Trading through VPS, any experience?
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Thread: Trading through VPS, any experience?

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    Does anyone have some experience trading through Virtual Private servers?
    I checked and I don't have any idea of what Windows VPS hosting plans to pick.
    It's possible to guide trade your account running a Metatrader appliion on the VPS?


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    For $10 you can just get a pretty low tier VPS..that's why you noticed it restarts so much.I'm unsure how much RAM you get but I am assuming very little and it is not good for Metatrader.You likely need at least 512MB, particularly since you said you run a number of instances.

    If real cash is at stake here, as if you said there's because you trade a live account too, please reconsider getting a much better VPS.

    I am very familiar with the dedied hosting and vps market...$10 can not get you enough to get a trader's needs.

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    I'm very knowledgeable about the dedied hosting and vps market...$10 can not get you enough for a trader's requirements. [/quote]

    Thank you for your advise.Ive been conducting this for 3 months with no difficulty
    Im not currently running an ea on my live account so perhaps Ill keep it for demo and find out how it goes.

    Its been trusted my largest concern was security

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    Just to clarify my previous post. . .hope you did not interpret it the wrong way.what I mean to say is that that it terms of specialized specifiions, $10 doesn't buy much.

    I'm quoting something from Slhost, among the very best in the Linux VPS market.Prices represent the sector realistic typical for this sort of config(this is at the entry level in their supply ):

    disk space 10GB, 150GB bandwidth, guaranteed ram 256MB and 3 IPs.
    Configuration is flexible and disk space, ram etc can be increased.

    This comes at a base price of $44.95 per month on a linux OS, together with 24/7 controlled service, free control panels, root access and copies.

    the hardware specs of the server housing the VPSesouble Core Dual Xeon Woodcrest Processors (4 Core Total) 8 GB Registered ECC DDR RAM SAS RAID 10 for optimal reduny and functionality Redundant Power Supplies Unfortunately, their standard offer just includes Linux established configurations.I've used their services before and they're amazing men and women.

    However, I think Metatrader could become convinced to run on a Linux system when a virtualization or emulation software is used for example Wine for instance.Not certain if it would run perfectly though.

    A dedied server from Slhost could most likely be arranged to run on a Windows config.

    So..there are a lot of things to take into consideration when selecting a VPS or dedied server for trading: operating system, available RAM, CPU and hard drive type and configuration, bandwidth, managed support (if something happens to the server that you would like to have someone that will help you fix it) and backup facilities, really important feature.

    You also want to ask the supplier if they provide any server securization services.I understand Slhost for instance does provide this service upon request and for a relatively small fee.This usually includes installing a firewall and many other configurations created to protect the server from intrusions.

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    Thanks for your post

    But Im embarrassed to say that Im actually paying $20 per month still economical but I had paid for haif that time that I thought.

    Anyhow have a good night Ive got to leave early in the morn
    wont exchange the London tonight

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    Commercial Network Services are good. IMO

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    If cost is just $10.00 a month - This is excellent for the beginner that only has one or so Demo running. Would not be the best for live trading of EA's.... Thanks for the information.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Ive been using SWVPS with great results .Its been restarted a few times during the weekend but its been really great for the money $10 a month
    I run 4 -MT4 currently 1 live account and 3 demos forward analyzing different EAs its worth the price just to have the ability to switch off my PC and have the apps running.

    This has a seperate file manager for uploading files but its not that complied.

    Hope that helps

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