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    Hope you all have a pleasant riding pairs atm. So grateful to have bagged staggering pips from selling sterling pairs because yesterday. Have procured a few by adjusting SL and expecting to continue ride down for a few more... if market Requires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Best success on the GU short.- G
    Taigen is buying....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Taigen is buying....
    imho, it doesnt matter if you buy, or I sell, because any of us has our own view on how studying the market motion. Some think in patterns, some think in vogue lines. Like Graviton here, I think G is a trend trader hardcore which to some extent I also have some simliarities. G is using several timeframe while I'm using just 1 ema lineup and commerce on pullback. G keeps mentioning - and I believe about that - its not all about our entry but our commerce and risk management. We could keep short in losses and remain longer in profitable trades. Ride along the way in profitable trades so that in the end of the day people profit more than reduction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote imho, it doesnt matter if you buy, or sell, because any of us has our own perspective on how studying the market motion. Some believe in patterns, some believe in trend lines. Just like Graviton here, I believe G is a trend trader hardcore that to some extent I also have some simliarities. While I am using only 1 ema line and trade on pullback G is using timeframe. G retains mentioning - and - I believe on that - its not only about our entrance but our trade and risk management. How we can keep short in losses and remain longer...
    Thanks for your feedback. I'd say as well, that I'm a hardcore trend trader; it is only that I exchange coming and going. Though I rely upon the daily for my weighting of the markets management, I use the 4 Hour to determine trend changes. If you seen my chart, it is obvious that I am predicting a double bounce with a retrace of 100-200 pips. Will that happen? Who knows? Not mepersonally, however, my experience says if that is a rebound, I am positioned. If it breaks the rebound by 10 pips, I am out of there. To counter trend trades no much different than fad trades. Like to put in a zero stop if I can see it is going my way, I really do. If I stop out, I won't eliminate anything. If it does not appear but consolidates, it is usually telling me there is space to return.

    Since the PA is mainly pushed by central banks and if the Feds do not want the dollar to go down for whatever reason (bear in mind other central banks may put pressure on the USD), we will see who wins. I don't like consolidation because, typically, it appear to go. That's the terrible part of a counter trend trade. I am adding a chart that reveals the history going back of the S/R. The memory in currency pairs can be powerful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Taigen is buying....
    Oh noooooo! I see. Taigen is trading a tendency bounce off the GU bottom. I am hoping that works out. I am not really well versed enough or for this matter in bottom trading that was dual to offer an opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks for your comments. I would say that e t that shows the history going back 4 decades of the S/R. The memory in currency pairs could be pretty powerful. image
    Yes. Retracement can be change and vice versa. Atm Im happy to have bagged some fractions of downward GU pairs (GA, GU, Gcad) for an average of 80pips each taking standing from yesterday retracement. Those are my trades. What if I was wrong? Id have bagged losses, hit em back once opportunities reveal themselves, maintain stalking for opportunities and stay aside. Its all part of the business dynamics. Now part, what should GU dual bottom? Well no worries, will wait patiently for new wave to form and also ill ride them on retracement. In this instance, Taigen might have bagged some more pips than me. However, is it a problem? big no. Thats why I. There is no-must-and-certain view for a trader whether buy or sell. Depends on perepective, trading style and risk management. One thing for sure, so long as I could ride in my profitable transactions more than my ones, which the moment where my edge is working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Wow, that is truly great to listen to Beejay. I can tell you're currently having the relief of trading to make, to follow your rules. Following that, every possible decision has been made my system. It also took me a very long time to come up with a set of rules. There was a lot of distraction and misinformation and that slowed my progress. In the end, I decided to reevaluate my trading to reevaluate my principle set. I now only have one simple entry criteria and I accept that it's not...
    I think an important part of trading is to comprehend kinds temprament and this understanding includes time and after repeated failures. I salute you for being able to track all that pairs, I initially begun with alot of pairs tracking but I have eventually settle for two pairs that is volatile and constant afterall my goals are specific that inturn is whipped into how I commerce and oversees them. . Like you mentioned, its crucial that you get better at managing losses than the profit, I have improved at this in that couple of months. . Am only working to remain consistent for the remainder of the year and using the whole of next year to stabilize my trading whilst also enhancing my in my calmness and commerce management ( I wont be focusing substantially on the profit yet eventhough I understand the profit is presently coming). .Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I feel an important part of trading is to understand kinds temprament and this understanding includes time and after repeated failures. I salute you for being able to track all that pairs, I initially begun with alot of pairs tracking but I have finally settle for 2 pairs which is volatile and constant afterall my objectives are particular that inturn is whipped into how I trade and manages them. . Like you mentioned, its important to get better at managing losses than the profit, I have improved at this in that past couple of months....
    Yes, using the area to keep losses small and under control is probably one of those two most crucial qualities of effective trading, the other being restricting position size. I feel both of these items are more important than entrance and exit criteria, but the majority of men and women get fixated in exits and entries and fail because they suffer losses that are large with big positions. Position size is just one of those rare important things which is both simple and simple. Simply set to never lose more than 0.5 percent of your balance per transaction and flourish! You're done for life. Professional traders will scale position size therefore for much more volatile transactions, position size will be reduced by them, and also for less volatility position size wills increase. That's a bit complex for my simple mind, however, it's merit.

    When we were planning to go over trend trading elements in the order of significance, we would probably select controlling losses and keeping them little (No! SMALLER!) First and limiting place size as a close second. At least one of those things are simple. Happy Trading. - G

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    Sad about some overnight spikes which took me out split even I was hoping will be big winners. Still, I had set the trades to break knowing that could occur. At least it's much better than taking a loss from not considering the worst possible situation. I UChf long, EU short and have two 2 trades running today, each set to break even. I have three beginner trades, Cad/Chf forward 20 pips, Eur/Cad about even and a that is stinking up my portfolio in about -26 pips. This UJ took a nose dive as soon as I entered it and I believed it was likely to stop out, so I will practice patience but it's recovered about half today. I need a lot of practice. That's how my day is going, kinda meh. - G

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    We have had a lot of good discussion about trading trends here. Some traders have discussed. There are probably many ways to make a profit from the markets and I can speak with any encounter on a few. It would appear that there are ways to lose money than to make this, and that's a topic we have been talking. Though trend trading is addressed by this thread, the art of sparking losses seems to apply to all methods.

    Many novice traders start off wrong by risking too large of a position, often putting 5 percent to 10 percent of their balance at risk on every transaction. A small number of losing trades in a row can wipe their accounts. Most professional traders follow a 1% rule in which they never risk greater than 1% of their balance on any single transaction. I put my risk in 0.5% per commerce and sleep at nighttime. Some traders adjust their position size slightly decreasing trade size for scenarios that are much more volatile and increasing trade size for volatile scenarios.

    I noticed a while back I was invited by an experienced trader to test my past trading results and look for large losses. The aim was to see what my trading outcomes would look like had I exited the largest losing trades at a loss limit that is hard. It was obvious that simply eliminating large losses would turn my trading around. Eliminating massive losses is a essential condition for profitable trading, and it is really a simple thing to do.

    For my system, I trade using a good stop loss around 1 ADR to get rid of large losses out of my trading, but I attempt to exit bad trades (anything with a negative sign in front of it and shedding over about 2X spread price ) as soon as I can definitely see the trade is not performing to expectations. If I cut my loss brief at 1/2 ADR or less on average, then I increase my reward to risk ratio by a factor of two, and that's significant. This is my trading system's optional part. I'm permitted to exit losing trades as soon as they can be certainly identified by me . This is something which I am still practicing and working really difficult to improve. So, the three components of trading are, cut your losses, reduce your losses and reduce your losses.

    For those who like pretty colors, here's a live example of my two pile EU brief with stops set to Break Even. Be aware that since the next commerce (on bottom) is 60 percent the size of the first one (on top) the stops could be put a little prior to the midpoint between both trades. Removing all risk from these pyramided trades is a part of my ongoing attempt to reduce my losses:

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