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    System One is sitting on about $100 of drawdown, nevertheless largely GBP pairs. When it doesn't improve I will restart this system a week.

    System Two has a combined profit of approximately $16,000, about $9000 in one account and $7000 from the other. I've got rankings, about $12,000 profit in my short negative and $8000 reduction on my side, so that is intriguing. Exotics are large contributors. Complete margin required is about $400,000, so I don't believe you could do this by less than $1,000,000.

    The hardest part of both of these ideas is determining exit, and it's probably why I wouldn't go live with either one of them. It's too hard to track this many pairs, and establishing an exit based on profit doesn't make sense. If I leave now, with $16,000 in profit? Imagine if it goes up? Imagine if it goes down? I don't have any idea if this is a place or not.

    Probably I'll keep this on demonion for a few months and see what it will. My guess is that a few currencies induce the market. Already I can see that at one account I'm short both EUR and USD for approximately $2.5MM each, and the other is short EUR by $1.7MM, short USD by $800K and long JPY by $1.4MM. My guess is that I'm trading risk aversion that tends to adjust on a monthly cycle, and so that gives me 3-4 chances to grow winners prior to closing the grids and restarting.


    My demonion JPY basket, previously closed up 79%, is now 88 percent over Jan 6 start with open transactions. It was my system to date. I'm concerned about more than trading, but far drawdown was limited to 12 percent ( that I've seen). I may place this on MT4 in which I will track performance using a system analysis EA.

    Live account is up 68% since Dec 8, using a tiny open position at a slight profit. (trading EURUSD - USDCHF, and EURJPY - CHFJPY on Oanda).

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    I like how no one is currently reading my diary. Perhaps it's because I am in in the trading diary ghetto, or 50 percent in five months is too dull.

    System one, trading a lot of majors and crosses at 25 pip spacing, is still in drawdown, about -$120 across two $1000 subaccounts. This type of surprises me because I've had success trading just a couple of pairs, I believed adding more would out things. I captured a few bad entries because they pumped up down and back again, so I want to include rethink my entry that was beginning, ceases, or even both.

    My big account egy (system two) is up $24,000 combined in both subaccounts. Used margin was $400,000 at its greatest, with Oanda's 50:1 leverage (25:1 for exotics, where I exchanged quite a few). Margin requirements would be less at a 100:1 broker clearly.

    JPY basket, 25 pip spacing, is at 3% profit with open shorts after a high of about 10% profit. I am not sure if I want to TP not or here. It looks like JPY pairs could fall more, but I am not intelligent enough to know for sure. I will probably look for a stage to TP or cut losses and reset my grids for either a fall through resistance or a pump back up.

    My dwell account is all about even because I de-leveraged my EURUSD trades because of uncertainty.

    I am most happy, and bemused, together with my system two. I can't figure out how to TP with this thing. It is not easy to monitor 50 pairs, and that is too much effort for my lazy self anyhow. I thought of a trailing stop, however I've had advice to not do that. I adjust that after , and then might place a stop on trades when they are entered. Perhaps ATR based. I only needed a $6,000 profit earlier this morning so I want to be able to ride the swings. Weekly candles would help, I believe.

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    Wish I'd kept some of those EURUSD shorts. Nevertheless, even de-leveraged as I'm my live account is currently up 77% since December 8 and accelerating. I am targeting 1.38, 1.37 below that, and then 1.35. 1.35 is the number a lot of multinationals are planning on, so if the real money is betting on that (in Airbus's instance, they lose $1BB for each .01 above 1.35) I think it will reach 1.35 finally.

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    Changes coming to my basket s. My huge account is up $18,000, down from a high of $24,000. I'm taking a look at warm spoor, although I believe I have on the course of a winner.

    The issues are thus: 1). I've got bunches of trades. 2. I don't have an exit egy.

    So here's my thoughts. I will restart this on Sunday but now set a stop egy for this. ATR seems to be the way to go because that adjust the risk level on a per pair basis. It's more work and I don't like that.

    Also, rather than taking market orders all of the pairs that I could use limits and put the trades in a breakout area. Although if it's already in a trend I would be better off with a market order, but I want to be consistent. So longs in the last day's high, and shorts in the low.

    Stops needs to be ATR related - I believe 1 ATR should be enough. Additional limits can be placed every 1/2 ATR. Check it once per day.

    Sound reasonable? Just looking at a few of the pairs I've traded, this would eradie a lot of the trades and retain me in most of the winners. I want some type of re submission rule for pairs that have stopped out. 1 ATR beyond the last submission, or something like that.

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    Oh, and I am still doing the exotic interest item. 1 unit usdtry, two units eurhuf. $2.70, making $0.57 daily interest. Account is around $1508 so it's earning 13.8 percent per year, which I'd be very excited to get anyplace else. No real rules here, therefore that I need to write something to be consistent.

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    I have a couple mistakes to own up to today. My January live profit has just about been wiped out by market moves because Friday. I'll need to appraise some choice making and see if I can adjust my system. This is a great chance to make some changes that appear to be helping with drawdown and that I've created on demonion.

    I believe my primary issue has been attempting to judge performance on a daily basis, despite the fact that my goal is a positive month, not a positive day. Because of this, my grid has been too tight and I can not manage a grid that can add 8-10 positions.

    It's definitely not insurmountable. My egy for the previous two months as always been to take profit when price reaches a ledge, and I left my own transactions running. After I found myself hoping for the very best I realized that my plogical mistake and closed all transactions and orders.

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    Even I've doubled my live account as of now.

    Closing all trades, patting myself on the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Even after several stupid decisions on Friday and Monday, I have doubled my live account as of now since December 8.

    Close all transactions, patting myself on the back.
    Have a pat on the back from me too dude, still confused in your method so continue going please.

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    Hi Turveyd,

    Thanks for after. Live account process is easy. I made it even easier this week.

    If I'd a hedging broker, these are the principles:
    Short trades each 20 pips below price at 1:1 leverage.
    Extended trades each 20 pips above price at 1:1 leverage.

    Short trades each 25 pips below price at 1:1 leverage.
    Extended trades each 25 pips above price at 1:1 leverage.

    Oanda does not allow hedging, therefore I pick two highly correlated pairs and brief among these and long another. I may adjust the JPY leverage to 0.75:1 each order, since they all move together and if you get going the incorrect way the margin usage goes up.

    I can try this on an MT4 broker which permits hedging to determine when going long and short in precisely the exact same pair works as well as what I do in Oanda. I believe that it will work better since your margin use goes down in the event that you wind up getting trades going both ways.

    Today's leverage attained 35:1 and used nearly all the margin I began the trades with, so that I really had to shut the entire thing down and start over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello ,

    Thank You for after....
    Anytime , still confused as a confused thing, but its been a very long tiring week so don't even attempt to explain this week

    Just keep doing what ever your doing!!

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