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Thread: Drawing correct resistance and support-lines

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    yea, I close half of my positions and shift sl to BE when I saw price stalls at fibo 50.

    Well done! I am not taking any more positions before usdjpy breaks over 104.15.

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    GJ update, 1h.

    I add; I've a significant dejavú at the moment. When I purchase this fork like lines, price will sooner or later examine lower portion of it. I hope that I am wrong because I am pretty tired of the 203.50-205.50 place now lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It is correct?i draw today.
    A guideline ; if a line is analyzed two times, they are probably valid. Based on that information and how I draw my lines (in the beginning of this thread) you've got the answer

    This is what I see on aus/usd;

    Price reached high of station onto both 1h and 4h.

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    I suppose u took profit currently?


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    Can you draw res and supo ? I want to compare with my chart which I posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I suppose u took profit currently?

    Closed half of the rankings. Gonna open more when we brake above 104.15 on usdjpy (first on usdjpy then on gbpjpy when the situation seems right).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    can you draw res and supo on eurusd 1h? I would like to compare with my chart which I submitted
    I really don't have any upgraded lines onto eurusd (gonna wait and find out how price reacts to weekly service around 1.5353 and hopefully form a top there). I'd 1 chart posed earlier now should you look back several pages. It's broken but it may give you an idea how it may be drawn

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    When you find a candle with tail do you consider the candle or the tail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    when you find a candle with large tail do you think about the tail or the candle?
    I do, if it appears logical. This way include more of the market swings. But if a few significant news affected/provided this tail/shadow I would not. I believe this is a question of private option. I have not seen failure in any of those 2 approaches but I favor such as shadows.

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