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    Straddling is not the only way to trade news. Beating on the spike utilizing rapid AutoClicks is just another one. Therefore, I'd love to receive your inputs on the various AutoClick services out there.

    I am currently testing out Dustin's RRS Support. NZD, AUD and GBP news weren't any trade and a dissapointment However, if it managed to autoclick about the CAD news, it gave me hope. (LOL I won enough to cover the 2 week demo)...

    How about others using SecretNewsWeapon (SNW), ForexMuse and other people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I understand that again and clip which has been true - On that report that he was faster than Bloomberg since it was another news provider which came in with amounts faster. I really don't see any violation there. It was authentic, Even though it is damaging for BB.
    Reuters will probably be faster than BB on non-US news (based on the host ) and the clip I am referring to was using BB with their numbers showing, and you're missing the point:

    irrespective of who's faster, who is slower, who is this, who is that, you cannot give out the BB info into some non-BB paying, non-BB subscribing, non-BB contract holding individual (s), Capice'?

    Go take a Businees Law 201 course at the local community college or order a book on Tort Law. You may just learn something valuable to contribute later on two peasants destroy it and when the next thing comes along.

    In any event, fantastic luck to you and your trading, and will the FX be together with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Reuters is going to be quicker than BB on non-US news, and you're missing the point

    Regardless of who's quicker, who's slower, who's this, who's that, you cannot give the BB data to some non-paying, non-contract holding individual, Capice'?

    Go have a Businees Law 201 class at the local community college or order a book on Tort Law. You may just learn something valuable to contribute in the future when the next thing comes together and it is ruined by two peasants.

    In any event, fantastic luck to you and your trading, and also my the forex be with you.
    Duh. . .both Dustin and Felix are currently doing exactly same as what Safwan is doing. They are not giving out data but only deviation exactly the same as your buddy Safwan. So let's end with all the bs please...
    Perhaps you need to visit logic 101...

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    I feel it is Objectively reasonable to point out the performances of Autoclick support . I have tried RSS and Muse in news covering most of NZD, AUD, GBP, CAD and USD news.

    Objectively, RSS started out nicely. It was giving out the BUY/SELL signals in line with the DEV numbers I chose. I'd managed to get autoclicked at CAD Employment Data last Feb 9. I even see the deviation ensuring confidence - that I was thrilled.

    RSS interface is simple and user friendly. Its defintely USER FRIENDLY.

    However, RSS service degraded since then. Now I was told RSS delivered the sign 7~8 minutes following the UK CPI news, and on the ISM data. I wonder whether $2.95 demo accounts get feed?

    Payment: Credit Card
    Interface: very Good
    Speed: slow
    Insert On: Could be used with 3 Distinct brokers concurrently, Dev is published for added assurance

    Acute to know which Autoclick to utilize, I subscribed to a two week presentation Muse account. I've been video capturing my news transactions and tried comparing RSS and Muse. Objectively, Muse gives than RSS. However, news suck and full of No Trades. So I wasnt able to compare autoclick fills.

    Muse Interface is so-so. There is a very simple chat room and everybody swap thoughts and give market feelers helping out each other. But most important is that the signal speed that is quick. This is what we desire. I definitely recommmend Muse! Unfortunately, Muse dont print any numbers, just sign. That means you'd need another application (like TTN) to determine strength of this transaction. BTW. Muse also have news setting specifically for information. Trading this attribute may add delay as it will wait for all news before making any signal.

    Payment: Paypal
    Interface: so-so
    Speed: Excellent
    Insert On: Built in Chat Room

    I dont possess SNW support to compare though.

    It suck to be loed at a Third World Country where distance to the Brokers and Services equates to postpone.
    Should I proceed to NewYork? Or rent a distant PC?

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    Hi burger, I would like to know whether you are currently using some of those one-click services at the moment, and in the event that you could recommend which was the very best in your comparison.

    Thanks in advance

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    Any new comments relating to the services RSS and Forex Muse? I discovered that Secret News Weapon was closed down. . .Anybody understands why?

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    I use Forex News Gun from Peter O. from FPA. Happens to be free at the moment but it's fast enough for me in prices on the big news movers along with my broker. I do not trade every high impact news though, only those which are known to create an average of 40pips above. So I end up spiking few times in a month, say 2-3 days with higher risk (say half of the lot dimensions my balance can trade) can make as much as 100% in a trade

    So yes, news trading works in the event that you know what you're doing.

    Word of advice: Not every news need to be spiked, pick a few increase your lot.

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    What's present now

    fxnewskiller (flashnewstrader)

    have anyone made the contrast?
    Also are there some new jobs from older programmers (Felix, Dimitri, Dustin, Safwan)
    or some not public classes?
    With 8 years experience as a news trader and enthusiastic to participate or cooperate

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