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Thread: Drawing correct resistance and support-lines

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    On cable, I really don't see much support until 9615 area. Really heavy examine

    works well, sometimes the easiest approach is the very best approach! Time will tell.

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    Ok, thanks anyhow. I believe she turns down after UJ bounces from 108.15, well, if it stinks. Cable is turning. So 212.40 might be a fantastic amount to go brief, if she gets that large.

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    Have done some EW launching myself, but only using AB=CD pattern and on 1h-4h chart supported by Fibonacci drawing. So my comments on a chart could be unworthy.

    As we talk, price is pushing more powerful for north. I am not taking any places unless this explode up to 213 (short position) or going down to 210.70 area. And of course if price break resistance, re-testing it, and continue its tendency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Ok, thanks anyhow. I think she turns down once UJ bounces from 108.15, nicely, if it bounces. Cable is turning. So 212.40 could be a fantastic level to go short.
    Yeah looks like UJ gonId turn. Its struggling with 1h resistance and also the down-side start to appear tempting IMO.

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    Here's my cable chart, rebounding from resisting tl...

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    On cable, I do not see much service until 9615 place. Really heavy examine

    works well, sometimes the simplest way is the best way! Time will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Here is my cable chart, bouncing from resisting tl...

    Excellent resistance, I'm adding that to mine 1h (have reinstalled mt4, and so I lost all of my lines( sadly ).

    By the way, if price set above london pivot on cable (.9666), I'll cancel my shorts and begin looking for upside opportunities.

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    GJ: I'm looking for a short around 213 place, based on 1h resistance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yeah looks like UJ gonna turn. Its fighting with 1h resistance now, and the down-side begin to appear IMO.
    Broken. Appears to be more bulls. Whether online is currently turning into support, let us see.

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    Hi all, jus wanna discuss a view on GJ. Attached is a daily chart of GJ since nov.. First we have a triangle, and then a down break of the triangle, followed by a retest of the trendline in the triangle that support turned into resistance. Trend continuation. What occurred next is that the following triangle is formed and it is close to a breakout shortly. Will history repeat itself breaking downwards of the triangle?or maybe a upward? Btw I draw on my nickname out of line chart.

    Aspire to hear ideas and remarks from traders out there!


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    there's a good change to brief cable, it just crossed the encouraging tl... euro is moving into the south also...

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    Had to alter GJ's yesterday EW counting (that is the issue of EW, you are never going to know if a counting is right, just afterwards - or maybe it is just my lack of experience, duh?) And it now looks okay to me. There's 1 A-B-C missing between 5 and A, wanted to save some letters...

    If GJ would be in an uptrend, we ought to count down just utilizing 1-2-3 pattern, but as I believe that she's ranging, I'm going to try again do the 1-2-3-4-5 count. Let's see how it works out.

    2 and 1 are already in place, and 3 is likely somewhere round 211...

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