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Thread: Trading is like (a)chess (b)poker (c)checkers (d)roulette?

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    Positon dimensions with CHESS figure title:--RRB- and bit of money managment.

    Account installment: 3000 base currency, Leverage 1:10
    0.01 lot -- pawn
    0.02 lot -- rook - no SL (similarly rugged street )!!!! Down
    0.03 lot - knight (hedge 0.03 vs 0.01 then SL(0.01)lt;TP(0.03) where TP(0.01)=infinity or atlist TP(0.01)=3*TP(0.03)
    0.05 lot - bishop - don't play against trend with it
    0.07 lot - queen - trailing stop
    0.1 lot -- king -- scalping

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    Interesting question. I believe that it depends on what your theory is on how the market acts. You might say roulette, if random walk. If you think in markets possibly chess.

    I believe markets nowadays are manipulated by large players such as central banks and autonomous wealth funds. That's why I'd state (b) poker, where the manipulators would be the deep piled players at the table. The rest of us would be the small stacks trying to remain alive.

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    Can it be about how to win at chess, checkers, poker, blackjack, backgammon?


    who'll win chess, checkers, poker, blackjack, backgammon or whatever?

    Why make it even more challenging than be a spectator?

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    Trading is not chess.
    In baseball match you've got one opponent. In trading the whole market is against you. It is unpredictable, no matter that everybody try to examine it and to find a regularity. When it looks like you exchange rule-based, in actuality, you're just guessing.
    So, trading is similar to gaming for sure.

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