Easy Eyes (No Indicators) Simple Day Trading
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Thread: Easy Eyes (No Indicators) Simple Day Trading

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    I'd love to share a method that I find seeing the market inside this perspective easier to make money... its very powerful in my opinion since its about trading with the trend...

    INTRO: I'm very sick and tired of threads claims easy scalping, easy system, etc., and figure what. . They want me to include MT4 and 3 weird indiors and enter when a dot does this. . And a cross of the wacky blob indior. . Ok you get the point.

    Here I will use only canlde-sticks and a version called Heikin-i (dont have scared away) it is a smoothed out version of this candle sticks. . Many brokers have these as an option to view price motion. . When Heikin-i is new to you. . You'll probably love them so bear with me.

    I will share the method now. . But please read the outro before agreeing

    METHOD: The numbers refer to the images. . Follow it like a picture book

    Basically Heikin-i is the heart of the method and you will pretty much ignore trend lines and every indior in the book(when using it like this).

    Installation: 30M, 5M, and 1M Heikin-i charts. . And a 1M candlestick chart.

    Step by Step Live Trade... (this is a short trade. . Reverse for extended )

    1.) Assess the pub. . Its red. . So looked for a trade. (In picture #1I should have attracted my arrow into the candle behind where I drew... sorry, I drew my arrow into the busy candle. . When I have to have attracted to closed candle)

    2.) Wait for 5M Heikin-i pub. . If it turns reddish do this: walk a limitation sell 1 pip below the 1M candle-sticks until its triggered... if price moves it down activates and your own in. . And when its in a mini pullback you get a better price(as it retraces you'll need to check to determine whether 30M and 5M Heikin-i are still reddish. . Else close order)

    3) Make cash. . My commerce was a 10 pip stoploss using 20 pip take profit. . I left my own 20 pips. .

    4) our emergency depart is when the 1M turns green. . In this trade we obtained our take profit of 20 pips before the 1M turned green. . You could use 2 lots and let the run until this only if you wanted. .

    OUTRO: HA( aka Heikin-i) will keep you trading with the trend and makes things a lot easier to see so I hope you like it.

    Heikin-i functions well on small time frames. . 30M is pushing it don't use it on 4 hours and such.

    And don't go adding a million indiors for this method. . Its trend trading stuff. . Your only hurting yourself if you include 3 lagging indiors.

    Hope you like this method. . Help exits and better entires and also we may have a wonderful trading procedure that is easy on the eyes. .

    PS: oh yeah and you can scalp against the 30M direction when the 5M turns green. . But stuff advanced. . Just aim for smaller profits in that scenario

    PSS: it helps to know how to look at Heikin-i candles (simply to know a weak one from a strong) so I added a PDF I discovered. In case a 30M includes a weak candle than simply scalp some tiny pips on 5M signs and such. . As I said this is draft we could refine things after

    View article 102 to observe some price action without HA. . Its a bit more advanced if you're interested

    and 108 is a follow up on 102. .



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    I solve the issue in my, if a person also got the same problem
    go to Charts and be sure Foreground Chart is unchecked. If you got the problem downloading the repair variant indior.

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    Just came accross ur article from 2010. .the 30m 5m 1m. . Heiki

    I place this method up and cant believe how simple it is In sim already Im nailing small wins. . .Also noticed its benefits to ch that the early. .

    Moving to sim daily tomarrow using it..You may have saved my trading carreer!! Thankyou thankyou


    ps. Been trading for 7 yrs / back forth from sim to actual, reloaded my account accouple occasions but thats the game. .

    I too, attempting to make it.

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    Hi Good folks,

    anyone still using this technique? Was good for me for some time till I kinda got caught whipped with the motion. .

    Would really like to hear whatsoever. .


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello Great People,

    anybody still using this method? Was great for me till I rather got captured whipped with the erratic movement. .

    Would love to hear from all. .

    Its important to be aware this is not much different than a fashion line system. . Note some of the excellent trader of there time utilized a similar system without the HA's however. . Notice this method is not supported by any evidence of its success. .

    Also notice I wrote that when I was new and had a very large ego that I like to pretend I am mostly over now.

    Use in your risk

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Its important to be aware this is not much different than a trend line system. . Also note a number of the trader of there time utilized a similar strategy without the HA. . Note no evidence of its own success supports this method. .

    Also note I wrote that when I was new and had a huge ego that I like to pretend I am largely over now.

    Use at your own risk
    Oh too I used to article mainly my winning trades only and not the winners. . Really I believe most people in the systems thread practice this dark artwork...

    welcome to FF I advised you that a fantastic secret you should remember

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    Hey trader. .

    Yes, that thought did put me in the path that Im in now.

    You got chopped cuz u were most likely in a consolidation period, which ALWAYS proceeds after a'pay cycle

    Consolidation is a resting period for the market..heres whats actually happening..Professional traders/ midsize professionals patiently wait for consolidation to run its course..and pounce when it breaks into another PAY CYCLE. . And take profit when the movement breaks down w/ possibly a FAILED new high or low and is confirmed w/ a breach of support or resistance (depending on direction)

    Knowing ANOTHER consolidation interval is GUARANTEED..people carry profits at once basically, wait..only amateurs trade at this interval.

    Where do u put ur stop? If u place ur stop at the preceding swing, you're most likely stay in the trade til the move is over..and let ALL the tiny stops get HIT. . U stay to ride through the sound and WAIT for LL or a unsuccessful HH.

    I trade the Dow minnie YM. . $5 per point. . .it allows for more mistake also doesnt hurt as much...I trade the whole movement but I get a failed situation, get out when it consolidates..my trouble comes on reversals..pinpointing which perform, yet.


    ps if u believe $5 isnt enough for profit. . I left about 1 cntrct $685 on 1 trade..when trade broke down. It wasnt til late day she went into a nice cover cycle back down..was on the phone, and so I missed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Oh I used to article mostly my winning trades just rather than the losers. . Really I think most people in the systems thread practice this dark artwork...

    welcome to FF I told you a great secret you need to remember
    Haha, thanks so much for being frank and coming with your advice..its a pity though you have moved on..else, a lot to learn from you. .

    Well, ive been so'paralysed' from the sort of analysis I had been taught at forex courses that I wish there was something simpler to comprehend that the moves..then yours arrived together like the simplest ever..guess, I must use it sensibly and still tweak here and there. .

    But now I only wish it were applicable. .

    Thanks for your reply and God bless...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey fellow trader. .

    Yes, that idea did put me in the path that Im in now.

    You have chopped cuz u were probably in a consolidation period, which ALWAYS proceeds after a'pay cycle

    Consolidation is a resting period for the market..heres whats really happening..Professional traders/ mid professionals patiently await consolidation to run its course..and pounce if it breaks out into a different PAY CYCLE. . And take profit when the movement breaks w/ either a FAILED new low or high and is verified w/ a violation...
    Hi DayTrader7,

    so sorry I missed your reply. . I kinda took a very long break from trading following my ton of losses and remained away from it all..and many thanks for the explanation on the breakouts and consolidations etc..

    Very frankly, I have been reduced to a scalper for 5 pips at most so I pull out when I reach my goal and come out if its beyond my 5 pips mental stop loss. .

    When you say consolidation, what time frame are you considering? I normally check for 30 min..if no signal I go down to 15min and then down to 5 min and 1 min, like it was put out by NY498. .

    I exchange EURO time at the very first hour of open, asian Occasionally and sometimes US. . I find the movement too erratic during US times and am cautious to take trades. .

    Any advice for me? I wish to learn and thanks for the patience and sharing. .


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