the 89 SMA may be a. That happens that I keep an eye on both of them. The PA and the 50 SMA are currently headquartered in. It should suggest that it goes (), but if it consolidates it might readily continue its upward course. As it goes up I am shorting. In case it goes up to now I will shut a few of my previous pips and then reset them. Yes I understand...
    I understand. We've got different styles and trading goals, therefore it is hard for me to look at it. My strategy is to never try to forecast the future which I am sure is impossible for me. I believe many systems that try to forecast the future fail or perform poorly during a lengthy time period. But, of course, that is just my humble opinion. I simply trade price. If price is going up I buy and if it going down I sell. Half the time it isn't clear what price is currently performing, so I do nothing. I don't try to induce a trade when price direction isn't clear to me. Even thenI understand 60% of the time I will be incorrect, or price will reverse before I can take a profit out. Maybe it is clear to a more trader what price is performing and they can make a trade that I can not and profit visa versa, or from it. And it is dependent upon your personality. I understand many traders that hold a commerce and they'd take a trade than I'd and profit out of it. That is why it's useless for me to try to advise another that a pair will go up or down. It can be going around down and for 1 to 3 times for 1 to 3 weeks. I can not be of more assistance, but my skills are restricted to longer term trend trading. I can explain how I do this for profits, but I've never had some success in other procedures. Happy Trading! - G

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I simply trade price. So if price is obviously going I buy and when it going down I market. Half the time it's not clear what price is performing, so I do nothing. I do not try to induce a transaction when price management isn't clear to me. Then I know 60 percent of the time either I will be wrong, or price will likely reverse before I could have a fantastic profit out. Perhaps it is clear to some more astute trader... - G
    I really don't know exactly what you mean by predictive since the second you do a buy or market you're calling a specific outcome--up or down. I use indicators which, at most, can only suggest things such as momentum, quantity, trending, etc.. A downtrend line is predictive to the extent is suggests a pattern.

    I visit retraces and bottoms onto a various pattern. I'm either right or I'm mistaken. I am predicting it will go one way or the other based on the given indicators. If I'm wrong, it just puts me in a place that is better. View my multiple places as a mean of a single position. My fixing is straightforward. If it reaches around the 10 mark against me I reposition it higher and simply close. I'm not chaotically putting in places although it may appear that way. It is difficult to determine but it's not any different that risk a unit for both unit gain or ride. In reality the only difference is I'm averaging my place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I don't know what you mean by predictive because the second you do a buy or sell you're predicting a specific outcome--up or down. I use indicators that, at most, can only suggest things such as momentum, volume, trending, etc.. A downtrend line is predictive into the extent is suggests a pattern. I see retraces and bottoms on a various pattern. I'm either right or I'm mistaken. I am predicting that it will go 1 way or another based on the provided indicators. It just puts me in a much better position if I'm incorrect. View my multiple positions...
    OK, if it works for you, that is what counts. I have to work tough to get into tendencies that are existing and keep in them long enough to profit. If anybody has a problem with this, then I could could help. Finest success. - G

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