Current and Previous Usage, with Different Sets and Tools
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Thread: Current and Previous Usage, with Different Sets and Tools

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    CCfp-diff only a recap of methods I've experienced and instrument been used_


    1st Post Intro: what is this about ?
    2nd Post Dedied to Amateurs n#8217; my definition of 3 Newbie#8217;s classes_
    3rd Post dedied to The Way The Ccfp Started with hyperlinks to the original inspirational thread The Relative Strength
    4th Post highlighting the great variety of settings using the Ccfp-diff or the Fxm
    5th Post Principles of the Previous Current/Ma/Bar


    I've tested the Level-diff Display Indior long and I don't have to test hundreds methods any longer as it has become part of my machine so I've stopped all Ccfp tests and now only enjoying some sharing about the way I use it_
    Today I don#8217;t have a lot of time, so I will post a protracted Introduction, hopefully when I#8217;ll get some additional free time that I#8217;ll try to be briefer_

    Good day everybody, and when someone was going to say oh no, . . wft... Not another Ccfp thread !
    It#8217;s not just a different thread on Ccfp but that is quite a reminder, a recap of different tactics to Utilize the Ccfp, and the way I have been using it during these months_
    If the name of ccfp sounds dull to someone, then call it that the Previous and the Current, (Pvc) whatever . .

    -First gratitude to Ferrux the Father of Ccfp who him 10 years ago
    couldn't think that this Indior would have experienced such a great victory_

    -My Greetings to Brain the Boss who is a smart coder and a gentleman
    that once you meet him, he can change your thinking about what real estate trading is. To understand BtB and also to bargain with him
    it isn't simple at first, but after you start you may understand that which he has to say about the Market and about his famous Entries and Exit methods in Auto, then you#8217;ll be nice_ He speaks the language of the Experts, so he's not for all_ and certainly not for those who desire a system with the tpl and preset put it to mt4 press a button and get greens #8230; however, no ;--RRB-

    -Xmess most of us know he's a star and gave us the wonderful Ea most of us use that has been for most of us cause of pleasure and cash while for others cause of something else ,,,, Bless you too Jess and thank you for this invention of yours_

    I am also doing so due to requests that I have in my inbox and my own emails, by a couple weeks but sadly I hadn't found the time to post.
    What Folks have been generally asking ? Some would only say: ";Have you got a fantastic tpl making profits, while others a bit more intelligent inquired about the real significance of The current/bar/previous TF TT FT and so on_
    together with using the xmess Ea, rather a few out there became curious to Eax and other Dashboards without knowing where to start and feeling stressed just as many out there were willing to answer their queries, so that I am just jotting down some additional information

    I'll use this thread to randomly article some of those Multi use of the Prev and Current Ccfp and the several ways how to deal with it, and I am sure someone will find a way that will match his style of trading_
    I will keep submitting stuff I like, and when by chance someone wishes to ask a question, I don#8217;t mind if they make use of this space to ask any question about this things_
    if you're an amateur and only starting don#8217;t feel bad to ask about fundamental questions about some of those functions or techniques being used when it comes to deal with the Previous and Current Bar/Ma#8217;s indior Pairs Display.

    Should anyone get upset about your silly questions, you follow your egy and don#8217;t be bothered, but pls do ask with intellect and after having read at least few of those first posts, thank you _
    The individuals who will criticize a newbie#8217;s behavior#8217;s for asking queries are just the newbies of years ago,
    and likely you as a Forex newbie and newbie will probably do the same thing in a couple of weeks into other new comers. .
    So here we are, '' Life is fun_ If we don#8217;t know things we feel bad, and when we know enough ";some of us "; will feel that the right to get pissed off about other#8217;s queries_

    So Mr or Miss Rookie if you would like to know something, just ask the flippin query !!
    Out of thought I am writing this for those who likely are putting Ccfp or even Fxm baskets in their mt4 trusting They visit profit when they return from work or even by the time they ended their meal possibly ... Best to Learn to Create Your own tpl and practice with the tpl you downloaded from somewhere and make it better by creating distinct variants of it in case you don#8217;t know how to make one from scratch_ This can avoid you relying on sharks and scammers who will desire your cash for a silly tpl That Could be made in couple of minutes_
    I joined forexintuitive in Nov 2016 and first thing that I looked was that the Eax Dashboard and the Relative Strength Ccfp ribbon nr_1 and nr_2 so I began In January 2017 to soon make my first templates to the CCfp-diff levels manual trading and that I was excited to know more and the Reason it had received a great success amongst traders since 2008_

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    About enjoying this on LIVE Account ... ?
    Nope I do not think so dude ! Well at least not now ... ;--RRB-

    . . If you don't understand what you are doing and what are your risks
    __/ I can play this live with short terms baskets where I set an outside Ea to manage transactions for me
    and get rid if the bad apples whenever they're not anymore recoverable trades _
    The expression recoverable trade was initially introduced by Brain the Boss
    He said that fixed sl are useless since they could close a trade which in the end for just a few pips
    and could have been a triumph instead of a loss ... if you understand what I mean ...

    PLease Notice :
    I'm not posting this photographs to show: lt;ehy look just how many pips I madegt; ...
    since I would be immature in my behaviour by doing so ,. . Pips whether Big or small
    are made just out of luck ... as it pertains to trade this in Auto ... but may be, might differ on manual ccfp-diff

    These are screenshots taken during live trades on weekly baskets or monthly in which basically if you lucky enough you will be in DD just for 3/4 times with minimal 2,000 pips which in my case since I got the Gbp account could mean for me a loss of over 200 quids_
    After risking losing money all the time I gave up the idea to allow an Ea trade for me with my actual money_
    But it can be useful for more short term egies in which the risk is much less and calculated _

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    Special post specializing in Newbies [like me *(3)]_
    And what#8217;s this thing has got to do with this particular journal thread ? It#8217;s fine, pls wait a sec I had to mention it and that I#8217;ve just started, therefore some preliminary are necessary prior to proceeding_
    You don#8217;t need to read it, but depending on which one of the 3 classes you honestly explains him/herself it will determine the level of learning one has. . To put it differently determine now that you are not a starter, decide that you may want to understand all there is to learn about this particular thing and you#8217;ll take a big step towards comprehension of systems and techniques rather than only Ccfps_ Read it if you can, it just came out like that and I threw it on paper #8230; I'm generally quickly in creating pictures illuions, and documents postings etc . . And that I won#8217;t deal with anything which requires me over 20-30min max per every time I post
    3 newbie classes
    Apology for producing sermon out of this, but I gotta say something or two about Newbies...
    First of all I am a Newbie also, just of egory (3)
    (1)N-1 Newbie that just starts and begins to look at Baby Pips website
    then he/she goes to the Auto Systems and has confused, so the chap
    assembles some courage and ask a newbie question, and maybe gets shouted at
    by some knowledgeable traders . . That's normal do not get discouraged ...
    Hence the newbie(1) goes to Baby pips and research harder_ and he learns
    about Forex Times conversion, Rsi, Mov Av.ges etc ...
    He learns where folder to place an indior and where the expert extends too...
    So today he tries some systems posted there and begins from those which display Strategy together with
    supp res. / pivots amounts,, he then advances a bit and start playing with Mtf and there he goes...

    (two)N-2 Newbie (two) is one who has learned the basics and learned that not all things
    are immediate to understand and to comprehend, so today he hunts He looks at theforexintuitiveAuto thread
    but he won't ever ask what's a moving average or at which that goes which folder . .
    He knows that before asking a question he wants some reading at least of the very first page
    to observe how it functions . . The he looks at the paper shake and loes a few indiors and Ea's . .
    He loads them up and begins to see,, but Ohh Sh*** which is not displaying chart and so N_2
    of course wants to understand ... so he asks the question or he's too proud to do this and he does
    any rearches by using theforexintuitiveTop window at top of the website _ and by opportunity
    he sees a query previously asked that maybe he's a broker using suffix and that is why the indi
    does not display ... etc for all other items ...

    (3)N-3 Newbie 3, same as myself, knows somewhat more and also have got already past the Hell phase of studying all
    about the basics along with also the normal errors that could happen when things aren't known etc ...
    N_3 knows today taht when somehitng wrong occurs, is ideal to take a look at the Expert Tab and watch
    he/she will understand, about basic egies and have watched the market long
    to determine a Trend and act accordingly_
    N_3 is pleased to answer a few questions from newbies (two) because that may enrich his knowledge also,
    nevertheless he might not answer a few questions when they come from somebody that has not gone trough
    the tough job of understanding the basics ...
    N_3 is now able to look at any given egy and roughly understand how it functions, though he could still have lots of
    questions of course.... But N_3 knows that it is better to read to learn more _
    So is ideal to forget today about all this classes, cos all is needed is a bit of common sense
    and start reading in order to learn more ...
    I'm aware that some times thread start by simply suggesting a system without a Pdf or manual, but
    which occurs when the thread starter has not fully known the machine itself and he's suggesting it
    for many other to contribute and make it easier . . .or maybe he knows the system and does not have
    the opportunity to compile a Pdf . .

    Once I do not know anything, I read the first things I watch, but I find that the best way is also
    to open the Dashboard or the EA that's in front of you and examine the parameters ...
    Then click okay permit it to appear on chart and start staring at it ... look, see the colours
    and look closely at the titles displayed....
    Then return to parameter box and change something ... return to chart and look why and what it changed
    and so on ... may develop an intuition about things ...

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    This 3rd Post ... Is About The Way The Ccfp Started
    This was posted here by me inforexintuitivebut I re-propose it here since it was my own post_
    to not forget this thread Journal is not about the usual thread to post tpl and settings for people to blindly follow
    this is much more about the Knowledge of the Cluster of Currency Lines in the kind of a Screen Level/Pairs Indior
    maybe on another day I will probably post a template I luv the most just to find out what happens with this settings_

    Guys n' women, Whenever in doubt about Ccfp diff and what it does, look at the relative strength Thread . .
    The Ccfp-diff was created there since Ferrux was there 10 years ago , that thread would be the Bible for Ccfp _

    When market is Trending there is no requirement to reverse, and reverse option was intended when market was ranging_
    Additionally The yellow signal are predied on that, however if you need all of the sign to be exhibited on ccfp-diff
    then you want to set the Level to 11 . . Try that now and it'll demone that 101 %
    This link/Post, from my Ccfp-diff notes Here what Ferrux said about it gt;lt; Post 405

    This is when Ferrux started to consider the reversal and relased the very first ccfp-diff V1.04 Post 209
    Earlier in 1.03, there wasn't any option to use Bar/Ma and there was only the place to current rather than current
    then Ferrux added the Bar instead of Ma that now we all understand and consent us to make Sets such as TFforexintuitiveFT TT
    And here what EsTrader, the real Ccfp-diff Manual Trader use to do
    Post 482
    Before, before that traders use to exchange the Ccfp ,, the one with traces and accepting differences manually
    by looking at the Data Window, and it was difficult work ... now things being simplified . . Thanx to this Smart Giants of this Forex
    Some more Links here and explanations
    Trading Method Using Relative Strength-Part 2
    Here the the Ccfpdiff-MTF v1.04 Post 542
    and here both Ccfp-diff we all know Post 806 that the CCFp-Diff_[v2.0].ex4 and the CCFp-Diff_[v2.0-MTF].ex4

    Trading system using relative strength
    Here is more the beginning of ccfp-diff and this post shows Ferrux making it Post 531
    and seems totally different from what it is now
    He posted at Oct 13, 2008 @ 4:31 so in gmt it was 09:30 am I figure . .
    Here Ferrux started to add colours to the comment as well as the labels .... Post 869
    He put different names for every version so traders will not have hassle recognizing which was it, wise thing to do

    The rest of the thread is all about people experimenting and creating some new types of enhanced Ccfp . .
    But when I state Ccfp I mean that the one original with the line if the Ccfp-diff is the Ferrux one together with the amounts exhibited, in fact
    the term diff = gap between amounts

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    This 4th Post is all about highlighting the great selection of configurations utilizing the Ccfp-diff or the Fxm
    Unlimited are the sets that could be made with Ccfp or Fxm dues to the numerous choices that are available concerning
    amounts or utilizing the current Tavern or the past,
    the Ma#8217;s % or perhaps changing the slow fast Ma configurations_

    After one has gone through a number of the basic configurations with the Daily, then there are the
    Weekly and the
    monthly and the
    mix between these if you include the Mtf featuring all the different various levels and
    if you're not happy with it, then you begin experimenting with the numerous modes supplied by the Xmess Ea that could be set to utilize the Virtual Basket, or maybe not, or using the option to allow duplie and permitting the opposites or a mix of both,, etc . .
    Then the actual fun begins and you probably going to have the busiest period of your life is that you get severely deep into it and as much as I did_
    there's also a sample of how I typically record results although the form of this list and the form has changed many times for easier display

    Just out of curiosity one day I began to observe how many configurations are possible and I had to cease to 720
    because I could not take it anymore ,,, as the amount will be huge, but that helped me and now amount 720
    is largerly used by me as a magic, and as many other things_

    Attached are also some Excel sheets only made my style I used to collect outcomes and the initial configurations
    I was eager to experiment and test after beginning with the Xmess Ea weekly track

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    Probably in the event that you would like to test those sets you will wind up needing the latest Amd Ryzen 1700
    loading as many mt4 as possible and several baskets for each Mt4
    or perhaps like me utilizing 4 machines
    But all this is not necessary, not useful at all... and only a few places, a few Mt4 and ordinary sense and egy
    will be sufficient to do the task_ so best to not try. . No worries let me try instead

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    I allow some distance for those fundamentals of Ccfp-diff the Previous_Current/Ma/Bar

    Still reminding that here I'm performing like a recap of what Ccfp is all about
    instead of just posting the usual tpl and sets for someone to copy ...
    very best to know and also to always bear in mind the Ccfp deal with 1'/2' or 2'/3' candles just ...

    Ccfp because you are aware that it is based on two candles gap Ma percent change or Bar
    forexintuitive= [No Current Candle MA/3/5] = gap between previous candle and the candle earlier that Ma 3/5
    FT = [No Current Candle Bar] ___= gap between previous candle and the candle before that BAR (price)
    TF = [Use Current Candle Ma] ___= gap between current candle and the previous candle Ma 3/5
    TT = [Use Current Candle Bar] ___= gap between current candle and the previous candle BAR (price)

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    From a Request and for someone who's still somewhat uncertain how the Ccfp-diff functions and why we do view those indied pairs on Chart, and also the amount have amounts. Expect a photograph will help _

    Pls open a Chart with all the Ccfp-diff V.02 / 1440 / / L2 / / TF
    See what pairs are there, then Load a CCFP Indior, the normal one with the Lines.

    Open the Information Window (Ctrl D) , no anxiety if you no see anything, let it be a couple of seconds to load all information,
    then stage the cross-hair just at the center of the last candle to observe the value of the current candle
    (which in this case at the photograph it is an already daily closed candle ) while you keep your own cross-hair there,
    appear on the left Data window to observe the Values of the GBP CURRENCY what's says.Write down those values,
    Move the crosshair to preceding candle and check those values Subtract involving them
    and you will notice a number that does not even look far off as a Level, return to the calculator and multiply that number by (x1000)
    And whatever result you get around it to the Level

    Pls make an effort not to look at the Histogram while you do this, which means you will get your surprise at the end when everything match.

    Following the calculations and subtractions etc: if you buy a 1.7
    consider it is Level 2 , and if you get it a 1.5 then it is also a Level 2
    since it cannot be a Level 1
    If you get a lets say 3.6 then it appears like it a 4

    Generally Ccfp original uses pairs as: AUDUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, NZDUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD for calculation, and Ferrux explained mentioned it
    nevertheless some other versions have employed some more complete calculations example: to view The CURRENCY of EUR/GBP/USD
    it needs to get the quotes from other pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP and wish to compute
    that the CURRENCY of the JPY then some more pairs are neededas: GBPGPY, USDJPY, EURJPY
    and only these and not to get ex: ChfJpy/CadJpy ? Since the relation
    along with different currencies is already there .

    That's why is called a Cluster since it analyses a large quantity of currency pairs, dividing them into separate currencies. .

    When the name cluster sounds too difficult then you can call them a Form of currency pairs or just a bundle or even Pairs to make it simple_
    Aww I hope I got it right and perhaps if Ferrux will observe this he can affirm or someone else expert can do it too_

    If you want a CCfp Indior then it is here
    There are some others, some shifted to the coders enjoying but this one should be fine ok_
    Lots of things could be done with this Ccfp and for anyone interested to determine value of last candle, ROC rate of change then you will find some more
    edition of CCfp_Roc . / / Ccfp_5.1 to be checked ....
    Pls note you don't need all these versions of Ccfp, if you don't want use them_

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    [ The next photo is much more about the way the amounts of ccfp-diff are shing trough the hours and hours ]

    The Yellow Dots on photograph are the new pairs being added
    along with the 1 -2 2 etc.. Numbers are to demone how the Levels alter trough the day and the week
    _ New Pairs Being additional means also an opportunity for the EA W.kly Monitor to add new pairs as they add up to the List

    _ When the baskets are only traded by throwing a lot of Settings Lists to a chart and then getting a big DD
    one will probably continue doing exactly the identical mistake over and over for not having committed a little bit of time
    to comprehend the way the amounts are functioning in this lovely screen indior_

    It crucial and it's a must to bear in mind that using the Ccfp-diff together with the Ea who buys. /sells
    in Auto is similar to playing with the 888 that the sweep-stake or the Tombola _
    Unless you begins to know where and why the Ea takes particular pairs you won't be able
    to learn the entire process ...
    It is really hard to sit down and observe, and we are in a rush to Press the Button and beg for Greens
    but time will tell if we were just lucky or great enough to reduce DD and transaction nicely because
    of our monitoring and cleverness _

    In this post you'll find how ccfp-diff-sets or FT based on preceding candle do not alter
    and how places with TT bat as well as TF Curr Ma do shift slowly during the week because the bar remains
    forming and consequently subject to changes_

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    The Seq ue nce is My Reputable Method when it comes to Ccfp Calculated-Auto-Stake

    there's a big difference between using MANUAL Ccfp-diff levels Displayer, and AUTO Pair Displayer
    you can readily control the very first, but difficult to control the next_
    by way of example the best manual Ccfp-diff trades were those played the TF on either Daily and Weekly
    and you might see and utilize the daily pairs as a cause and continuation of this weekly or simply a temp reverse . .
    In Manual all appear to be much better and more relaxing, but time is an issue if people are on full time work.

    I have been experiencing Ccfp using all sort of inventive methods I could
    and of course listening to what others attempted too...
    However I found that among the things which I have tried and functioned well
    it's a easy Sequence of the way baskets are likely to close
    based on previous monitoring and current behaviors according to the Market setting of the afternoon _
    is that too complied ? Perhaps yes or maybe ... but I found this to be much more dependable than rather betting a few ccfps lists and hoping for good_
    The Market Pulse is something more important than any Ccfp-diff or Ea set up . .
    The market is always right rather than bizarre and it's what it is and can purge all of the ideal EA'd and set ups...

    Reminder about that here we do things that will likely have a specific percentage of success or call it right imagining_ Nothing is certain_
    It's like watching a football match were the ticket is totally free and you get paid for it.
    If you attempt to place these baskets I have in photographs and see them for a about a week then you are going to notice something
    in their behavior and slowly gradually with time a sequence is going to be formed that will reveal essential information . .
    Not to forget that nothing is sure ,,

    I noticed many and several times that when for example a W/2/TF goes up in value and pips are climbing
    afterward there will be a loss in TT, while FT will still drop but less than TT . . ...
    after some time all this will help you provide a sense of the market kind and perhaps having the ability to determine
    which sets are likely to rise or fall ... but I have as a guideline the 400-500 pips ... which merely means
    following a rise of 400-500 pips and a fall of 100-200 if the basket move down or up again whichever direction
    does not matter I'll be able to enter market with that second ...
    Sorry'm not good to explain things actually . . I will attempt with sensible example next time get it done

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