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    Hey everyone, (first off. . Dont hesitate to leave a comment. . Opinions wanted!)

    Going to discuss using a top indior to scalp some pips!

    Our top indior (a whole stochastic) WHAT!?! Let me clarify...

    My initial setup is two time frames 5M and 1M
    (example given so long. . Reverse for brief )(also see article #17 after studying this for better entry)

    just need a whole stochastic (5,3,3) on both time frames. .

    Entry Steps:

    1. Look at 5 min chart searching for over sold sign, or buy sign leaving the oversold area

    2. Look into the 1 second chart complete stochastic and find a buy signal (doesnt matter where it is (but avoid overbought area)

    3. Place trade and grab 3 pips!

    Do you see why its top? . . Heres examples that are simple. .

    The 5 minute turning over giving a buy signal would be lagging. . Its showing momentum from a few minutes and your buying on a lagging sign. . but! We didn't wait for that lagging sign we used 1 minute to provide us a top signal so we purchased when momentum was actually building on the 5 second chart...

    Goal of the thread: If other have identical achievement Test this method with 16, I would like to see and we can create a solid system.
    Overall this procedure seems to provide a high likelihood edge over scalping pips letting you get in and out quickly with higher momentum as its happening.

    Thank you,

    PS: (see article #17 after studying this for better entry)

    heres two charts to provide example. . You can see if I tried scalping on 5 min chart I would have been waiting some time for pips. .

    Its not about grabbing lots of pips but grabbing trades with higher likelihood of success for continuous gains

    example is not precisely the best to demonstrate how it prevents you from whipsaws but its a decent example. .

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    Hello newyear, are you using this technique for scalping? It appears reasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello newyear, are you using this method for scalping? It appears reasonable.
    Sure looks attractive

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    Very interested in finding a system for ranging markets

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi newyear, are you still using this technique for scalping? It looks reasonable.
    Its a bunch of bullshit. . Do not waste your time with broker port provided unless you really know what they aren't and indie indiors foundations your trade around it. .


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    Hi all...

    this trick will be work if. . Combine with bid ask spread trading flaws and blended candles. . I've try it. . For a while... from scalping 3-5 pips, it will goes to 20 pips per entrance if u are blessed... very frequently...


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