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Thread: Drawing correct resistance and support-lines

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    Could someone post display on GBPUSD and GBPCHF with fashion line for now?

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    1 quick update before I am leaving.

    Always having faith in your lines pays of from time to time;

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    Salam to all into muslim and hola!

    Hi guys im new in here but ive been performing Currency Market market for almost two years with ups n downs...

    that is tha trading style that I use and ive been stick with it for so long and finding this thread is great! Charge to thread newcomer and also many in those who give valuable inputs. .

    I am going to giving high priority in this thread and will share my expertise and also taught as well. . Currently, im performing cable and geepy...

    at last nite for GU, I be able to ch fall after price breaking the trendline at 2.0100 and shut at 2.0061 and just soon when london open another break up into the north and I buy at 2.0095 and reaching goal at 61.8 fibo at 2.0155

    overall: market 39
    buy 60
    =99 pips. . Number is it!

    im done for today...


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    GJ J crazy going with Long
    LOL, sometimes I want I don't have to sleep...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    LOL, sometimes I want I don't need to sleep....
    See My Last Article # 541 of the thread 2-Hours and 30 Minutes Ago where I stated GJ Seems to be angry whilst going Long. . .Coz In 4-hour chart the candlestick movement was in my favour to go long and that was the sort of trade where I was sure about my entry and I was also certain to locate the chance to go long through 30-Minutes chart today view it did... More than 130 Pip's transfer up is listed. . .My Today's successfull trade, sounds good week for me so far... I simply proceed Long when I visit the apportunity to go long in 30-Minutes chart.... See the screenshot... I locate the apportunity to go long in 30-Minutes chart. . .while at 1-Hour 4-Hour chart the fad was in my favour...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    LOL, sometimes I want I do not have to sleep....
    Hahahha Well appears time to go short in GJ now for short trem short trade....See the 1-hour chart

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Lousy trade experiences are indeed very important to draw lessons from. Searching pass to see exactly what you've done is also equally significant. Personally I believe it important to review winnings more for the following reasons...

    -It is depressing to keep going back to feel and examine everything has gone wrong like going through bad experience when isn't bad enough. Most individuals wouldn't possess the mental aptitude to correct. Why is it that you believe problem gamblers keep repeating their cycle of losing if they have known better?

    -Modern thinking in performance improvement has advoed that mental replays or creativity of winning before stepping into activity enhances results tremendously in regions like sports. In trading it is tough to envision exactly what you've done wrong because you still have to go through pain which is not what we're designed 32, and correct it.
    If runners envision themselves crossing the finish line first ahead of the gun goes off, if golfers envision themselves picking up the trophy the night before the game. . .should't we do the same?

    -Folks have a tendency to condemm themselves for their errors, condemnation does not help in trading or any other endeavours. What helps?
    Seeing what you've done right provides you with the guts to trade every day.

    So spend your weekend studying errors, but spent more time looking at these profits and think how you can increase them. Then examine other people's success if you don't have some. Be a joyful trader

    LOL, u reminds me of Wallenda effect and laws of attraction. . I don't think gamblers review their losses. There's nothing unless you are talking abt card counting or poker to review in gambling. Maybe mahjong. But u have stated, problem gamblers. .


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hahahha Well seems time to go short in GJ today for short trem short trade....See the 1-hour chart
    Hello Umairs, are u considering the reversal candle at 1hr chart with long wick occuring near daily R1?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Really good excuse!

    Unable to post @ upcoming London session because of other difficulties Good luck trading guys/girls
    Thanks, still learning though. . Haha enjoy your off trading interval


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