Turn $100 into $10k in 100 trading days = high stress high RR
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Thread: Turn $100 into $10k in 100 trading days = high stress high RR

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    Very easy (joking). This is not a serious proposition, but it's possible!

    1) Locate a thriving trading egy winning around 70 percent of the period
    2) Ensure your Risk:Bonus is 1:2 or higher
    3) Use 5% risk for your SL
    4) Turn $100 to $10k at 100 trading days

    Good fortune. I've attached some screenshots showing that the $100 will become $10k in 100 trading days should you gain 5% per day. Also, a Risk:Reward screenshot showing how you have to aim for more or 2R.

    The compound calculator is attached for your use. It excludes all weekends and also excludes user. I've entered the US Bank holidays, but you can alter them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I wish you would.
    Why, is he a famous troll? He smells like one...

    I might only have fun roasting him rather than spending my time with mails. I would get the advantage of entertainment value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Why, is he a known troll? He smells like a... I could just have fun roasting him instead of spending my time with emails. At least I would find the benefit of amusement value.

    To find out how this can end.

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