Beat brokers at their own game - trading round figures
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Thread: Beat brokers at their own game - trading round figures

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    The very best indior ever invented is that the eyeball that was human!

    Robots may not and won't ever conquer the human eye for spotting trends.

    The easiest way is to trade how brokers trade - by hunting stops!

    Humans LOVE round figures, and traders have a tendency to trade round numbers, so simply set your trades /10 pips either side of a round number!! (round numbers are believed in 100 pips)

    Say #/$ is 1.53056

    Therefore round figures will be 1.5300 (to 4 dp)

    therefore you would set your next BUY in 1.5390, with a SL of 20pips, TP 20 pips


    BUY 1.5390, SL 1.5370, TP 1.5410
    SELL 1.5310, SL 1.5330, TP 1.5290

    for currencies like #/yen with - Say the current priceis 135.67:

    BUY 135.90, SL 135.70, TP 136.10
    SELL 135.10, SL 135.30, TP 134.90

    If you're really inclined, you could setup 5 currencies, together with buy and sell signals (take around 5-10 minutes) then come back next day and find out just how many came off!

    Remember - this is working on human plogy - it only works because HUMANS are creating the trades!!!


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    Haha jhig, you're psychic. Thats my stop figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Oh it is not exactly what they say, it is what logic states. People do not usually become top level work in the business or get invited as guests on mainstream financial news stations and newswires when their opinion isn't worth something! Boris has existed for some time although I suppose that there are exceptions, he is a household name in the biz.

    Besides that, I think what he says makes sense and also in the end of the day that's all that matters to me personally.
    What Boris says doesn't make any sense and is in my opinion entirely BS.

    Can he prove where and where amounts stops getting hit?
    I doubt that.
    He simply talks about this round amounts. Lol

    I.e. stops mainly getting triggered when much more sellers came to the market however, it didn't drop any further.
    They were absorbed by the big men.
    The pros drive the price higher and activate stops.

    Yes there are ways to make it observable.

    That's ONE instance and a person with basic understanding of market structure will have the ability to spot that sort of divergences with the ideal tools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What Boris says doesn't make any sense and is in my view totally BS.

    The pros drive the price higher and trigger stops.
    Lol, you appear to be arguing with yourself !

    When you say it apparently it makes sense but if Boris says it it's BS....well, oooh-k then

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    ....but if you are putting a leveraged commerce with a retail Forex broker, it isn't heading from the Marketplace ( unlike a commerce of 500 stocks of Apple that must have a buyer and seller to complete a transaction ). Your retail Forex trade remains within the electronic confines of this retail broker you are using. The futures and commodities markets have always invited shady characters on both sides (market maker and trader) who find ways to control results.

    In the late 1990s the personal PC and applications platforms had evolved into such a very operational state, and the amount of personal computer owners had triumphed and market makers weren't oblivious to this, because they were using computers for their trading for quite some time. Now, the man could begin to play around with short term.

    And, in the past, a few unscrupulous brokers surfaced, especially since retail Forex came together and caught on, because there isn't a central trade (which manages and documents each transaction for each security). A Forex data feed has been the most nebulous of the markets back since the numbers did not come from a fundamental trade. There were many bizarre situations which happened to newbie retail FX traders using newbie FX brokers and cease hunting did happen within the limits of the broker's intranet and no singular datafeed. We used to compare datafeeds from retail FX brokers and be amazed at the variations! There was some wiggle room for brokers to extend the limits. However there were also traders who didn't understand the first thing about trading and they were easy prey for marketing campaigns out of brokers offering an unthinkable 500:1 leverage (think: yummy cheese and mousetrap). These were the very first to cry out Stop Hunting my Stops.

    Now that the CFTC has sprouted a few teeth (thanks mostly in part to the many Forex sc the previous 10 years) many of the unscrupulous brokers have scurried back to the shadows to contrive another shiny scheme. However, these things have occurred in all of the markets and in all of the exchanges where someone else plays your cash for some time (your deposit) or lets you play with their cash for some time (their leverage); because the very first humans offered some meals in exchange for something of worth.

    The huge banks around the world, which manage the trades for government purchases, importers and exporters, hedging of producers, etc. will be the movers in the FX marketplace. Round numbers are fine in such trades. Each one the retail speculator's trades combined is a thimbleful on amounts or the quantity of currency actually exchanged. Since datafeeds have improved the broker's manipulating the data has drastically reduced, and will continue to become more transparent.

    If you want to feel safer about your ceases being hunted by your broker, trade contracts on the CME and leave the retail FX brokers behind (you may also depart from the sexy 100:1 leverage). Beware! There are sharks because swimming pool.

    Jeez, I only intended to write a couple lines in reaction and got carried away because of the apartment Friday market. Must be the coffee at 4:00 am, as I await another intervention by the Bank of Japan's, because they know where the stops have been within my mini account commerce....


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    There are 2 egories of traders:

    who follow the herd and also believe in what they have been educated from the press,
    and others who make their own mind and discover out how it actually works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There are 2 egories of traders:

    who follow the herd and also think in what they've been taught by the media,
    and many others that create their own mind and find out how it really works.
    OH GOSH eventually someone will inform my stupid ass the truth!!!

    Please tell us more!

    Btw can I buy your radar?

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    Just so everybody is clear - Boris was and for all I know may be paid to write these posts to get a broker!

    From his own bio:

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In 2004, Boris joined FXCM and helped start the firm's FX Eduion initiative.
    So knowing that a lot of his egies were concocted to get a broker, wouldn't it make sense that the broker knows about this egy and if they're in fact stop hunting they can just blast through the stops on this egy as well???

    But hey, draw your own conclusions...

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