quotOnce in a Blue Moonquot (R2R spinoff)
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Thread: quotOnce in a Blue Moonquot (R2R spinoff)

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    Edit2: Altered benefit from 7000 percent to 2100%. 7000 percent is how much higher reward is compared to risk.

    A spinoff of Rags 2 Riches in 10 or 20 trades thread.

    Having just recently closed out profits on a commerce with a net reward of 120x of this stop loss, I believe it is appropriate to share this too.

    ESPECIALLY since there are a few HUGE trades setting up in the upcoming few weeks, in which you may have the ability to take advantage of this.

    My latest success was with all the EURJPY long to 145 from 135 (120x realized profit compared to stop loss). My stop was 10 pips and I gained more than 800 pips (no I was not utilizing 300:1 leverage).

    Here's a basic template everyone can run with.
    If $30 is a sizable stop loss to you, you ought to return to your own 9-5 and not look at trading till you've got a few grand to mess around with.

    Balance: $100 (0.3 lots)
    Leverage: 300:1
    Stop Loss: 10 pips
    Risk: 30 percent
    Take Profit: 500 pips
    Bonus: ~2100 percent of balance (7000% higher than risk)

    Added Rules:
    -Add 20% to initial lot size every 100 pips price moves in your favor.
    -Doing this will increase your net take profit by ~30%.
    -The downside is it will decrease your BreakEven point, but not considerably.

    Trade 1 - Risk $30 profit $2140
    Trade two - Risk $700 profit $49000
    Trade 3 - Risk $14700 profit $1.02mil

    Example: 0.3 lots x 500 = $1500, 0.06 lot x 400 = $240, 0.06 lot x 300 = $180, 0.06 lot x 200 = $120, 0.06 lot x 100 = $60

    Total = $2140

    If anybody finds a broker which offers 300:1 leverage to account balances over $100,000... let me understand.
    Not that you would wish to be using this level of leverage. It's just that to continue this trading once setups you will need to do this with leverage, which is wise.

    Still, I believe I've heard of brokers offering 300 lot trading to accounts with only $100k, but honestly none come to mind.

    Edit: Posted a chart of a currently busy once in a blue moon position. I told you guys trades formed.

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    This thread was hacked and there's shit popping up attempting for me to download (virus)

    I'm gone out of FF. Knew this would happen.

    Admins delete .

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    1 trade 100 percent gain one installment 10 percent risk

    no edit or filter don't say I never did nothing for anybody

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1 trade 100 percent gain one setup 10% risk no edit or filter don't say I never did nothing for anyone image image
    If you wished to do something for somebody you may explain that you trade powerful areas is S/R by way of confluence using horizontal and diagonal price places, and add to your winners momentum... You may also explain how using a 5 second chart for these areas is harmful if you do not take into account the larger picture.

    . . .And everything you did above was establish how simple it's to post a screen shot, presentation, hindsight, $10 equity... Who cares. .

    But you're ok Owl, I see ya.


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    very posible. . .but youre calculate incorrect

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