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    3Sets_with Xmess wkly monitor [V38]

    Not posted for some times but I had sworn to post several sets and of course about the ccfp-diff using Ea xmess with this event.

    I have been practising with Mt5 and currently learning some more platforms other than the usual mt4, since
    I want better charts Tf friendly, like the one similar to theforexintuitivesite... so I have been studying a couple
    of platforms and obtained more into Semi-Naked Chart Action, where I do not have to utilize Ea's or fancy indiors_
    Today I feel like sharing those setups, and I cannot use these systems on other platforms not to mess
    my Computer's as well_ , until a fantastic soul will convert them of course_

    I'd formerly said I was not playing anymore ccfp-diff using the Ea because of wrong trades being accepted by the EA once I was picking
    particular settings for the Ea and so I began to utilize them on Eax only and they had been successful there too_
    However xmess created a new [v38] EA version which for me is the best and acts the way it ought to when deciding to carry
    pairs not doubled rather than opposites_

    Here were some of the articles to describe how trades and pairs ought to be taken from the Ea:
    Tests created to check if conditions in the Ea where changed, and some messages sent to xmess
    Xmess provides us a much better and more reliable version the [v38]

    Thanx to hard work and tradition candles I have had a better understanding of the various Ccfp Time frames
    contemplating of course when the Bar is utilized or the Current or the Ma's proportions of Ccfp_
    There are 3 systems posting now and each utilizes some type of TF's for ccfp-diff

    These 3 setups I have used them Live after so many changes on Demo and lots of trials and errors
    Are they magical ? ,, eh-eh not of course as the market can destroy any perfect Ea and blend
    but by recognizing a bit the dynamic of markets and also the second of the markets they are able to profitably being used_
    I'd put them originally one by one, place 1 only, or place 3 only .... And then all together on precisely the exact same platform
    (Having all 3 of 'em, it will slow Mt4 down from the way, nevertheless reduce bars to 1000 eliminate useless Indis you have in folder
    cleanup a bit Mt4 and all should be fine)

    What I wanted really was to make a system made of Ccfp's and xmess Ea that when brought togetehr would give me an hedge
    and even when one of the setups was shedding, I wanted the other two earning profit so when checking at the end of the afternoon
    I would observe some equilibrium . . When I talk about Equilibrium I don't mean the consistency that is the gap between
    winning and losing trades or the fact that . . 'The setups did well this week Monday-Wed-Fri (30 trades optimistic) lots 0.01
    and final week did nicely on Wed-Thu (25 trades optimistic) so overall is moving nicely,,,
    and everything about the losses ? Which if they're significantly less than the wins in numbers of trades, they are larger than the optimistic ones
    if this makes sense_

    Therefore I dont imply equilibrium in that sense _ that is the math for the kids,,,
    understanding the type of market and what Ccfp is reading according to what's really happening is what interests me and I am certain
    with time a lot will realise that overly_

    All these Setups are utilized with 3 other Instruments
    -The Eax using all the [Multiccfp produced by jaisis] not too poor, but also losses that turned into win !? (more about that later)
    -The Eax using the [MixplugIn produced by Sam] better results_
    -The [Xmess wkly Monitor]_ different results if looking to set the Ea by viewing the market what it did the day before_
    These sets, isn't magic of course just a different kind of lottery for those who prefer it to call it that way
    but for those who follow simple principles of understanding ought to be fine_

    I've used these configurations with Xmess Ea weekly Monitor on few Betas versions ...
    recall the old 37.7.7 ? I had been having more profits than losses too with those Sets and tried again using all the new versions that Jess made afterwards
    the 37.8 (Betas 1-13) same substance. .
    The v37.9 (Betas 1-5) same substance. . _
    and tried only a couple of Betas for every version only to find that the Ea had still the exact same behavior, and so I left Ccfp for couple of months....
    . . .until one day Xjess produced my most loved version the [v38] which finally Permitted to take pairs the appropriate way
    and without getting them doubled in order to utilize certain set up of the Ea

    Next Article I will combine all of the necessary for you to get started_

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    3Sets_with Xmess wkly track [V38]

    Alright here we're __
    Pls read attentively follow directions and all will be working fine 101% about the setup process_
    In every one of these Folders Posted / 1_Cfp30H1_H42Mtf / 2_4H4Based_1Mtf / 3_2DH4H12Mtf. Tpl
    there are 6 files

    Example for folder (1) 1_Cfp30H1_H42Mtf
    -xm7_Ccfp_Wkly_TradeMonitor_v38 (goes in Expert folder)
    -EAX_PIN_FF_CCFp-Diff (goes in Pin Folder in Indior Folder) read below what this means
    -EAX_PIN_FF_Mtf_CCFp-Diff (goes in Pin Folder in Indior Folder) read below what this means ...
    -Xm_v38_Wkly (Preset Folder) this is the place for your Ea just
    -1_Cfp30H1_H42Mtf (Template folder) This is Tpl for your lt;Ea along with the Ccfp'sgt; on the same chart
    -1_CfpsOnly_Cfp30H1_H42Mtf (Template folder) This is an optional tpl for your Ccfp's only (no Ea) in case a person wants _

    lt;lt;lt; 2 Notes about putting files in the right folders along with the Tpl will not work _ gt;gt;
    These 2 indis :
    will be the same as the CCFp-Diff_[v2.0] along with also the CCFp-Diff_[v2.0-MTF],made by Ferrux_ they provide exactly the same signal. .
    It's just they are Pin version and publicly made by Sam and I had used them already_
    in case you do not need to use them you can still utilize the CCFp-Diff_[v2.0] / CCFp-Diff_[v2.0-MTF] and you need to copy the sets on them
    or even leave everything how it is and all works fine_

    Concerning the Pin Folder
    These two Indiors as they're Pin version (which means they've been adapted to work too on Eax Dashboard to see its signal
    I store them in a Pin folder placed into indior folder_
    Therefore you can visit Indior folder create a New folder and title it [Pin] and toss both inside the Pin Folder_
    should you do this manner the Tpl will work, and if you put them by mistake in indior folder then when you load my Tpl
    you'll find an error message ... so pls recall they go into Pin Folder which you create inside the Indior folder_

    Apology but I don't have winzip so maybe someone could convert them out of rar to winzip
    Any probs let me know fine _
    Take care

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    3Sets_with Xmess wkly monitor [V38]

    I didn't use it for couple of months and before posting I did some trials Friday
    to see if all was working well,, got those screenshots here . .
    Only luck or else ? Worth a try and pls using the condition I mentioned before
    assess the market type, don't repeatedly set the Ea and setups just to get greens at all price
    stubbornness can cost money, understanding and get to know the setup how they function comes first _

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    3Sets_with Xmess wkly track [V38]

    Where else these setups can be utilized

    -With The Eax using the [Multiccfp created by jaisis] not too poor, but also losses which become win ? (more about this later)
    -With The Eax using the [MixplugIn made by Sam] much better results_
    -The [Xmess wkly Monitor]_ discrete results if appearing to place the Ea by seeing the market what it did the day before_

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    3Sets_with Xmess wkly monitor [V38]

    How seeing charts and levels in which the Market pairs are at, may get
    if not better results , at least prevent a significant DD
    Knowing comes first. .
    Randomness is going to be there but we could avoid it by getting the eyes to watch _

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    3Sets_with Xmess wkly track [V38]

    Some more Details for a better understanding, based on what I experienced _

    After rules of common sense and understanding of the market type can certainly make a better day. .

    **Simple rules of common sense could be for example if you put the Ea on Mon at 7.15am or 11am anything causes you to feel
    comfortable ... and you see so many reds... (on Demo of course) then chances are that if placed on chart again on Tuesday
    the scenario likely to be the contrary ... and greens will appear . . Try and you're going to tell me better_

    **After Big News for example do not use the daily and H4 and apply this hourly-mix only because signs will be read
    by the Ea and reversed in the event of reversed signal... xmess Ea has that option too, but maybe not the [v38], not yet_

    **If your purpose is to play them on live, then have them on a demo account too and watch them just like
    a digital basket to discover early sign or changes_

    ** Additionally having replied to plenty of messages I realised how people play with this hinges demonion with one broker and then if they go on live
    they use their broker which differs from the demonion broker, and that is not so right,, very best to use the same broker on demonion
    which is the same for your live_
    If you happen not to want to possess the identical demo broker the same as the live one, then try to obtain those smilar ones who possess the same feed
    by comparing_ For example in case the live account is broker X then assess the feed and similar signs using Mt4 broker x-w-y . . And compare
    so that you know that if demoing a system that particular broker is going to have the identical feed as your live broker_

    **Additionally after the Ea has obtained all trades based on the signal of your chosen ccfp pairs you should actually see pair by pair
    exactly what the amounts of retracement are and search for potential End swings on the H4 and the D1 charts to get an idea
    it ought to be performed before putting the Ea and exclude these pairs which you get a negative feeling with, and it's also
    potential doing this by developing a listing in the ccfp-diff but dont know how many will have the patience to do this_

    ** You will find quite a few more rules that you may follow to avoid pitfalls and I am sure with time practising
    they'll be simple identifiable_ The fundamental is to get a sense of the market situation getting to know your setup
    understanding the fundamental of ccfp candle formation Bar/false/true Ma etc ...

    ** For those undecided playing it on daily weekly H4. . There is no course better placing and when enjoying the weekly the
    results might be instantaneous if one is fortunate enough that the market is going the same direction of the suggested ccfp-diff candles
    calculations and if not, then weekly need to wait for a bit more_

    However, can we perform this way ? With this type of only and Randomness hope and expect all will be OK ? I dont think so !
    YOu need to ask yourself one question? How do you feel when placing the Ea on a chart? Can you feel convinced
    it's gont create some profits or do you sense to plead and maybe, just perhaps all goes well . . ?

    Lt;A word on Consistencygt;
    for people who have been long time and practised difficult, and for those who have known the Real significance of Consistency
    you will know that this word is just an illusion, (if in Auto) simply because a daily or a weekly sets, whetever sets, cannot
    provide any consistency unless the market and the signal of Ccfp happen to be the same as the previous winning trade and the losing trades
    will be less than the winning trades of course_/ The winning Ratio in Auto, is not so friendly_

    pragmatic when playing Automatic cannot exists with Ccfp-diff and with some Ea, unless one can control
    what is occuring in the system by looking at charts,
    it's called a Set and Forget System , however one ought to Remember and To not Forget
    the Market it's still there with its levels and Supp Res ...

    Therefore for example thats how people lose cash,, they have a win and they decide to kinda double the lots on another occasion
    without understanding which sort of market it had been_
    Were all of the pairs or virtually all pairs signalled by ccfp-diff going
    in precisely the same direction of this market ?
    And till what point?

    ON the afternoon and the timing of placing the Ea, Was the market in a major turning point for most pairs
    instance turning from South to North and N-to-S and the candles of the ccfp-diff
    were giving signs of reverse direction ? Therefore using a major DD, and which makes you closing the trades
    simply to find out that minutes after the market turned back_?

    This sometimes happens . . In all of my trials I have done, I used other's posted sets and of course my sets which I thought were my very best settings
    and saw them winning in some specific days ,, lots of wins in a row
    and in certain months I had nearly losses every day all reds...
    I call this Randomness, unless by consistency one means having mimicked: 15 wins - 14 loss = 1 triumph,, still at profit but not taking into account that next week
    there will be more tension when placing again the Ea on precisely the same chart as you can't if even that little profit
    (gap of win-losses) will be consumed by greater losses_

    There is a way to make matters better, and it's Vital to understand the ccfp-diff candles on TF's
    and I found to better understand them by using Custom Candles MTF
    which for example help me better to see what is going of if I play a Daily-TF-Lev2 and a Weekly-TF-Lev2
    basically is watching a Daily Candle the way it's behaving into the Weekly Candle_
    What Ferrux did is amazing, he said he was wondering how after 10 years ccfp-diff had so much success
    however Ferrux if you see this, I bet that your production will be living for many years to come_ ;--RRB-

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    POST_5 3Sets_with Xmess wkly monitor [V38] How watching charts and amounts in which the Market pairs are in, can get if not better results , at least avoid a significant DD Knowing comes first. . Randomness will always be there but we can avoid it by getting the eyes to watch _ picture image picture
    Your last capture can be explained easily. When lagged tools reveals swing the current price is closer to finish retrace then you will have 2 reductions. The buy at swing edge and the market at pullback edge...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Your final capture may be explained readily. When lagged tools shows swing the current price is closer to finish retrace then you are going to have 2 losses. The buy at swing edge and the market at pullback edge...
    Indeed so Brain, sharp eye . .
    This only a sample
    That capture demones how the Ccfp gave me still a lagging signal of Buy
    when instead had been heading from a major key point_

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