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    My USD/TRY EUR/HUF account is currently around $1700, so that's another $200 in 3 months, or about 4.4 percent per month. Not overwhelming, but it beats everything else I have tried except for DIBS. Right now I can handle a 25% drawdown easily since I'll make that much in interest at annually.

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    I took profit on Aug 5. I was earning about $0.97 per day in the time. Re-entry set out of the current range so I believed it would take weeks for it. Re-entry (3x leverage) hit on Aug 12, and shut on Aug 17 for $104 profit ($1956 balance) of that $4.32 was interest.

    Second re-entry (3x leverage) place and hit on Aug 19. Current in drawdown ($1933 NAV) and will track. Interest will be approximately $0.88 per day or 16.4 percent each year.

    The hardest thing with trading USD/TRY is knowing the fundamentals. There is not a lot of news, so there can be surprises. I think that the current change in direction is due to dollar power and will eventually reverse. The carry is too powerful to maintain a long-term bull market.

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    It's a good thing which carry account could handle drawdown, since that's what happened. Dropped to under 1600 and has slowly crept its way around $1746.

    The other system was getting quickly overleveraged so I dropped it down to EURJPY, EURUSD, and USDJPY. It crashes now and then but normally 1 pair will take off and fill a bunch of orders and permit me to take profit.

    It has been earning 20%-40% a month in 1 variant or another, and I believe this last iteration is probably the best for grabbing long multi-week moves and keeping the account over water. Gets some drawdown though - 15%-20%.

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