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    O.k this is my new journal I have asked to have my other diary binned as I got sidetracked and wanted to stay on track with a single means of trading.

    -I trade only the London session mainly round the available and a few hours after

    -I mainly trade the hourly occasionally can be 4hr or daily I use another entry occasionally for 4hr and daily which is a v pattern you may see when I post charts of this what I am talking about.

    - I use a couple of indiors but just fractals and I've been recently looking at the volumes and am still deciding whether I need it I can trade with no but it may help me filter slightly more. Also I sometimes stick 24 sma on the chart or 22 sma for daily when the transaction goes the intended direction and need to track a stop 24 is clearly for 24 hours and 22 is the trading days in a month.

    -I trade breakouts. Could be the breakout of a trap pub or inside pub could be an engulfing pub does not matter long as I can judge which ways its going.

    -IF I don't find a setup I don't trade that simple I am not likely enter a trade without the odds in my favor.

    -I just trade aud/usd gbp/usd and eur/usd

    don't hesitate to post here with me and assist me with my journey and perhaps I can help with yours.

    I will begin posting charts after 4pm aest if any trades come my way and im in my computer.

    regards damien

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    commerce #1

    gbp/usd entry 1.5794 prevent 1.5828 3 lots

    will cut 2 lots at risk 1:1 and allow 1 lot run for anything it gets

    regards damien

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    Could be a dodgy day as big motions happened all day will see how it goes

    regards damien

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    I smell something fishy im gunna get out at break even if possible

    regards damien

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    Ok im out until I see whats goin on rather have a small loss than a large one

    regards damien

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    Can anyone watch the patterns?

    regards damien

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    commerce #2

    eur/usd entry 1.3159 stop 1.3144

    lets see how we proceed

    regards damien

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    Stopped out oh well keep losses little let profits run to trade another trade lol

    regards damien

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    Kinda knew it would fail the bar wasnt a strong to push up

    regards damien

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