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Thread: Current and Previous Usage, with Different Sets and Tools

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    Nice to see you with your thread. I hope this thread grow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Nice to see you with your own thread. I hope this thread grow.
    HI Sam thank you ... a Journal for Re-Cap the Ccfp-diff _
    I have terminated all experiment with Ccfp and I discovered a private method that works for me
    so expect this thread helps others ...
    Thus lol, shortly am gonna return testing all your pins eheh _

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    The Ccfp-diff can be employed with assorted Trading Instruments which are enabled to read and exhibit its signals
    This is a good example of how I have been trading the Ccfp-diff which in this case was the Indis converted into PIN
    and created by the excellent Sam
    My Favo Tool for Ccfp-diff is your xmess and Eax . . However nowadays the Ea has gone trough many modifiions
    which have lost the initial purpose and weaken the power of the basket due to teh Ea not being able to take
    certain pairs on two or 4 lists of ccfp's while being able to take pairs when they are on lists or 3 . .
    Not jessxmess mistake, because he only follow what folks suggest and he does it for the benefit of everyone . .
    Anyhow no problem as I found the solution in Eax .... I will explain what the problem is using Xmess Ea right now ,,, and how it might be resolved by using the EAX DB

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    Here is the xmess site where to loe the most recent Ea#8217;s
    And discussing the EAX this is an initial Video to begin with
    but should make more movies once I get the chance: Post 5,778
    As for now I am quite busy with BTBoss amazing Tools and progr_

    Pls note and reminder that this is a Journal when I am performing the Recap of the way I got started
    and the way things changed throughout the months to provide individuals using the Ccfp a better understanding
    and a bit of background which helps to gain a wider knowledge of the matter_
    I am not specifically starting this simply to post some templates and settings, as anyone can do that
    and later post in thread by saying: ";Opps here they're my monthly configurations are growing or my weekly
    are losing"; and so on#8230;
    Well we did that and that is normally done by Ccfp starters and of course these articles shouldn't be anticipated
    to be seen so frequently in a thread by Pro-ccfp-diff traders since that will appear elementary and boring_
    Afterwards I shall post some of my methods to use the Ccfp_
    Greens isn't the point , the technique is your Point and fundamental understanding and the GREENS will accompany

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    What the Issue of The Ea-wkly Monitor is in the Second
    .. Looking at photo 1 you will understand that after I set up
    the choice Allow Duplie to False the Ea wont be in a position to take pairs of the exact same symbol
    which are seen twice on 2 distinct lists, whether the Ea will take them if it watch it times ...
    In this case if I needed a basket of 3 and for instance according to photo where AUDUSD and EURAUD
    in this instance will not be accepted because they are exhibited twice . . Whether pairs such as NzdUsd and UsdChf is going to be taken
    as they are shown 3 times ... on 3 lists ...

    Pls note that occurs with option enable Duplies to
    Next photograph show EAX which takes these pairs which were not accepted from the Ea wkly monitor . .
    EAX by Default does not Allow Duplies to be Taken and does not allow Opposites to be taken
    therefore she was perfect for the Job ...
    I'll proceed for more appliion about Eax with Ccfp-diff Eax Pins etc _

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    Here I try to compare Eax with all the Ea and see if the results are any distinct
    marginally different behaviours but interesting since in EAX I can add filters
    and filter trades the way I want .... I will reveal soon the Multiple ways it can be utilized

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    About how to check the stats per basket it is Simple by magic number
    and pulling the Commerce report on chart and by selectingTrade Closed Trades closed and opened and Trade Still opened And figure out the difference to know whether any reduction of profit . . This is helpful especially if using an external EA
    which will keep tracking and collecting profits but it is only going to appear to make profit but finally
    all the undesirable negatives transactions will be left to the basket
    making it difficult to reach the basket TP . . Therefore a balance for what's required _

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    I love to often exchange the Very Best of my Ccfp places with Eax design
    However, the point is there's no best collection ... and all is arbitrary
    when it comes to baskets and auto trading _
    what's vital is that a method with planned entrances and exits _

    PLS NOTE again this isn't about results
    and how could someone try different sets depending for his thoughts collection
    MAKE YOUR OWN SETS Pal !! Do not buy Sets from anybody
    they are not hard to create just a tiny mind attempt and adhere to the sport readily_

    Here I've just set up 3 SETS of
    -Normal Ccfp-diff (Ferrux)
    -1 Fxm . . .FxMdns (Condit1 as Ccfp) and . .
    -1 Fxm ...(Condit1 as Strenght)
    and I guess most of us know what the difference can be if using those 2
    it seems that strength responds well to signals /

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    All of the very best, I am sure just like the quality of your entire analysis this will be quite popular and extremely valuable ... appreciated!

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