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    Systems that had completely huge followings, just to be thrown on the scrap heap and forgotten from existence....

    Bunnygirl Cross
    Daily Fozzy
    Vegas Method
    Steinitz Heiken I Smoothed

    obtained more??

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    Good one! I had forgotten about this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trading In 8 Pairs

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    Follow The Bouncing Pip with Large Bear

    This one wasn't quite as huge as some of the others but it actually was a gem. The'method' was comprised of a zigzag indior onto a 4h chart. Each time a new zig(or zag) seemed, you chose a trade in the opposite direction. If the market continued to move against you using new highs or lows, the zigzag obediently followed , choosing the'new' top or bottom, and you simply double down as many times as it takes(cus you know its gonna be correct eventually, correct?) . One poster actually pointed out an example of where the zigzag recalculated a new high 25 days in a row, he had been dismissed.

    The ribbon was full of pearls of wisdom such as'Keep.It.Simple.Stupid' and'Trading doesnt have to be overly complied!' , the type of tripe that newbies flock love. Equally insightful posts like anybody fix the zigzag indior so it does not embarrass??? Were abundant.

    The most wonderful thing about it was that the guy actually turned this into a signal service and'd paid subscribers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    A trendy, disciplined trader will require an average system and make money with it. A arbitrary trader is going to take a system and mess it.

    Hilarious signature, bro! You made my day with that one....
    I lt;3 which quote.

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    What a fun read...I seem to spend the majority of my time in the long forgotten threads. . .truly history always repeats itself.

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