The Illusion of Motion
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    So considering motion is an illusion it is intriguing to contemplate how all traders are trying to catch that motion between two points

    the notion that motion is an illusion comes in Zeno. . If you aren't familiar with then I will introduce;s_paradoxes

    this form seeks:
    ideas, counter examples to prove and disprove if motion is an illusion, and also how this idea might be taken into consideration when trading

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    Essentially the appliion I could think of regarding the OP's article and trading is that if there's absolutely no such thing as'motion' in trading prices don't technically'proceed', but they skip.

    It becomes increasingly more evident as you'zoom in', or in trading conditions, seem at shorter time frame charts. You see this happening if you see what we understand as'openings' occurring in the larger time frames. There are more openings happening in time frames due to bigger volume pushing the pips up before they are registered, giving the impression it is going up at a non-smooth manner.

    Does this have any bearing on me as a trader? For today no. I really don't trade 5 minute charts, so that I see prices moving, not skipping. However, it will pay off knowing that prices will not move in a smooth manner, which when it moves, it sometimes moves huge. The key is to depart after it has reached its destination, to hold on if it's jerky, and to be there before it moves huge.

    I find it a pretty pointless discussion though. A rehash of what most people understand, whether or not otherwise. What's going to be cool is if one day a mechanism is devised where it's possible to exchange 5 minute charts accurately. Likely than what we have now for ordinary people like us to do some thing like 31, we'll have to wait for faster chips and high speed net. I am not sure if scalping robots/automated trading has evolved to this point, but if something like this may be done for an elongated period of time, accurately, we could basically capture almost every pip on the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Essentially the only appliion I can think of regarding the OP's article and trading is that if there's absolutely no such thing as'motion' in trading, then prices don't technically'proceed', but they skip.

    This becomes more and more evident as you'zoom in', or in trading terms, seem at shorter time period charts. Sometimes you see this happening when you determine what we know as'gaps' happening in the larger time frames. There are more gaps occurring in shorter time frames due to larger volume pushing the pips up until they are enrolled, giving the...

    good article,well I certainaly agree.i have tried to micro scalp using both a 1 minute chart and trading of the bid ask price.

    Seeing a 1 minute chart price does ecactly because you state,skips around like a mosqito searching for blood! I attempted to use those skips and exchange them as price fills them before skipping away again.this perspective point has its uses but trying to exchange them was very hard.

    The problem I encountered wasn't speed of implementation but of the spread opening upward from 1 pip to 2.5 and somtimes more,frequently leaving you in minus,not allowing you from the transaction at b/e.

    Touching on the other articles I use a method that deals the deviation from 0 with fad and when I state trend 1 minute chart and beneath for my micro scalps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Unfortunately you need to forecast the movement, differently stoploss then it moves where you desired :/
    Actually no. You have to sell at a higher price than you buy. Regardless of the route the price follows to reach the TP. As long of course as the trail doesn't cross SL first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Quantum entanglement is the solution. It is already becoming researched.

    Yes continues to be lots of development in this field,

    Inserted Video

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    [quoteiron;6034778]It is disproven since I could, in fact, travel from New York to LA.. It is disproven since I could transfer a fork full of food from my plate and into my stomach. It is disproven since the EUR/USD was, in fact, north of 1.60 four decades back and now it's about 1.30.

    . . .right, and also our money usually does go from our pocket to your brokerĀ“s pocket...

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