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    I am seeking to create a pair of automatic trading strategies, but I want to verify that they'll really work together with the pricing anomalies of my current broker, MB Trading. Does anyone have (or know where I could obtain) a tick-by-tick history going back at least a few months?

    While the MBT historic data is probably a long shot, I'm also curious to discover a good (and preferably free or low-cost) historic data source to be used at egy development. It would be preferable to have at least 5 decades of data, and 10 or more is greatest. However 10min or 5 could be adequate, Concerning time-frames, 1min would be ideal.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I am certainly eager to share any successes I've with the systems I develop with the community in exchange for your help with acquiring the data.


    P.S. For the interested, I've a background in biomedical engineering with a focus on computer applications and systems. I've some experience with machine learning (neural networks, bayesian learning, decision trees, etc) and a strong programming background. I took a rest from forex the past few months, but might love to re-approach it from an objective standpoint and endeavor to find some order (or at least a profit ) one of the chaos. Like most traders here, I have had my share of ups and downs in the market, and while I exchange some news and/or bank flow information, I'd love to refine a more hands-off approach. In case you have any ideas you'd like to share or talk about, do not hesitate to shoot me a PM.

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    Hi, should I download the tickdata from duka / eareview but I am using a different broker: would the indiors/oscillators levels become those instead of my broker?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello, if I download the tickdata from duka / eareview but I am using another broker: would the indiors/oscillators amounts become those of duka's rather than my own broker? Thanks!
    Indiors calculate using price data. If you're using price information from dukascopy not the broker the response is yes. BTW - I urge SQ Tick Downloader to dl lots of tick information.

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