A jump to the beginning - chaos and market forces
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Thread: A jump to the beginning - chaos and market forces

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    This post will start with a lot of questions, is there a way to minds that are alert?
    Imagine if everything is energy, what if what's in a state of continuous vibration?
    Imagine if issue is a effect of this shaking?
    Let's jump into the train and go back in time, what if in the beginning there was order and then chaos began to appear here and there?
    Can you imagine the light turning on and off thus like order turning on and off?
    I can see this whole world as a war between order and chaos.
    It's like a big flame that gave the beginning to everything and everything is connected, what is sharing this unique force which was the daddy of things (that is not a religious concept).
    Imagine if this force is what controls our life, our choices, our thoughts, our immagination and even our trading?
    Imagine if price rises since there is this unseen force?
    Imagine if I say that price is the representation on a 2D chart of this unseen force?
    Imagine if this force works on multiple dimensions and it appears here and there in unknown point in time?
    A lot of questions I know, however, that is how I think.
    Imagine if our manner of thinking is the result of this unseen force?
    From 1 thought to another one as from 1 order to additional and between orders there's chaos.
    Picture yourself walking on a stairway, each measure is order and each movement that you do from 1 measure to other is insanity.
    You're constantly in order, when you start and when you arrive but it is another order, it is an order on another level and how can you arrive there? Going through insanity.
    Allow me to add more wood into the fire.
    Imagine if this unseen force doesn't know time, doesn't know yesterday, tomorrow or within a few minutes, what if it is not time dependent? If that is accurate and if this unseen force governs trading, why are we utilizing timeframes, why are we attempting to catch and close this power in boxes (time)?
    Imagine if this unseen force act consistently enjoy the flow of a river?
    Please read carefully since I am not saying this is true or untrue, I am not saying what other people thinks is wrong or right. I have left food for ideas. Somebody will not and someone can take it, we're humans and we all live on the ground but our ideas are on different dimensions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Regarding that wave perspective of markets from the beginning of this thread: Things I do not yet get is when we could actually talk in terms of waves. Waves have been characterized by at least two factors, the independent variable'period' and an dependent variable. At the FX market our dependent variable would be prize (it could either go down or up ). However, if we assume that time does not exist in trading, the use of the expression wave is not appropriate. Additionally I feel that this wave thing is just an analogy which helps to understand what alexx90 CP...
    Time-bound looks unreliable, from your point of view. In any case, any egy that on basis of characters, patterns, and perhaps even the waves (if the wave is regarded as a figure) - a cyclic repetition of the market.

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    Time-bound looks undependable, from your point of view. Whatever the situation, any egy that based on characters, patterns, and perhaps even the waves (in case the wave is regarded as a guess ) - a cyclic repetition of the market.

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    Moment is caused by Movement in distance as mentioned before. Maybe prize moves in cycles. Not. On the other hand, the prize-time (time characterized by decoration movement) appears to be substantially different from our physical worlds standard time...

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    1 1 = 2. . .or 3. . .or 4...?
    Have you ever been to a restaurant, then eaten a meal which you believed AMAZING....only to return the next time (or even a third time) to see that the specific meal you had before. . .is entirely different? This isnt exactly what I had last time!?, wtf What happened? Same ingredients dish.

    My girlfriend is amazing cooking, somehow she simply appears to make those meals from scratch which leave me baffled.
    I say to her I know exactly what you did, however, whatever it is keep doing this. . .dont change anything....and write down it

    Then you've got me. Leave me guarantee no two'exact' foods to taste the same.
    In fact, id say at least 20% of my foods are burnt or tasteless, no matter if I follow her directions with the exact ingredients.

    Im not surprised most nights where I cook food we end up heading out for a meal. . .either that or eat lemon chicken with batter and overcooked rice.

    If you hear someone playing a guitar unplugged. Can you distinguish between various chords?
    Do you know the difference between a minor and a major? Would you notice the gap by hearing it or by seeing it?

    Ever played guitar before? If not, try it. I guarantee your finger placement will be'off'. Just like me at the kitchen.

    Every input, has an outcome. However, not every output is the same.

    Since somebody like me cooking not receive the'exact measure' per ingredient correct, nor the timing correct when cooking.
    Since when you visit this restaurant which serves your favorite meal it may differ as a new chef has came, or maybe'brand' ingredients have changed.
    Because when you try a minor you may end up placing your fingers incorrectly....even slightly. . .which makes the noise'off'. . .maybe even chaotic without a rythm.

    Variations within an input, create variations in its outputsignal.

    You see, my girlfriend never measures ingredients when making a meal from scratch, so she simply states a little of this and a bit of that. . .taste it. . .adjust. . .taste it. . .adjust.... As a result, you receive a mess in the kitchen . Their is no objectivity discretion. And my discretion concerning taste buds lacks a lot.

    However the fact remains that if you know the correct input, you receive the correct output signal - So 1 1 will actually become 2.

    But remember, all it takes is a small variation and you are back to 1 1 = 3, or 4, or 5....

    Inserted Video

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1 1 = 2. . .or 3. . .or 4...?
    Reminds me on CPs announcement on Newtonian physics at a quanta world.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    However the irony is that in the event that you know the appropriate input, you get the correct output - So 1 1 does actually become two. But beware, all it takes is a slight variation and you are back to 1 1 = 3, or 4, or 5....
    Thank you for your movie. It is an amazing one.
    However, you assume the market to be deterministic? And do you link that Newtonian announcement with those vibrations?

    I think we all could agree or accept that markets consists at each stage in physical time of down and up elements (e.g. because of the disposition and perception of each single trader). Based on that assumption, my thought was to create an indior that may measure how many down and up vibrations. Perhaps a starting point may be the identifiion of down and up tick speed. It could be a 2-dimensional dimension of current markets volatility (current means compared to a reference point that defines the reconciliation period).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Reminds me CPs announcement on Newtonian physics at a quanta world.
    I do recall (and agree with) CP's article, though my goal was to not replie his message.

    That I can only speak for myself and not for anybody else, but do consider that every one of us looking in the exact same advice may take a different message.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    However, you suppose the market to be deterministic? And do you link that Newtonian announcement with those vibrations?
    Life itself is deterministic - birth, growth, maturity, death - 100% deterministic.
    Yet at the exact same time we never all pass away in the statistical age of 80. . .do we?
    For all you know ('god' forbid) I have an crash tomorrow crossing the road.

    Like I said before, everybody takes away another message from any certain info and a lot of this is influenced by our biases.

    My announcement is linked to how all my market signs falls within 4 distinct quadrants (force), and each quadrant includes a consistent behavior, which then can be broken down to subegories all with their relative behavior (thus the movie ).

    However, at any given moment I could still get hit by a bus, right?

    Anyways I want to disagree this thread.

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    Great discussion here. When I read it and made some study I find things that are interesting. If we want to jump the beginning we have to leap to.... Historical Egipt.

    It's interesting that this old civilisation already knows about principles which drive todays market.

    All goes over and belowe..., not rests..., move in rhythm... As Alexx previously mentioned...

    Read and ask yourself about laws of nature which are all about us and as it appears too in fx market.

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    Not certain, who are you, but what you are sharing should not be available to the general public!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm Dropping the Bomb Pick a couple: 1 year 5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years 25 years 50 years 100 years 500 years 1000 years Some trader explained that 1 year old back-testing data isn't enough... the longer the better, he says. I asked him about 5 decades of information? He replied, Well, 10 years is good. I added, How about 20 decades? . If we've got 100 decades of information, Better still, it will be good. he exclaimed. I then replied, Fuck it. Let's go for 1000 decades of information instead. He rolled his eyes, shook his head, turned and walked off....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This informative article will start with a lot of questions, is there a better way to alert minds? Imagine if all is energy, what if everything is in a state of vibration? Imagine if matter is a result of this vibration? Let us jump to the train and go back in time, what if at the start there was order and then chaos started to appear here and there? Can you imagine the light turning off and on thus like order turning off and on? I can see this entire world as a war between order and chaos. It's like a major flame that gave the start to everything...
    Have you been talking of'no free will'?

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