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Thread: Too Many Lies In The Forex Trading World!

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    Dear Traders,
    I have observed with time that theories about trading are for concepts attraction. You won't ever be able to earn real money obeying them. I wonder why. All the EMA crossovers are lies, Oversold and Overbought are lies, the use of stop-loss to minimize weight loss is really a lie. I could sound wrong but that is my observation. You have to do something different!
    The bottom line, You can never make cool money obeying 95% of those forex concepts. Please traders discuss your experiences with us and let's rub minds.

    Hahahaha. I adore this thread. I believed I was the only one who believed that way, those things are what the big guys use to slaughter the little men on a daily basis, it is like playing hide and seek and the other individual has his eyes wide open and can see where everyone is moving, they think they are hiding but they are in plain sight only waiting to be picked off. Everything you need to do is attempt to hide where the very least people are so that you can be ignored.

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    Just a fast one fellas, isn't is true that each and every FX trader starts off with some kind of egy which resembles scalping. It begins with fun, remaining in fromt of the chart 24/7, get all of the action bla bla bla
    Now. I hate scalping, an excessive amount of action is usually not a good sign or trading egy, and I don't feel comfortable remaining in front of a chart more than 15 mins/every two or three hours!
    What egy you began off your FX adventure men and what egy did you wind up with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I understand this case 7 decades ago, this really is broker game. I understand a big secret on trading which why I always win
    What huge secret? I PM you to learn more may?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote What big key? May I PM you to learn more?
    I whant to know the secret also

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I whant to know the secret Also
    I'm Convinced this Trick has a price attached

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Dear Traders, I've observed with time that all theories about trading are to get theories sake. You can never make money obeying them. I wonder why. Each of the EMA crossovers are lies, Oversold and Overbought are lies, the use of stop-loss to minimize weight loss is a lie. I might sound wrong but that's my observation. You must do something different! The main point, You can never make cool money obeying 95% of those forex theories. Please traders share your experiences with us and let's rub minds. Regards Happy Trading!!!
    The reality is that all programs based on indiors are futile, they could produce good results for short span, but in the long run they will fail. Ema cross really means nothing, it is just cross of two indiors Overbought or oversold levels could be usefull when you think of shutting your position, never to open new one against powerful fashion. You can make profit only if you exchange PA and make conclusions based on market situation. Follow actual money, be aware that market is manipulated by large banks, get experience how, when etc.. The only way to become profitable is practising hunderts of hours demo, then begin on actual account with small capital (although not to small, since you won't treat it and make dumb trades simply to have some amusement ), then if you are constatntly profitable begin make money on larger account. Finally, trading with no stop loss is craziness, since you can't handle your own position. How could you know what's 1 percent risk in case you don't use stop loss? STOP LOSS IS MANDATORY IF You're NOT GROUP OF BANKS THAT MAKE ALL MOVES ON MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I am sure this trick has a price attached
    I feel the secret is the price itself
    How much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Profitable formulas are stored as a key. Just see how many men and women are ready to share or sale systems across the net. They would like to do it it? Since it doesn't do the job!! If it worked they'd earn money from it instead of given it off. In the real world nobody shares anything, than you go to financial sites where you are supposed to locate the most aggressive people in the planet and sudelly everyone is prepared to share their holy grail. If it doesn't sound suspicious to you personally, I am sorry but you deserve to be lied to.
    TRUE!!! All systems that are being sold on the market it's crap. If you do not believe ask vendor for confirmed account on Nearly all of EA's are crap and even if they still work they will stop shortly. All magic indiors crap!!! And the best part, I have not found any coaching FX program yet where so called ace could demonstrate he makes any money. Straightforward andvice, do not buy anything if vendor does not have minimal one-year verified by third party account. Many of these people today read a lot about trading, but could not find way to earn money on trading, which they began to sell magic indiors, EA's, methods or instruction progr.

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