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Thread: Call for Regulations regarding Liquidity Providers

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    Interesting webinar I stumbled some time back from ICMarkets with Angus describing sign, information flow combined with'look' with bank quotes reserving the right to remove the quote, around news events with forex. Might help open some eyes why not to use MT4 for news trading and banks have complete control.

    The most intersting I found was around the 23 minute onward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote My concern just. That is the reason it took seven years to get Bernie Madoff to become exposed and that he exposed because his two sons eventually went to the police. If they had not, his Ponzi scheme could be running. Financial trading has gotten complied and very extremely technical. Those authorities, IF they really wish to do something regarding the practices of those big banks, they want technical advisors to help them to understand what they do. Really they wouldn't be effective in what they would like to achieve. Plus they...
    Uncovering shady( useless) traders is not easy as knowledge of the true nature of the markets is sparse. Trading is a necessary evil in an area that few know and to try and control the poorly known is a futile exercise. Capitalism is a hard game of survival. The egy is to understand this game inside out.

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    First regulator looking into trading and price issues linked to SNB catastrophe. Let us see how successful and competent they are in adjudiing and solving the matter.

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    Regardless of what the outcome the system needs better regulation, and I am glad to observe these proactive moves by authorities.

    You can not just add your personal prices to the market!

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    Come on, haven't you heard about the illuminati? Stuff like that will take place again for sure and it is nothing compared to what is coming. That is why it seems funny to me when people compare trading to companies or job.

    It's a game....enjoy it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    come on, have not you heard about the illuminati? Stuff like this will happen for sure and it's nothing compared to what is coming. That's why it seems funny to me when folks compare trading to other businesses or regular job. It's a game....enjoy it is.
    I have heard of Illuminati as I have heard of Santa Claus. Trading is what you make as of it. Then it would be only a game to you Should you make trading for a match. Some people treat trading such as gambling trading will be like gambling to them. I handle trading as a organization.

    Exactly like every business, there needs to be regulations to curtail unfair dealing, and Retail forex trading is no exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I Know of Illuminati as I have heard of Santa Claus. Trading is exactly what you make as it. Then it would be only a game to you, if you make trading for a game. Some people treat trading like gambling trading will probably be to them like gambling. I handle trading as a organization that is serious. Just like any business, there should be regulations to curtail unfair dealing, and Retail Foreign Exchange trading is no exception.
    Don't get me wrong, for certain I wonder if someone was to make considerable profits like 10.000% and withdraw would the brokers actaully pay him the cash or would there be another topic on FF talkin about a scam.

    As for healing trading as job or business....well I'm sure the big boys are laughing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks. Leverage reduction FIFO were introduced in because a lot of novice traders were overleveraging utilized hedging as an excuse accept losses to ensure that has been regulators' way of protecting them regulations = taking away liberty, so that's not surprising. It took away opportunities from those traders that were using those features responsibly, I think self-regulation is your ideal regulation as it does not involve forcing someone else. And you're absolutely right in that the more we understand the markets, the more we understand...
    Quite true. Life is not always fair. It's a series of challenges that strengthen us as we all learn to deal with and overcome them. Character and a wisdom that allows one to see beyond tomorrow.

    People who undergo.... Do. The ones who don't.... Teach. Those afraid of this challenge? Seek grandma's to maintain their hands and guard them. They will never see beyond yesterday since they call for items that ruin tomorrow for the rest of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Do not get me wrong, for sure I wonder if somebody was to make serious profits like 10.000% and draw will the brokers actaully pay him the cash or would there be an additional topic on FF talkin about a scam. In terms of treating trading as business or job....well I am sure the boys are laughing
    Well a broker who does not allow people to draw their profits IS a scam. We will get them exposed on FF, complain about them to receive our cash back. The broker will be closed down by the body and we'll proceed to the next broker. It's only part of the business. And sadly part of our company is vetting the brokers that people are going to have business relationship with is honest. And yes there are lots of people who DO exchange trading. And when these big boys play by the rules instead of manipulating prices and participating in unethical trading practices, our company would be lot more successful.

    In effect, what has seemed to have occurred is a massive #8216;requote#8217; at the market. Mainly known for occurring between retail brokers and their customers, the table has been turned with brokers getting word from banks which some of the transactions with them have been cancelled. A letter to customers from one of the largest bank examined by Forex Magnates, said that #8220 issues#8221; took place throughout the price fall and executions might not match that which was reported by their own systems. The outcome is that brokers who had filled customers, might be on the hook to get those trades with their counterparties after viewing trades with banks repriced due to first rates #8216;being from the market#8217;.


    Within an extreme example (that influenced at least two brokers), Barclays had filled EUR/CHF market orders in 0.065 (no excess zero) while at the exact same time EBS was quoting its session low of 0.85. Technology suppliers that Forex Magnates talked to corroborated with examples of their clients. Businesses did say that Barclays and other banks finally did provide some price improvement, but to levels below that of EBS#8217;s low of the day.


    Institutional traders and buyside members have noticed an influx of banks utilizing last look practises to overpower their clients. One trader who commented on the basis of anonymity stated to Forex Magnates: #8220;Quite simply Banks are getting the largest last look , typical of the market today, they enter a risk market and when it goes against them they fail to honor the transactions. #8221;

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    Forex trading is a high risk investment vehicle, it is quite volatile and unpredictable, it is our job to safeguard our investment using suitable risk management approach, nothing is certain in this market and it isn't LP's mistake.

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