The Future of Forex?
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Thread: The Future of Forex?

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    Hi, guys!

    That is something I had been wondering about...

    After nearly 5 years after I began with the stock investing industry and nearly a year after I started trading FX (and after COUNTLESS reading of novels, forums and getting actual life adventures ), I could quite certainly say, that I have found my personal holy grail. I am making consistent money from this company (thanks to studying Jacko, BillyRayValentine and Nick B.) and I seldom close a position with a reduction (for many months now).

    Now, I have a full time job, but my profits are rather bigger, than my salary and that is something I really could get accustomed to!

    I was just wondering if you guys believe that trading FX is a sustainable company? I invested YEARS within this stuff (so I could finally say that I have a feeling for the market) but when somebody or something would stop us from trading the market... I believe I would go nuts! You know, if I would invested so much energy and time in a normal business and make it as profitable as FX trading is, I guess than I have I would have a bit higher feeling of safety. Forex is a company that I'm a part of, however it isn't MY business.

    You understand, what's somebody determines that FX is too hazardous for folks to trade in order that they'd shut it down? Or if someone imposes... such as... 60% tax on our profits? And what if the market gets too erratic for trading? And suppose that my favorite trendlines and SR quit working??

    Forex company is quite great to me personally and I don't want it ever let go!

    Which are your ideas about this?

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    Puzzle bits keep falling into places....

    FXCM US, among the Top US brokers in regard to trading volume, has banned from the US by NFA/CTFC.... The shares are falling.... Leucadia is getting nervous.

    Regulators globally start to act on that forex brokers acting as market makers harm retail traders, because they have an incentive to exchange against the consumers and as history shows, they do it using every conceivable filthy trick.

    BAFIN at Germany will implement a new rule that negative balances of retail customers are not permitted.

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    Turkey restricts retail leveraged Currency Market trading to clients with 50K deposit, cuts leverage to maximum 10:1

    Who is next in Europe?

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    I shed no more tears.... They have been all actively involved in fleezing retail Foreign Exchange customers over years and not one of them should inform me she/he didn't know what is happening. Just take this as an opportunity an stop working for your Foreign Exchange industry.

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    Hey guys, what a coincidence, that I chose to check FF was last active yesterday.

    Well, I did leave forex for great after my luck ended (I had been doing really great for a few months, but for whatever reason, all of it ended shortly after that).

    I had been in a dead end job on a minimum wage until 2013, once I chose to quit (in my birthday, heh) and I start earning mobile apps.

    Fast forward to now - I have earned well over #8364;700K (after taxes) in 4 years, and have interested in investing (but not FX ).

    I was always more of a stock man, but since the market is in such a bull run for such a long time, I decided to invest a few of my earnings into crypto currencies.

    I am now holding Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM). I won't trade, I have a hefty place in both and I will keep them for the next 5 to 10 years.

    Anyway, interesting to see, what Turkey did and what happened to FXCM.

    This really is a cruel business and honestly, I never met anyone in my entire life, that had been successful on the long run by actively trading (multiple trades per day). Back in the day, during my months, I got to know a number of the very best dogs in the largest banks in our nation. Surprisingly (or not?) They weren't making money with trading - they have been earning money by holding large and long-term positions in currencies like GBP and CHF. The day trading was for (more or less) playing just. In banks, playing way to have a daily limit of 50K in losses. If they blew 50.000 EUR, they ceased trading and if they did not, they played more.

    I am off to read a few of the previous threads and also to rekindle some memories... Good old times.

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