Do you have the balls to Lose, But not the balls to Win?
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Thread: Do you have the balls to Lose, But not the balls to Win?

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    How many traders on the market commerce like this;

    1) Fund account after defining egy.

    2) Make a collection of trades and a small profit (generlly 1-2 transactions per day, your losses will be smaller than your wins and what is good).

    3) Have a losing streak and start trading more (working harder).

    4) reunite cash lost

    5) return to creating a series of transactions and profitable again

    6) Have a losing streak and exchange more

    7) In trading more, have yet another losing streak including to the losses.

    8) Now in a pit where the negative expectancy of your actions make it very tough to get out of.

    In other words, you have the balls to Lose (by trading more harshly after taking any reductions ) but not the balls to acquire (maybe you make a small win and call it a day since you don't want to be greedy (but really it's that you fear giving back what you have made).

    If you think about it, you're l playing Russian roulette with your account because on your actions you're letting the possibility of this losing streak to happen and then be inserted to. But from the winning series you're cutting it short and restricting your profits.

    Another way of looking at this is that you're expanding your attempts whilst you're in bad shape, or the market is not in sync with your egy. And restricting the attempts in your good shape.

    Or. . You're letting your bad form cutting and run your great form short.

    It is perfectly natural reply, all be it a hazardous one, however as you can finally seeyour actions are creating a negative expectancy and it is only a matter of time before the dreaded equity curve dive.

    Anyhow I exchanged this manner for a number of years and have always wanted to make a thread about it. It is really interesting if you think about it.

    The CURE? Perhaps if there is any interest, that can be an additional post. But for now just a ramble.


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    I hope im not off topic. . (then I apologize)
    I was curios about you tread title, I readit is come within my mind this:
    The paradox of choice:
    Why more is....LESS!?!

    Inserted Video

    the key of hapiness:. . .low anticipation!
    God !
    Is supplying'choice' is an often used strategy to manufacture the sensation of having freedom when you don't
    (Pepsi/ Coke.... Democrat/ Republican . . .etc).

    . . .some posts:
    #1 the way to#65279; maximise freedom is to maximise choice Not correct. The best way to maximise freedom is to be allowed to assume responsibility for your life.
    This speaker seems to be pushing communism.
    #2 . . .This stupidly large diversity, is not giving us more choice more in relation to the illusion of more option. His purpose is that these aren't the choices which should matter, and we must create those which matter more important. . !
    #3 . .How about when you have#65279; these choices and have been trained to think your options are restricted?
    #4 It's not a matter of need. It's an issue of desire. You're right that we do not need 400 kinds of cars. But if you take that seriously, we do not even need any automobiles. You can#65279; utilize public transportation for almost all of your requirements. If you want larger or a different type of vehicle, you can rent it.However, as free individuals (my edit:what is this?!) , our needs dictate the what the market can supply. Therefore, if I need a different fashion than you, the market can supply it.
    #5 I'd played all my old xbox games but dropped odyssey. I really, really wanted to play with it, but it was late, so I waited. I was going to play with the#65279;game the next day, but for some reason I chose to go to the shop. I bought a lot of games and never played with them. When I had time to play with them, I couldn't decide what to perform, so I went on amazon and bought a lot of books. I wound up with a ps3, and more than 15 games I have only played a couple of, not including books and other items. !

    And here a much better one (my favourite ):
    #5A smarter individual, when given a big assortment of alternatives, will likely find out more about the subject till they are convinced they are choosing sensibly, while a less intelligent individual, that likely doesn't care just as much in the first place, chooses what is easiest. I guess that raises the question: ' are #65279; smart people better than less intelligent people?

    And also to final I option to post here and I choice to copy/paste
    . . .ok. . .im finish. . .but was not my. . .choise !

    All the very best to all.

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    I like Mark Douglas too

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This type of situation happens all of the time. Its basically the fallacy of being in control and that you're some how accountable for the result of a trade. A profitable trade can only happen by the actions of other traders. Not your actions. If we agree a profitable trade can only happen by the actions of other traders (you buy then AFTER you trade other traders also buy placing your position into profit) then we could observe we totally depend on other traders to get profit. As we can't control or predict what other traders will do with any...

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    Interesting movie and theory Bfree thank you. I believe there's something in that relates to the subject, just fighting to put my finger on it at this time. I can relate a lot to the Everything was when everything was worse idea.

    Great vid anyway... And so true.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello! I hope im not off subject. . (then I apologize) I was curios about you tread title, I readit is come within my thoughts this: The paradox of choice: the secret of hapiness:. . .low expectation! God one! Is offering'choice' is an often used tactic to manufacture the feeling of getting freedom when you don't (Pepsi/ Coke.... Democrat/ Republican . . .etc). . . .some posts: #1 the method to#65279; Enhance freedom is to maximise choice Not correct. The way to maximise freedom is to become...

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    Losing streaks they they go the question is how often would they come how to get ready for it. Just how much losing streak your machine can have?

    Answers are here

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