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    Reading a few trading commentary, I found reports of where major bids, offers, or stops were seen. How can the author see these orders? Is this information likely coming from somebody who works in a major bank? More importantly, is there a source available to smaller traders that could report, on an ongoing basis, this information?

    It appears like knowledge of the positioning of major market-moving orders will give a significant advantage to a trader. Does anybody here use this information in their trading egies?

    Thanks to all who reply. The discussions I've had so much with members have proven truly invaluable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    nice!! Can you post us some screenshots??
    Sorry man, not with them yet.

    Are looking into pros/cons of eSignal Vs Tradestation in anticipation of an'upgrade'. (...I miss having L2 occasionally. Have it with equities.)

    They advised me this attribute was an area they were quite keen to improve too. . . .This was months ago. From my understanding they had been using MBs information, but were not always going to return from adding additional avenues/capability over time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ive used esignal, but maybe not for forex. Do they even offer fx data?

    On that note, does anyone have access to non-broker forex data? If so it would be interesting to understand how you're using it! (please! LOL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    oh we're buddies now??? :

    so if metastock isn't a broker or marketmaker, where are they receiving their quotes from? Without a centralized exchange I might think the only choice is to combine a variety of feeds from many market makers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sorry man, not using them yet.
    Be sure to show us a few screenies if you get signed up!

    Is no one else using this?!?

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    Uh....maybe I'm overlooking something, but wouldn't market depth just be the market you're in? As in if I'm trading with GFT, then the Level 2 I see is just the orders on their own servers?

    I might be wrong, however I believe that this is basically the question.

    As for futures, well that's a real market. It has rules and such. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    uh....maybe I'm missing something, but would not market thickness just be the market you're in? As in if I'm trading with GFT, then the Level 2 I find is the orders on their own servers?

    I may be wrong, however I believe that this is basically the question.

    As for futures, well that is a real market. It even has such and rules. Lol
    market thickness only actually exists in a market that's made by a set of market participants. Most retail Foreign Exchange brokers (GFT included) only pass the price feeds of a bank or group of banks (plus a pip or two). Level II does not really exist in the same sense. ECNs like EFX/MBT would have real Level II information, but the majority of the liquidity around the current market price is the identical sort of institutional feeds that other retail brokers use anyhow.

    From the futures or equity markets however, the Level II represents real limit orders from people in the marketplace. Thus, it may more accurately reflect the general market's willingness to buy or sell a security a particular price.

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    Yeah you can hardly call anything level2 in FX. Without a centralized exchange its very difficult to find a sense for REAL weight behind the bid/ask.

    Wouldnt it be super cool ifforexintuitivecould gather up a lot of brokers to create a retail level2? It wouldnt be perfect, but much better than anything else out there currently. I attempted to convinceforexintuitivedirection to get this job going, but I got the same answer I always get... when we have time.


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    Orderflow trading relies on intent and goals of firms.
    Loing a particular little number for every currency and then calculating ranges and tp based in an ALGO.

    Level 2, AKA called Market manufacturer box. is intraday volume flow.

    There are sources out there. But still you will need the algo.

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