What is the best egy for gowing an account quickly?
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Thread: What is the best egy for gowing an account quickly?

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    I'm curious about what you believe is the best egy and setup (charts, indiors, time-frame) to develop an account fast --without high risks. Is scalping the method that is favored?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sorry, but the only people making themselves seem ridiculous, childish and troll like is well you and your group.

    It's not upto you to authorities FF, let people make there own conclusions about MP, I know you think that your best and MP's EVIL ( yeah he is a bit bizarre, who is not ), but thats your opinion no point trying to ram it down everybody else .

    Geeze, Turyed, Why would you believe the Cops are following you. You guys are the White Knights.

    that means, You are supposed to take the high road
    (in case you know the difference between the High Road Low Road. Those are other than Fargem All My Road)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    you are still in a learning procces..in a couple of years you'll look back. .
    And wont belive you where naive. .

    ps. G night
    Me learning??? Nahhhh you can not teach old dogs new tricks.

    I have been trading for @9years, even had 6month phases of becoming profitable before falling back to old customs

    Good night to you to!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    pragmatic answers only please!!
    I think you missed a bit...
    Turveyd. . .Give me a moment while I delete most of mine. . .Turveyd

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    I might be wrong but I think the holy grail in trading would be like meeting jesus most would not consider it.

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    I was ignoring you, but youre so pretty, I just cant !

    Crown was an experiment for some newbs who wanted to know exactly what they were like YEARS AGO (are they even still around?) And therefore I surfaced.

    They bit the big one and so I advised anyone who asked, along with a bunch that didnt, and thats the story with crown.

    Presently I deal with FXCM and a couple of russian brokers because of the variety of instruments they supply to exchange.

    Using FXCM as a tier two liquidity provider offers me what I want, in addition to MB for a single way transactions, as im within their top brackets and have my very own feeds for my custom charts. The brokers are just for fun and to keep my hand at MT4, so that gives a hoot about a single pip here and what price im working at when I produce what I produce.

    SEE, everybody appears to have mad over a pip here but I really dont give a complete hog about it cause im making what I want, and just approach the entire thing with a so what attitude -- although my pip count is just as professional as could be, I DONT get carried away with being a pro -- I just do what I do and ignore the majority of the restof the

    Its impossible for me to describe, but the young lions fire in the stomach has passed and I only go about my business and earn money that I could prove beyond any shadow of a doubt

    im SO DIFFERENT than what you'd expect, a laid back, pipe smoking, relaxed and unhassled trader -- I let all the young lions run amock, while I simply outperform most according to age and experience, which you need to achieve before you can comprehend entirely.

    You will poo poo what I do, but assess what I say on my thread, browse my take profit points, and figure that I do that 35 or more times a day, each and every day.

    The math is simple and trading is pretty much simple also -- just better to have the expertise and leave the children to learn by themselves!

    Accountable for being a good trader


    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Since MP is not as smart as I hoped he would be

    My rather article known to the apparent fact that you don't have any interbank relationship even through you supposely conduct a fund.

    Now let me put it blatant phrases because somewhere along the lines that you picked up english for dummies and you can't understand the connotation of my preceding article.

    You state you operate a fund.

    Your absurd selection of a bucketshop for example Crown makes no sense.

    You ought to possess interbank relations, nonethless maybe even a direct ECN relationship through a personal broker should you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If your track record is anything to go by, it will not be long until you are seeking yet another new pulpit to preach rant out of. One of the major drawbacks of presuming you are far more significant than you actually are.
    Ha, what a surprise.
    Which didn't take a whole lot of complied analysis to work out did it.
    What happened with of the huffing puffing about vengeance flexing his Israeli muscle when triggered then? Lol

    Dear oh dear, that old relic really is several sandwiches short of a picnic is not he!

    Positioning yourself'brief' on mparker is always a very good medium term trade.
    Looks like all the novices grail chasers got captured ( stopped out) the incorrect side of this bet as usual.

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    What is occurring here at FF?

    That I appear to see people complaining or attacking posters or thread starters of a few threads that deal on topics that they might not agree on.

    Any defendant is presumed innocent before proven guilty. The attackers should have the burden of proof that the defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt before we banish him from this forum.

    What is occurring now is that detractors or accusers or attackers appear to be getting the grand time of running down the defendant or accused.

    Let me sight some examples:

    1. Mparker - people accuse him of marketing his services or finance business. May I ask if there's been any complain from some other member offorexintuitivewho has engaged his services ( meaning he got paid or got any commission from managing or trading their cash ) and lost cash?????

    If anyone was fooled by this mparker, let him come forward and reveal proof and I will come forward and help you run him (mparker ) down and will be a staunch crusader in every forum I'm into let other people know of his scamming ways.

    We all have are perceptions of detractors and accusers now. Yet I haven't seen one person who has come forward to present actual proof of scamming ways that were mparkers.

    2. Astrology, world alignments and comprise Delta Phenomenon...
    many have sneered at people who talk about these topics. Subjects are touched as they are new to a lot of us and that is why it is seen as full of BS. But some people today make money trading thoughts from these subjects.

    Why not we allow these men to continue presenting their thoughts or allow them to discuss those topics with of the fuzz of many detractors who do not have proof that these do not work?

    All these are basically like any other technical indior or egy that we utilize to trade. These topics are exotic to a lot of us. These are traded based on probabilities.

    I am certain that ALL of you may agree that we cannot pick tops and bottoms on the market.

    Neither do all these exotic topics. I do not think they pick tops and bottoms. They simply propose that there is possibility of turning points within those dates ( referring to the time variable ). Now it is up to your Money Management Strategy to Control your Profits and Losses incase you trade these forecasts that are Potential.

    This only shows how we trade or deal with different egies too.

    These subject matters though try to supply potential relation or logic for this turning points

    3. Elliott Wave Principles, Wolfe Waves, Harmonic Patterns.... These are not perfect either. But they try to give motive, logic or anything so one places a Buy or a Sell trade or remain out of a trade.

    Surely, attacks will come my way now for standing up for it.

    I'm simply attractive toforexintuitivecontrol and to you my brothers and sisters at FF, that we're calm, reasonable, logical and BE JUST and Mature Traders in seeing posts within this fantastic forum.


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    1. Mparker, can spot them a thousand miles off, just eccentric and wasn't a Scammer, I despise Scammers a bit okay a lot.

    2. Some folks are just traders no matter what magic numbers that are random they use, some folks make.

    3. Easy to see after the truth, but in real time futile.

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