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    Hi there!

    Here is the Straddle Script I use to trade news. It's a culmination of many months of Live Accounts trading encounters with numerous brokers from slow to fast brokers and from repair spread to changeable spread brokers.

    To set up:
    1. Save and download EXPERTS/SCRIPTS folder. This is a Script, not it is so saved by EA .
    2. Permit Allow live trading as shown below
    3. Permit Allow DLL imports as shown below
    4. Check your computer's time setting. You ought to have correct TimeZone to execute this script. You are fully synchronized with a reputable World Timer.
    Some people today claim they could not get to install this script; it wouldn't show up from the Scripts. Odds are, your MT4 platform is corrupted; reinstall your MT4 platform and try again. If you cant get it to work nonetheless, try it with a different broker. If that still fails, then try it with a computer that is different. I cant help further, if that still fails. The instructions should be simple to follow.
    Do not bother opening this script with MetaEditor. This is spread not mq4, as file.

    1. Trade with 2 Straddle Sets.
    2. MaximumSpread limit to prevent getting filled by spread.
    3. OCO (One Cancel Other)
    4. ) Auto Delete untouched Orders after News Time
    5. Accurate tract of period; can't be fooled by Server Time mistake
    6. Modifies and preserves distances of orders to current prices prior news.
    7. Trailing Stop ith MaxTrailingStop
    8. Fast Abort Function (auto eliminate pending orders in a single click)
    9. Speedy
    10. News Feed

    There's a Yellow hitter on the Monitor. Here is the PANIC/ABORT button. Simply DELETE this Clock, if by any reason you want to abort BurgerStraddleScript and the Script will abort, deleting all of Pending Orders. This can be done at any moment. Best is to receive this Clock chosen immediately once it pops up (as shown above). In this manner, simply hit the DEL keyboard key and it'll abort in one key stroke.

    BurgerStraddleScript displays a number of information: Risk/Reward, Time, and News Data. Script check your computer's time rather than the Broker's time. In the event you change/modify your personal computer time, it will have immediate influence on the Script. Addition to BurgerStraddleScript is the News Feed. It requires 2-15 seconds to fetch the numbers however; but it beats being blind. This part is experimental and has lots of space to grow.

    the majority of the above variables are self explanatory so I will discuss the not so obvious ones by explaining how it works:

    1. When it is implemented, it will wait for time to place Orders. This is described as SecStartOrder seconds before NewsTime. For most brokers, specify anywhere from 60~300. DO NOT set it lower unless your broker is fast! Be informed that BurgerStraddleScript will place the orders at distances. DO NOT BE ALARMED! In my experience, Placing Orders is slower than Modifying Orders and so , I programmed it to set the orders and rely on modifiion to bring it nearer.

    2. After placing orders, it will wait for the time to Modify the orders. This is described as SecModifyOrder seconds before NewsTime. It will keep the orders in distance in the current prices after it until the defined NewsTime. Finest SecModifyOrder is 10~30 based on the speed of your broker as well as the volatility of these prices prior news.

    3. Once NewsTime elapsed, it will delete everything should nothing occurs. Or delete the order which isn't filled. If TrailingStops is set, it will trail the orders.

    To disable Trailing Stop performance, simply set:
    * SecTrailingTime to 0, or
    * TrailingStop1 (or TrailingStop2) to 0, or
    * TrailingStop1 (or TrailingStop2) to exceptionally large numbers, or
    * Set MaxTrailingStop into a very large negative number (ie, -50, -100, -200).

    As of v3h, a MaxTrailingStop is included. MaxTrailingStop will Quit Trailing Stop from moving beyond MaxTrailingStop. Example:
    MaxTrailingStop 10
    Buy @ 1.9725
    SL @ 1.9700
    Price moved up and SL is moved up too. When SL is at 1.9735, it will stop Trailing.

    Example: I want it to Break Even
    MaxTrailingStop 0

    Example: 5 pips locked in profit
    MaxTrailingStop 5

    Example: Attract SL into -5 pips from Entry Price and dont move over
    MaxTrailingStp -5


    As a general rule, MinDistance lt;= OrdDistance lt;= MaxDistance; OrdDistance is the distance in which, during Modifiion period, BurgerStraddleScript will place the orders at said distance. Once an order get closer than MinDistance, script will change it external to OrdDistance; if an order get than MaxDistance, script will change it inward to OrdDistance.

    For ordinary use, simply set these three factors equal to one another. There's absolutely no number here - it is trader's discretion. Most commonly used values are 10. MaxDistance = OrdDistance 1 and Finest result is to set MinDistance = OrdDistance-1.

    This variable protects you in spread widening. In the event the broker widens more than MaximumSpread, BurgerStraddleScript will ABORT and delete all of the pending orders.

    On brokers that doesn't expand distribute, or is known not to expand spread, you can put this to equal the spread of this currency pair. However on brokers which does expand spread, now this is a issue. You can disable MaximumSpread by setting a large number or provide it a few which you're comfortable with. Best is to put it equal to a StopLoss-1: MaximumSpread = StopLoss-1.
    Here are the options:
    1. MaximumSpread = StopLoss -1
    2. MaximumSpread = Current Spread one
    3. MaximumSpread = really large number = disabled MaximumSpread
    4. MaximumSpread = (Current Spread StopLoss) / 2
    Once an order is filled, MaximumSpread is futile. MaximumSpread is a defense before the news spike happens, not during, not after.

    NewsTime is any of the following arrangement:
    Inserted Code 8:30 8:30:00 8:30:05 #91;I#93;5 seconds after 8:30#91;/I#93; 2007.03.21 8:30:00 6:45pm #91;I#93;18:45#91;/I#93; 12:30GMT #91;I#93;refers to 8:30AM EST#91;/I#93; It's of utmost important to have your own computer's time entirely synchronized with a World Clock into the exact second. But of course, you have the option of compensating the period of news by choosing 8:43:58 or 8:28:12 or 8:32:56 instead of 8:30:00. I like to TimeSync my computer clock. How hard is it to sync your computer's time? Is it illegal to possess an accurate time?

    Since Metaquote has fixed the Time Bug, NewsTime is now back in Local Time as of v3g onwards. But, it's still possible to specify GMT time (12:30GMT) however will be converted back into Local Time (aka computer's period ). There's a minor bug: 12:30 refers to 12:30 and 24:30 to 12:30 PM, 12:30 PM refers AM is PM. So take care when using 12 O'Clock, not to specify PM.

    * NewsTime is back to Local Time
    * NewsTime can take in GMT time (12:30GMT) and will be converted back into the appropriate Local Time
    * NewsTime can use PM suffix. Ie, 8:30PM = 20:30
    * NewsFeed
    * Does not perish on Demo Accounts
    * NewsFeed removed to reduce lag; NewsFeed is separated into an Indior.
    * Introduction of MaxTrailingStop
    * ShareWare version

    BurgerStraddleScript can be employed on various charts in precisely the exact same time; however should you do so, you're effectively flooding the Broker's server and MT4 will respond back (retaliate) by simply putting your account in Trade Context Busy which efficiently LOCK OUT your account for several minutes.

    When in Trade Context Busy, you can't change orders, can't open positions, and cannot close positions (unless they shut on its own via SL, either TP or Margin Call.)

    DO NOT and I repeat Don't run multiple BurgerStraddleScript to execute at the Exact Same time on the Exact Same Currency Pair, or different Currency Pairs.

    BTW. This isn't a BurgerStraddleScript bug. You will experience the exact same thing. If you attempted to send multiple orders to the broker in precisely the exact same time (flooding the server), your account will be locked up. So running EA/Scripts that puts lots of orders can and will lock you out!


    All instructions will be written in this page.

    I also include for download, my Market Info Script which you can use to determine the Spread and Minimum Distance allowed by your broker for the particular pair. Before setting my Straddle disperse and to know the distances I use this. Its much.

    Made available for download also is my execution of this FFCal. This BurgerCalendar is an indior. So download it. It fetchs News schedules and display the Time and News (period is in Local Time); nonetheless experimenetal but fully tested on several news today. You can move the display to any loion on the chart by shifting the BURGER FOREX FACTORY CALENDAR title to any desirable loion on the chart and everything will conveniently vae that Upper Left corner to utilize for additional Indior/EA/Script. This Indior can coexist along with other indiors/ea/script on precisely the chart.
    BTW. I found a bug wherein it would not load up new schedules. The current version availble for this problem has been fixed by download. There exists still A nagging bug. As it needs to, it could not fetch the true number. Perhaps due to the internet cache problem?

    Comment1 and Comment2 are always written onto your orders. You can alter these remarks everytime (ie, US NFP Apr 6) and they will be listed on these orders. It's usefull to know how you did back then and to keep track of every trades you do. .

    Version: 3i.
    Burger Calendar Indior version 1b (2007.04.28)

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    Hi I wish to know whether there is some variant

    the hamburger straddle script for MT5

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    hi where I can dowload the script?
    On the initial page I have only seen files to download
    Archivos Adjuntos
    https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...goin-live.html 1 KB | 3135 descargas | Subido 02 de abril 2007 03:02
    https://forexintuitive.com/forex-tra...l-gbp-usd.html 20 KB | 2494 descargas | Subido 28 de abril 2007 15:22

    but the Burger Straddle Script where?

    Okay here: Burger Straddle Script v3i
    Attached File
    https://forexintuitive.com/attachmen...7293551198.ex4 26 KB | 762 downloads

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    CNY Caixin Flash Manufacturing PMI 47.0 47.6 47.3
    Traded AUDUSD using a pleasant 22.3 pips. FXDD superior account. Establish file attached.


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    NZD Trade Balance -1035M -875M -726M

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