Too Many Lies In The Forex Trading World!
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Thread: Too Many Lies In The Forex Trading World!

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    Dear Traders,

    I have discovered with time that theories about trading are for concepts sake. You can never make real cash obeying them. I wonder why. All the EMA crossovers are lies, Oversold and Overbought are lies, the use of stop-loss to minimize your loss is a lie. I might sound wrong but that is my observation. You must do something different!

    The bottom line, it's possible to never make cool cash obeying 95 percent of those FX concepts. Please traders share your experiences with us and let us rub minds.

    Joyful Trading!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Anyone can earn favorable returns in trading forex. The problem is that this yield is not enough for many to live from trading. Most profitable trader's returns converge to around 8-9%/year over the years (which is a bit below the stock market average). Sorry but that is just the reality. The more market cycles you're exposed to the not as likely you'll be always right in adjusting to market changes. I mean how much yield would expect from a company that is this effective with this much competition.
    Thanks I feel heavily at peace with adhering to stocks! Lt;although practising in FXgt;

    Meantime when I can be profitable in FX using exactly the identical amount of cash that I do in stocks I will make the major change.
    . .until then

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    Forex trading is a real money making venture. However, you need to stick to the market to generate money from the market. However human plogy consistently wants to forecast the future. I don't believe you can do this accurately with all these indiors. So you need to learn to surrender to the dictates of the market and you will earn money. I guarantee you. But if you let your self deceive you into thinking you could accurately forecast the future, then you are on your own. The market would penalize you. Happy trading.

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    Here's an unpopular opinion:

    if you would like reality throw your money into the market and figure it out. You'll be amazed the number of 1,000 webpage threads and programs here (on all forums, actually ) are conducted by IT professionals and college students on demo accounts. If you want reality, then go risk suffering massive losses. If you want truth, do not waste money on courses or indiors; squander it trading. The losers on forums will tout that Forex is a scam and full of lies. The winners (for the most part) are trading tiny accounts or demo accounts, have been around for years, and their sole claim to victory is maintaining a thread on a forum that lasts more than a year and a post count that makes you wonder if they even have enough time to do any analysis.

    When you are in business for yourself, there is no limit to the amount of people who want to tell you how to do it, typically in exchange for a fee. Learn by doing. It is easier. If you fail, and can not find it in yourself to get back to the horse, then you are in the wrong business. Come to terms with it. The only thing traipsing forums will get you will be too much unnecessary information or an excessive amount of misinformation. In any event, it really makes running your business more difficult. You'll constantly question yourself, you will constantly question your strategy, you will constantly question your broker, and you're going to constantly question the market.You won't get rich fast - in the slightest. No one here will help you get rich fast - if anything, the reverse will happen. There's no holy grail; no indior will help you get rich. You'll never predict the future with 100% accuracy. If you do this a couple of times, do not get your hopes up. It isn't as complied as you believe. If the right way to do this was on the internet, everyone here would be rich. You'd be amazed what you can achieve with perseverance.

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    Who cares if you are being lied to. Do what makes sense to you. Always do what makes sense to you. If you trade and you don't know why then you will gradually learn why you should not. I don't lend money to individuals if I don't enjoy or know their reasons for wanting it. If I know and encourage there reason then I GIVE it away. Either they make good on their aims or they don't. Either way I'm fine with it because it's what I've decided. If you can trade like that then your on your way to locating your inefficiency.

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    Profitable formulas are stored as a key. Just notice how many men and women are ready to share or sale systems over the net. The reason why they would like to do it it? Because it does not do the job!! If it worked they would earn money out of it instead of given it away. In the real-world nobody shares anythingbesides you go to monetary websites where you're supposed to locate the most competitive people in Earth and sudelly everyone is prepared to share their holy grail. If it does not seem suspicious to you you, I am sorry but you deserve to be lied to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If it does not sound suspicious to you personally, I am sorry but you deserve to be lied to.
    Words to live by. Seriously.

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    All warfare is based on deception. - Sun Tzu

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Forex Currency trading is much more like an illusion. When you realize the laws of illusion everything gets more-less obvious. Assumed truths and lies of/about forex is just one inseparable layer of the whole puzzle.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    All warfare is based on deception. - Sun Tzu
    Quoting the two remarks that nail it. Do not take them as unwanted remarks, since illusion and notably deception have negative connotations associated with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Forex trading is a real money making venture. But you need to follow the market to make money from the market. Human plogy wishes to predict the future. I don't believe you're able to do this accurately with these indiors. So you need to learn to surrender to the dictates of the market and you'll make money. I assure you. But if you allow your self deceive you into believing you could accurately predict the future, then you're by yourself. The market will punish you. Happy trading.

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