Much of Forex talk is illusional esoteric talk
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Thread: Much of Forex talk is illusional esoteric talk

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    Hello guys,

    I'm not wanting to offend anyone and I hope someone can convince me my view is wrong but now I dont know what of these items, I'm reading here is really from people who have an notion about what they're talking about.
    This is my story
    I have tried for many years to be successfull in forex trading. I endured financial and personal losses due to this. I know I have made mistakes like overtrading, greed, impatience and dread. But after all. Shifting those things off, the major problem stays I dont have a profitable egy. For quite a while in my life I played poker online. Not for a living but it was a income. I knew my advantage even when I lost 10 matches in a row. So I know how to controll my behaviour IF I know that I have an edge. But that's precisely the difficulty in forex. How shall I know that? In poker I will describe which action in which situation is most often appropriate against which participant. Because I know the amounts and probabilities.
    Here in FF I read most often only vague advice like dont overtrade, use MM, cut losers let winners run . .
    All these items are most likely correct but this could be the same as saying a poker novice to restrain is mind to be profitable. That would be not enough.
    Yesthis is a part to become profitable. However, the more important part are the statistics and numbers how you should act in certain scenarios. Such concrete statistical based amounts I never read in forex? Why? Is there no statistical advantage as an expert advisor would do the job? Vague advice dont work. They simply help you in the event that you've got a egy you KNOW it has an edge. Who knows he has such a egy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Can you tell me what your entrance and exit were?
    Brief places from 1.5280s and 90s after that major drop.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Are you looking for quick trades today 6/4/15?
    No, today I'd a short position and following GBPUSD triggered new highs I moved (total 1%).
    I handle every singe day as a new session and largely focus on Japan/Europ. USA times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Short positions from 1.5280s and 90s then major drop. quote No, now I'd a brief position and after GBPUSD triggered new highs I went long (total 1%). I treat every singe day as a new semester and mainly concentrate on Japan/Europ. USA times.
    Got you-I look at Asia but just exchange London and New York. I am still looking for longs GBP USD, long EUR USD and long USD CAD. Short NZD JPY still looking good.

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