Today was a hard one, with lots of trading and lots of positions. Some went well but I wound up with a profit and that is what's important. One:

I attempted to exchange the USD/CAD since I anticipated a surge in momentum like I saw some days ago after a breakout. It did not happen and since the movement was too slow I got to break even.

The EUR/JPY one went better with most trades giving me a profit only after the pullback (which makes for really tense moments...)

I also made a little trade about the EUR/GBP only on momentum after breakout. In retrospect I should really have re-opened after the pullback but I was not paying attention to the currency pair anymore.

Then I left home and when I return I saw a really nice breakout on the GBP/USD. The movement was done and the pullback was occurring so I decided to ride it. It went high, but as soon as I was satisfied with today's profit I ceased trading. I could have made profit with this, but I am fearful of getting overly-enthusiastic and connecting just before the correction.

As a side-note I will say that averaging down seems to be helping somewhat. When things start to go wrong I take it like an chance to combine again on a much better price and with this thought I await the price to start moving again in the perfect direction and then join. It's risky though, since you raise volume and that increases risk, but I have saved a template of 0.01 lots to add to positions in this way and this really is small enough not to raise risk that considerably.