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    I find myself inputting transactions to prevent this I will try to post every transaction I take, therefore I force myself see if this really helps me, and to have a reason before entering a transaction.
    At the moment my goal is merely to see after a month how this $100 acc ends. . Depending upon the results I will add and try again with bigger deposit (if I am profitable), try for other month with the exact same account (if I maintain flat/BE) or just take 3 months to find out what went wrong and where did I fail then try again with $100.
    Every information is welcome!


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    There's another element which is far more significant than entering transactions. Your own losses are being managed by that.

    Green pips to you, cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There's another factor which is far more important than entering trades without any reason. Your losses are being managed by that. Green pips to you, cheers!
    I concur on that, handling losses is very important.
    Thank you Nabz to your advice.

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    Great way to begin. .
    I was looking to market eurusd and decided to go into by pending order, I set a buy limit in lieu of a market stop... GENIUS!

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