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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Fooling around. Plotted the most recent station on AUDUSD (first chart). Subsequently overlayed a chart of EURUSD (orange and orange candles).

    Ken. You're wasting your own time. There is nothing to this particular S #it.
    Just joking of course.

    I have never been able due to platform constraints to do what you just did.

    Things that make you go Hmmmm is bang on the Money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I hope Everyone gets some time over the Easter weekend please recall what Easter signifiesto enjoy the joys they have presently before them.

    (I am not particularly religious but I really do have to say My Grandkids are my... lifetime . I have 3 of these today, 2 boys a Princess) therefore that I have Lots to enjoy. I'm gonna be busy for a couple days but, luckily, it only takes a minute or so to respond here.

    Heh! Was that a Bunny I watched? He went that way...

    Gotta go...

    Whatever you call it...
    Happy This Weekend.
    Hey have a blessed weekend . You are quite lucky, I have a granddaughter and they're the cream of existence. :0)

    I wanted to say thanks too for opening up this for us. If you didn't make another post on this topic I've been fairly richly rewarded with just what you've instructed until today. Thank you for sharing the wealth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Anything you call it...
    Joyful This Weekend.
    Here in Ecuador they call it Semana Santa

    I also be out until sunday and wish everybody a fantastic holliday.

    BTW: Sorry to ask for a screenshot Bill, didn't read well your article #7

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I've a Query,
    Do you Exchange a breakout inside the channel Together with PA, May be a BUOB...? Because in TF I utilize the PA within this kind of box of EMA.
    Or you wait a PA outside the channel to leap like EUR/USD in previous posts?

    Simply to clarify ideas. .
    Ikki; you dont have enough information, as yet, to Trade This.

    is a Virgin Archie Bunker.

    Please afford me a time. It'll come to pass

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    Thanks Cobra for directing me to this thread. I am very much awaiting the growth of ICCE. , your sharing is much valued. Take care.

    Have a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have never had the ability because of platform restrictions to do what you just did.
    Here is the indior that allows you to do overlays. Open a regular chart, then open the indior. When the dialogue box opens type from the pair that you want to overlay to the very first line (EURUSD, USDJPY, etc.), and be certain that you've got exactly the same timeframe input as the chart you are applying it to.

    And. . .it's off to bed I go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ; you dont have enough information, as yet, to Trade This.

    is a Virgin Archie Bunker.

    Please afford me a time. It will come to pass

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    The ICCE, to me, has a really'heavy taste' that's similar to Babson Lines; particularly in the part that it utilizes a'upper' and a'bottom' to define a'range'. Similarly, at Babson Lines, the Center Line utilizes a substantial'swing top' and'swing non' to define it. While, Babson Lines are forward considering the near future in terms of TIME elelments; the ICCE is ahead looking to the future using fibonacci amounts; that is basically saying, it is forward looking to the PRICE components. I have begun to use the ICCE along with the Andrew's Line; it is fairly amazing, and not to my own surprise, that how price gyrations respond when these 2 components converge. Take care.

    Have a great one

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    Here is the source code into the Overlay chart.

    In addition, the commerce I posted previously exercised almost into the pip in the 62.5% line.

    That,s it for me. Everyone have a good Holiday, visit you in a couple of days.

    I will wait for additional details to unfold about ICCE before putting another transaction, since I would like to give Bill the opportunity to let it all unfold. That one was just such an ideal setup on a change bar, I could not pass this up.

    Additionally, I'll place my chart back into the typical fibs, rather than the Gann eights.
    I will follow my idea about eights quietly so as not to interrupt the flow of this fib conversation .
    Awaiting future improvements.

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    Oops...I stumbled here since I had been shadowing Cobra aroundforexintuitiveand what do I find? Fantastic people (including a few'older' friends) creating a trading egy which has'eye appeal' for me personally.

    I've been using Some of the indiors developed by Cobra's group (my favorite is from the Pip Princess....lol! ) for intraday trading on M15 charts.

    I've already scheduled the time to be spent this weekend reading and getting'caught up' about the previous work of and my very dear friend Felix...I mean,.

    Have a Fantastic weekend everyone...I'm off to score a few pips on a Bank Holiday...

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