What is a large position?
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Thread: What is a large position?

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    When investing mid day (U.S.) through periods of low volume and very low volatility I have heard experts say never to exchange since the market is too readily and commonly manipulated. Does anyone have experience with this?

    I would love to exchange up to $100/pip ($100 for every point of market motion ) and am wondering whether that could possibly create a goal in this giant market. If so, would dispersing the trade over a couple of different broker platforms (non-ecn) be a safer way to trade? I have heard this is typical for individuals trading with larger amounts. Just not sure what larger is.


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    What's considered moderate sized? Max 5 lots?
    I'd say max 10 lots, something like that. There ARE people with large accounts trading using Oanda who have no complaints, but Oanda isn't any ECN and when my orders are that large, I would prefer that they are anonymously passed to numerous bigger liquidity providers instead of remaining within the market manufacturer's internal orderbook.

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    Platform shrewd, I suggest you Take a Look at Ninja Trader.
    I used to use NT (prior to switching to my own custom-made material ). Fantastic platform really.

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    I agree that IB spread is great and implementation is pretty ok too. However they have a minimal transaction fee of 2.50 making them pretty expensive when you do not trade complete lots.

    Their API is awfull and the platform technology is outdated. Together years affraid to touch it. If you want to use api technology their are better brokers out their when trading forex.
    That is why people that aren't just playing-around use them because this major cost becomes a negligible cost in comparison for their bankroll, coupled with ninja-trader to perform the nitty gritty. I don't know if I have ever heard of someone with IB who is not using ninja. Seems like that they pair perfectly.

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    I do not know if I have ever heard of somebody with IB who isn't using ninja. Seems like they pair perfectly.
    Yeah it's a fantastic combination; though I do understand some IB stocks/futures traders who do not use NT.

    Truthfully, I really don't believe the sort of platform should have any major influence on a trader's profitability. I believe that a profitable discretionary trader should have the ability to become more profitable on any of the major platforms. It is just that if you discover just what you as a trader have to be considering when trading (based on your personality ), the remaining bells and whistles of the platform become pretty much useless. That's why I switched to my own customized appliions, it simply has what I want to observe how I like to view it and nothing else.

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    Wow, someone really sticking their neck out somewhat and giving broker guie. I'm sure alot of people may appreciate that. I know I do. I'm with fx sol. For previous three years.
    I'm extremely grateful to Marv and the others, such as you, for providing broker information as I feel that, alongside a strong methodology (rather than a purely mechanical system), a fantastic broker is the most important element of trading. Additionally, it affects your profitability and plogy -- will they stop-hunt mepersonally, will they honour my huge place sized profit, will they allow me to keep on winning trades annually after year, will their connection break at a crucial period in the trade ?

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