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    I financed another account a few weeks ago and have lost 62.22% since May 13th. I have likely lost because 2011 in the region of # 3k and still I make the same mistake again and again. That mistake is MM and standing dimensions and of course the dreaded anger trading.

    I see myself like a fantastic analyst of price nevertheless constantly permit a full stop loss to be hit and never let a winner run.

    It actually hurts writing this as I could see the issues I make and vow never break them but then if I suffer a loss I load up and gone.

    I know these are my issues and just I can resolve them but I am going to start to diary my trading to see if that helps but also would like some constructive criticism from profitable traders should they see something glaringly obvious I am doing wrong ahead. I would really appreciate some input if you can spare the time to assist a fellow trader attain their objectives.

    I will not be going back to demo as I still have a whopping #400 from the account so I believe I simply need to learn how to decrease my position dimension that's around 1-3 lots and start to trade between 0.10 0.50. This way I still feel that the emotion of funds that are actual and build some stricter rules into my approach.

    I shall work with support and resistance and I like to sell retracements and buy dips in the direction of the 4hr trend taking entries of 1hr or 15m charts. I like tops and bottoms and areas of stops in accord with the trend.

    I shall trade Eur/Usd and Gbp/Usd pairs mostly but will also look at Usd/Jpy and some additional pairs from time to time.

    Please do not post clear flaws I have mentioned previously that are directly from the text book, the theory side I know but have the trouble in technical side and I don; t t mean that to sound obnoxious as its not as I really want the help and support that a forum provides but it would be great when I place analysis and transactions and the feedback can come from that? Again not wanting to be rude but there are many noobs or non-profitable traders that provide textbook advice but don't actually follow through with it and so it sounds condescending - for that reason you wont see me offering anything like other people on the forum though I will remark on their charts and where I presume price may be headed.

    As said above #400 signifies I will look to use 3% per trade so really I shouldn;t even be starting above 0.40 on my positions.

    I really do welcome your inputs and assist so don;t be shy - I want to have it - I don; t t want to be - I want to be a winner!!

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    Started the day searching for sells and took the sell at 15602 if the early morning push failed to make new highs. Got lucky on the exit as initially wanted 50pips but got 60 with all the manual entrance using a 20 pip stop.

    Price is currently retracing so will search for another sell back under 15553. I will most likely stop trading now if we get back over 15580 afterward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Started the day searching for sells and took the market at 15602 when the early morning drive failed to make new highs. Got lucky on the depart as originally desired 50pips but got 60 with the entrance with a 20 pip stop. Price is currently retracing so will look for a different market back under 15553. If we reunite above 15580 I will probably quit trading. image
    Favorable reward to risk.
    Keep it up - and you will be back in the dark soon.

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    Update, the account has been growing well over the summer and autumn and now into winter. Currently I'm 78.8% and that has been mostly through being more disciplined in taking profits and cutting losers with a physical stop.

    I have continued to exchange only in my bias and I am far less busy in the market than I previously was that has meant I'm waiting for the setups that I know continue to appear.

    Strategy for this year will be to continue with this particular system in trading in 1 direction and buying or selling the retracements with great R:R and risk management. I start to incorporate more pairs too along the way too but maybe not in any large volume until I have traded them for a few months.

    Hoping to continue the progress into 2016 and beyond.

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    The 3 keys to trading are plogy, risk management and patience. If you are in a good place mentally, willing to wait for the RIGHT setups, have risk management and risk to reward, then you should be profitable long term.

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