Are you willing to share your poor/ bad/ loser/ lousy system?
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Thread: Are you willing to share your poor/ bad/ loser/ lousy system?

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    Are you prepared to share your : poor /bad / loser / lousy / system / procedure / etc

    because from there we can discover to avoid it ( or the way to manage it )


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sorry if I overlooked anything significant
    ooops.... This might be just one

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You understand, martingale is actually a theoretically winning strategy, it merely requires unlimited funds.
    Um,this is not true,

    but its little brother pre martingale does actually have a positive expectancy in mathematical stochastic probability,the problem being theirs no discontinue stage!

    If such a stage may be found with understanding then such a Individual would have the elusive holy grail

    until then we must continue to study things which dont work

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    if you would like to look back (into 5-29 for example) and say none of it
    means anything, you're probably right.

    It is all perception.... Only a method out of tens of thousands

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